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Title: Drop in Missions for GMs to use.
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These are some "quick notes" for some misssions I have thrown together over the years, I will expand on this post if there is enough interest, and I have the time (its summer, And I am off work for the next month, so I will try to post at least once a day. No promises however.)

I have tried to strip them of any point points from my campaings, so as to give you guys a blank slate mission you can drop into your games with just a few tweeks. However, my mission noting may throw some people off, so here is a few pointers for you to read what I have written down.

Any time I expect combat, I will make a notation: it will usually be somethign like (P#) The P stands for Professional rating, and givess a clue to how powerful the encounter is. Note, I use the NPCs in the CRB (pg 381+) with changes as needed to keep things simple for myself.

Because I too reuse these runs, and my tables power level always varies, if there is an important NPC in the mission for some reason (usually a target), their entire stat block will just be a (C-/+#). The C stands for Character average, meaning the average stats of the characters, plus or minus a number. This doesn't reflect the attributes of that character, but the over all power range in relation to the average of the group. It will be up to you to determine how you adjust this.

On a general note:

A couple of tricks I have developed over years, and I have talked about before, is my hyper generalization of "munchkin" fights. "Munchkin" fights are the random fights and encounters that can happen because of Player interactions. You know the ones i am talking about - the Troll deliberately picks a fight with the Elf ganger because he hates elves fights..
They are encounters that add nothing to the overall mission, except for the encounter themselves. While I don't document where they go, ever, as they are usually reactionary to the PCs, I don't stop them either as they are an organic part of roleplaying, and can add some admusement for some players. In general, I just make up the stats for these encounters on the fly, and employ a 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 4/3 dice pool mentality.

What I mean by this is, I assume the NPCS have 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 4/3 the average dice pool of the party for all skills.
So they pick a fight with Ted the Elf from IT... well Ted has combat skills at 1/3 the party (and is going to get his ass handed to him. Rightly so).They pick a fight with a ganger 2/3 their DP. A professional combatant? (cop, soldier, runner) same DP. And for those rare times when they know picking the fight is the wrong choice (Hey! That's "Crucher" Christoper Columbus, the super heavy weight MMA champ with over a 100 wins! - Player " I punch him in the head") 4/3 their dice pool.

There are some notations next to each entry name.... I have left them in as they are reference notes. Sadly I have forgotten what some of them mean over the years :( Others should be evident.... and maybe we can puzzle out what I meant together for the others.
Below the entry name are other reference notes that I have used over the years to organize.. some again are sself evident, some I have idea what I meant, some I think relate back to other player/games from years back... Again I have left them in.

And as always, the payments levels are up to you. That was that I considered the pay when I wrote it up, and things have changed. 
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Tea House Call.
(Downtown Seattle, Kate's Teahouse. 3eSS)
<contact of JJA> <mafia tie in> <white knight> <magic/healing> <wet work>
Teahouse -> brothel front. linked to mafia. Owned by Big Kate. (3eSS)

Lead up: Big kate/fixer/contact makes contact with character/face. a client to the brothel has left one of the girls in a bloody state and requires medical attention. (Girl is awakened. SINless).
<Mafia> favor. positive rep. possible loyality gain. nothing if refused.

Willing to pay travel to DT zone, plus $2500 for care right away.

Teahouse Description see 3eSS. 18th century styling. SMR 1/3/1
brothel upstairs. descrete entrance. 6 rooms. 6 girls. see 3eSS

Girl (Wanda) CON: 8/10p 9/10s in second room on bed. basic (ineffective) FA applied. Magic Rating 2. Adept, Untrained. Social. 
Room: a mess with over turned furniture, blood slatterings on walls and bedding, broken debris everywhere.
Others: 5 girls present in brothel attire, all look worried/concerned and frightened. (BC3)

Standard healing tests. Wanada has no cyber but only 4 essence due to drug abuse and essence drain.
Can be moved to streetdoc with a CON test Vs Kate (doesn't trust streetdocs)
Once Wnada dealt with, Another girl will approach player/others and make known that the girls want an "example" made of this guy. Willing to pay in private services, $10,000 or combination.
<Kate is against retribution as she feels this type of thing doesn't help in the long run, and will actively discourage this if asked/confronted/questioned. Pragmatist.)

*Security camera are present, easily hacked for footage.
**Hidden cameras are also present in every room to film activities. Not known to Kate/girls. Mafia install - blackmail opps. WEll hidden (P5)
transmit offsite. Hackable (hard) for footage of perp as well.

With picture:
1: nothing
2: knows he works for SK.
3: think his name was kevin.
4: Works in accounting for SK finanical

Big Kate. (not advised. Social tests)
1: nothing
2: his name is Kevin.
3: he's an accountant.
4: full name Kevin Lang, works an entry level job in SK financial for the last 10 years. Asshole. Now banned from the teahouse.

Without picture -2 to footwork tests.

Kevin Lang: assshole. Accountant. dead end. (p0)
Lives in Tacoma. Commutes by train. not married. Appartment building SMR 3/1/4
Savings: $15,000
Possessions r6-

Kevin works as a fact checker at SK finaincial doing background checks on stocks, bonds, and market shares of companies that may be of interest to SK. He has no authority within the division, nor with management. He is also on probabtion for poor proformance.

Threatened into insider trading knowledge.
Threatened to give up lifesavings.

<Mafia> Mafia contact will pay an addition $5000 to PCs if they let it be known they "dealt" with Kevin Lang, doesn't matter how. Mafia will pay $10,000 if Kevin Lang has been intimidated into giving up inside trading knowledge AND turned over to the Mafia to captialize. (players will not be able to)

***Bad Ideas***
confronting Kevin at SK.
Title: Re: Drop in Missions for GMs to use.
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You da real Mvp!

Synchronicity: Saw an entry on reddit the other day saying that they should make a sequel to the Purge movies that takes place the day after. "Imagine hearing your coworkers asking what happened to Kevin from Finance and you're sitting there thinking about how YOU killed Kevin from Finance the night before." Something like that.

Just means I have to run this now.
Title: Re: Drop in Missions for GMs to use.
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<Neonet> <bagman> <courier>
Jocob's Soykafe and Sandwiches
Wolfware Studios (neonet)

Lead up: Fixer calls up, he hass a Johnson that needs an escort job done tomorrow! He will meet you at Jocob's Soykafe and Sandwiches in Everett at 7am tomorrow if you are interested, Johnson says its only a few hours work.

Jocob's Soykafe and Sandwiches (unique)
Typical Mom and Pop diner specializing in soykafe, sandwiches and soups. SMR 1/3/4

Johnson (P3): The Johnson makes no bones about the fact that he works for Neonet, coming in a typical NeoNet fashion. The job is a simple one, he has a package that must make it to Wolfware Studios a subsidrary of Neonet by the end of business today. They must use public transit to get from the diner to Wolfware, and not a freeway.

The Johnson is expecting an attempt on the package, and is worried that ussing the freeway may provoke and attack, he hopes that by using public transit, an attack on them can be stopped by keeping them in and among the public.

Willing to pay: $5000 in escrow (in the Fixer's name), escrow fees, and a handfull of transit tokkens. The Fixer will hand over the funds once the package gets to Wolfware by the end of the day or sooner.

Perception checks of note:

1: There are 2 big trolls in custom tailored suits near the enterance to Jocob's. The custom tailoring is to hide the extra armor and their sidearms. Suits are in the Neo-net fashion. They make no atempt to stop people from going in or out of Jocob's. (P3)

2: There are 2 Orks in custom tailored suits sitting in 2 different booths. Both are in suits of NeoNet fashion (p4)

3: There are 2 Ford Americars and an SUV parked across the street from Jocob's. In each is what looks like a professional driver in a business suit.

4: There a young woman in the back of Jocob's sippling a soykafe while playing with her commlink. she has subtly placed the commlink at an angle that can record the Johnson and the Characters. (Sammy, P4)

5: There is a white sports car parked 2 blocks down. The car is running and the driver seems to be waitng. (Rigger P4)

6: 3 rooftops down from Jocobs, there is a man on the roof with a rifle. he is using a "stealth' suit to keep hidden. (Sammy P4)

By public transit, it should take about 5 hours to get from Jocob's in Everett, to Wolfware in Puyallup. They will have to either take 13 different busses, or 2 trains and 6 buses. The time frame is about the same.

Or the players can take 3 freeways and be there in under 2 hours. 

IF the Players Refuse. The Johnson just nods and leaves, as does the 2 trolls and orks. They get into the 2 americars and the SUV and drive off.

IF the players accept The Job, the Johnson pulls out a small envelope and hands it top the Players. "The Package is the Optical Chip inside. Do not access it, as it is highly encrypted, and accessing it will void your payment."

If they confront the Trolls outside. They get a polite, but firm refferal to the Johnson inside. Their sole purpose is to stop trouble.
Same with the Orks.

IF they confront the young girl, she will try to <Social> test her way out of an encounter. If pressed, she wil bolt for the door using full defense. The Sniper on the roof will start to shoot at anyone attempting to catch or stop the young woman, the rigger will bring he car speeding up for the young girl to jump into and attempt make a fasst getaway. Once the car is gone, the Sniper will retreat over the rooftops to his bike for a getaway, abandoning the rifle in an air vent on a rooftop for retrieval later.

If the players take the freeways:
Freeway 5
They will be set on by a group of 4 bikers, intent on disabling their transportation and recovering the chip. (p4)

Freeway 181

A traffic accident has brought traffic to stand still. They can wait it out (2 hours), or they can detour around, or they can walk down past the accident and "acquire" some other method of transport.
Hype up paranoia, ask for perception checks.
No attacks.

Freeway 167

The white sports car from Jocob's is back! (Rigger, 2 sammys. P4)

Freeway 162
Some gangers are playing a game of "Pass through" there they throw a large heavy chain at the side windows of cars, in an attempt to "pass the chain through both windows" Natually this is creating havoc and accidents down this stretch of road.

Police are responding (2 minutes away)

Depending on the player's vehicle, they may be a perfect candidate for a game of "pass though"!

8 go gangers (p1-2)

If they do as suggested and stick the city streets and public transit.

A Perception check of 4 or higher will pick out the tail. A non descript ork, in casual businees attire is shadowing the players, but keeping a distance of at least 10 meters. (Ork physical adept, infiltration p5)
A Perception check of 6 will reveal a Spirit that is following the players (Spirit of man F2), And a small child, maybe 14 years old is also tailing the party (p1)

The first 2 hours of transit is nothing more then agame of cat and mouse with the orka dn spirit trying to keep up and follow the players. they will not attack during this time.

If confronted, the Spirit will just return to astral space and take off. The ork, if he feeling violence is coming, will create a scene, shouting out "Oh God Please! take my credstic! Just Don't Kill me!! Help!! Help!!" while running away.
This will cause both drone and physical security to arrive in 5 minutes to find out what is going on. The players better not be there!

As the Players enter Puyallup, either by train or by Bus, things start to happen.

1: The ork will pick a time when they are the most surrounded by bystanders, and then the ork will fake a drunken stuppor and barrel into the player WITHOUT the optical chip, in an attempt to knock them both to the ground in a heap, Slurring his words and offering his appologies, he will attempt to keep the player tied up and on the ground (grappling) while faking a drunken, stupor an balance. (the drunk guy that can't get up routine).

2: The young girl will attempt to pick pocket the chip from the character who is holding it. If caught she will start screaming at the top of her lungs "Pervert!! Stop trying to grab my tits!! Help!!" while trying to run away. (good time for some "heroic Citizens" to show up and defend a girl's honor??)

3: The Spirit will materialize just as the Ork stumbles into a player and Start singing in a booming voice the Happy Birthday song while casting an illusion of fireworks and streamers.

(Note with everythign happening, the player holding the chip could be considered unaware at the pickpocket attempt.)

If the girl gets the chip and gets away, the players have about 5 minutes to figure out what happened and where she has gone before she is able to get to her other team members and get out of the area.

If they give chase to the girl as tries to run away, she will make a bee line for a parking garage near them where the rest of her team are waiting. (1 rigger, 2 sammys. P4)

Once they get to Wolfware, they just have to hand over the chip to the receptionist who will take the chip and insert it into a reader before thanking them for the delivery. As long as the players didn't leave any evidence of trying to read the chip behind, the escrow is released and the Fixer will pay them out the agreed funds.

If they try to read the chip, it is triple encoded, with IC attached.

if they break the enryption, and defeat the IC, there are thousands and thousands of document files and graphical files.

Opening any of the documents, they are treated to a single sentence repeated over and over. "You fell FUR it PURRRR-fectly!"
Opening any one of the graphical files reveals it is an animated cat meme....the all are.

They will be hearing reports of traffic accidents all over the city as bikes and cars crash into buses, other cars and even into taxis. Many of these accidents are also errupting into fights in the middle of streets!


on a legwork 3+ check, they will find out that Neonet hired 9 other teams all around the city that day, all doing various runs that sound similiar to what the Johnson had the players doing. Except none of them went to Wolfware, all the other runs ended up going to other subsidaries.

On a legwork 6 check. The news int eh business sector is that Neonet or one of their subsidaries has come up then a revoloutionray graphical code that promises to increase the graphical performance and reduce processing power required for the latest and best AR gaming software...

(yep, they got to be a decoy!)
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Family Squabbles
<Downtown Seattle>
<contact of GT> <infiltration>

Contact/fixer contacts the group, he has a Johnson that has an small infiltration run that needs to be done over the weekend, and is willing to meet the team tonight to discuss details. <Typical meeting locations. Bar/Restaurant>

The Johnson isn't a professional, and seems more like a middle class businessman, he is trying to be cool, but it is clear he is out of his depth.
The job is simple, a file (on an optical chip) must be inserted onto a network in the correct location and the original file must be removed/deleted. All traces of tampering must be removed as well.

The target is a law firm in the city downtown core, and the Johnson has some conditions.

Conditions: No killing. No evidence of tampering.

Payment: $10,000 on completion.

Legwork checks:

1: The law firm is a family law business, but caters to high end clients.
2: Most of their business is Divorces, Estates,Child Custody and Wills.
3: Know as real "sharks" in the family law circles.
4: They seem to have mafia connections (Not true! But several mafia are clients)
5: They are "old school" in their practice.

If the players press of dig into the Johnson.

1: He's a small time business owner.
2: Real name Mohammid Aculla
3: His Father just passed away
4: He has 4 other brothers that he is fighting with
5: His Father owned a chain of dry cleaning stores throughout Seattle.

IF the player exmaine the File of OC. IT is the last Will and Statement of one Hussien Aculla. Reading the file reads just like any other Will the players have seen with the usual disperments of the estate. Except that the 8 dry cleaning stores are all left to Mohammid.

The law firm is small and independant so there is no Corp Security to worry about, However, the Law Firm is located on the 10th floor of a Renraku controlled office tower - and it doess have security!

Tower security:
1 spider located in the sub basement "spider room"
2 Guards stationed in the lobby before the elevators. (p2 Non lethal armament)
4 more guards patrol the 20 story building at random intervals. (p2 non lethal)
There is a cleaning crew of 20 that clean the building every night. (1 per floor, assigned. known - they can access ALL rooms on that floor)
Police repsonse times: 2 minutes
**Note as a rental building, Even through it's Renraku owned, Renraku extra terrirtorality doesn't apply due to Renrake not having a physical office in the bulding. standard police response.
Guards WILL notify police at the first sign of trouble (S.O.P)

Building Specs:

Front entrance is glass window/door combo, wide viewing angle. Freight entrance in back (alarmed, video)
There is a roof top door (alarmed, video)

Additionally, all floors feature a retractable sliding ssecurity gate that can be used for crowd control in every hallway and intersection, giving the Spider the ablity to cage people in or direct the flow of traffic. Cameras mounted at each interesction gives the Spider a view down all hallways - however, they no longer record automatically. There are 2 turrets (retractable) in the lobby mounting assault rifles and gel rounds. they are ceiling mounted 1 at each opposite corner giving them overlapping firing fields.

There are biometric locks on all doors (non working) as well as tradtional maglocks (R3).

Building legwork
1: its an office tower that Renraku rents out to others.
2: Isn't that where the ACHE was designed??
3: Renraku used to be the sole occupant.
4: After the Arcology inicident, Renraku quietly pulled their staff out of the building and turned it into a rental building.
5: It used to be a state of the art research lab, until Renraku turned it into a Rental, many of the old security systems have been removed or deactivated.
6: There is a service access from the sewers to deal with maintenace issues...

The Law Firm: Price, Joyce & Conners.
They run a wired connection system, mostly due to the age of the equipment. They also have a nasty habit of turnig the system off every night, preventing matrix attacks when someone is not there.
The system was runnign state of the art protection - when it was built in 2064. (r3)

Contrary to everyone's belief, a decker is not required, as the file has not been uploaded to the system! Instead it is sitting on an other optical chip in the Firm's safe hidden in the back room (P4 to spot behind a moving shelf loaded with file boxes).
The safe is a wall mounted unit with a digital lock. (R5)
Changing out the OC with the one the players have is possible. (P5 for the lawyer to notice the change... one chip looks the same as an other to him). Otherwise they will have to copy over the file and do an EDIT of the timestamp.

Reporting back to the Johnson or Fixer, The Runners will be told they have to wait till Monday evening to see if they get paid, as only then will it be known if they were successful. (if pushed, the Johnson will fork over 20% then, but not more. A Fixer will just shrug and say "should of arranged that before hand, I don't pay out till I have been paid myself. Nature of the beast")

IF the runners raised an alarm, were spotted,attacked somene or anything else, then the Johnson refuses to pay out stating that they didn't do the job.

IF the runners did the job without getting seen or raising suspicions then the Johnson pays out a 6:30pm with a transfer to the Fixer.
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Seek and Fetch
(Note, this one ends open, and left room for a continuation that I did for a Robin Hood group... will post the other parts if people are interessted)
<tie ins left open> <magical rituals> <Robin Hood?>
Tacoma, Bellevue, Auburn, Redmond.

Fixer calls the group, he has a Johnson looking for team that can be moble, stealthy, and good at tracking. Are they interested?

The Johnson will handle the meet in person, at a bar in Redmond the next night if they are. <Generic Bar.> The Johnson can be identifed by a red tie, and human in his mid 40s.

<The Johnson should be easily idenifiable in Redmond to the runners, as he is the only one in tres chic clothing>

The Johnson is awakened, intiated (c+4) <Ritual power focus 3, voodoo, tie clip>. And will greet the runners professionally.

He is looking for a group that can find 3 individuals and retrieve a personal item from each person.
the item must have DNA on it in a large enough sample size. (several hairs, blood, sweat, etc). He has the names, and believed professions, but nothing else.

The Johnson doesn't need the targets accosted, so they can lift samples from their homes if they so choose. The items collected don't matter as long as their is DNA, and in a large enough size to sample. (several hairs, tootbush, hairbush, soiled clothing)

Willing to pay $3500 for each sample collected and returned.
They are to contact the Johnson when they have all the samples, but they only have 3 days.

1: "Its a professional matter, related outside of the shadows."
2: "Sorry guys, I have a client too, just trying to get my part done, but I can't till you do..."
3: "I was told its a legal matter, inheritance type thing. "
4: "From what I understand, one is trying to cut out the other 3 somehow."

The targets are:
Sarah Mathews 21, student
Alice Kaggio 23, accountant
Susan Lafferty 22, model

<Percpetion checks>
1: The Johnson is extremely self confident.
2: Everyone in the bar is on edge.
3: While everyone is on edge, they are more worried then anythign else...
4: The is a very attractive woman sitting alone ajdacent to the Johnson
5: The woman is "a little too real" when you look close... odd.
6: The is a spirit hiding in the dark roof corner where it can keep a ssteady eye on the Johnson, and the runners.

<Astral perception>
The woman in <P4/5> is an Alley Spirit to the Johnson, (c-1) will not do anyting unless the Johnson is attacked.
The Spirit in <P6> is a fire spirit, it clearly belongs to the Johnson.
The Johnson is awakened and inititated (c+4) and is making no effort to hide the fact. also has a heavy pistol and a ritual Foci (3) tie clip. Always wears a red tie. <Note details. Normally Human, heavy build, mid 40s). Almost completely matrix illtirate.

Tracking the targets down shouldn't be hard, as they are normal people. <Matrix texst>.
Sarah Mathews is a student attending a Horizon tech school in the downtown area, but lives in the Tacoma Projects. She lives alone on the 4th of 6 floors in a 1 bedroom unit. SMR 4/2/4 she doesn't work, attends class from 9 to 3 Mon to Fri. (its an hour commute) weekends she goes clubbing, studies, and has the occssional hook up.
Alice Kaggio works and lives Bellevue. She opperates a private accounting firm out of her studio appartment. This means that she rarely leaves, except to get house hold good. She does goto to the local gym 3 days a week for an hour. She is also likes to attend poetry readings (so says her Matrix profile).
Susan Lafferty works out of the Horizion downtown office, but lives in a 2 bedroom appartment in Auburn that she shares with her disabled brother. She works 10 hour shifts 6 days a week (holding objects for pictures to taken of for marketing.) and spends the resst of the time caring for her little brother who is wheel chair bound and non responsive after a car accident (parents dead).

**should be 2 enounters for the 3 locations. pick from list**

1: gangers up to no good (p2)
2: Cops on partol (p3) <evade/con/buff/distract>
3: Someone else is there! buglar? Boyfriend? (p1)
4: Shooting next door! Cops are everywhere! (p5) <evade/con/buff/distracr/wait>

Once they have the samples and contact the Johnson, he will arrange a hand off of the samples for a certified credstix, after comfirming the sample sizes..
<If the decker is checking for taps, the call WAS tapped on the Johnson's end.>

The location is a parking garage in Redmond late at night.

<If the Runners scout the area, or recon the location.>

P3: There are some people milling about a fire several roofs over.
p4: There is someone in a Sniper's roost 3 blocks over with a clear line on the garge meeting spot.
p5: There is 2 people on the garage roof in "stealth" gear.
p6: The Fire Spirit from the Bar is back, hanging out well above the parking garage.

Once the runners arrive, the Johnson shows up a couple seconds later (the spirit tells him). The Johnson and his ally spirit will get out of a sedan and approach the runners professionally.

This is when an ambush happens!

The spirit will manifest and attack the 2 people in stealth suits - avoiding any sneak attacks <unless wanted>
The Johnson will be surprised and unssure, but will shart throwing spells at the attackers.


2 humans in "stealth" gear at medium range (P3) <Spirit take out to avoid surprise?> <Black ops tmeplate>

4 orks at medium range on the rooftop (the fire barrel). (p3)

1 Sniper at Long range in the sniper roost. (p2)

***Remember, while the Johnson is Powerful, this a PC shine time, let them handle as much as possible. Johnson/ally/spirit should be window dressing.

They are a professional black ops team, it will take work to crack them...
1: Its a job. just business
2: supposed to hit the site when a guy in a red ite showed up.
3: "Red tie" is the target.
4: The pay was $40,000 on proof of death.
5: have the number for the Fixer
6: Have the number for the Johnson.


The Fixer is a just that, a Fixer. He had a job come in for some wet work, he assigned a team, took his cut and that's the end of it as far as he cares. As a Fixer, he is not going to say much more then that - professionalism. <tie in?>

The Johnson doesn't answer. If the number is traced, its a "burner" number bought from a corner store that doesn't have any ssecurity cameras..

4 days after the job, all 3 women are on the news as "Missing Persons" stories.

10 days later, all 3 women are found dead. <Tie In?>
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Oh, this one has me intrigued.  Not quite sure that it is a good current fit for my games, but will try to find a way to pull it in. 
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Oh, this one has me intrigued.  Not quite sure that it is a good current fit for my games, but will try to find a way to pull it in.

They are here to make your life easier as a GM, use, don't use, or change as you see fit to work for your table.
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Shoot 'n' Grab
<variable> <combat> <Mafia tie in> <Yakuza tie in>

The Fixer will contact the group about a job being offered through the mafia, if the Runners are interested, the Fixer can arrange a meet with the Johnson at <insert mafia location>

The Johnson is a typical Mafia leutenant (p3). The job is straight forword, they are bring in crews to take over a transport caravan of 3 rigs. They have guys taking care of road detours, and hacking Grid link. Whey they need the runners for is a hot of force.

The plan is to detour the 3 trucks off their route, and get them into a boxed in street where they can unhitch the trailers and take them.

While the Mafia isn't expecting trouble, or a large gun battle, they want the show of force there to keep surprissess to a minimum.

Because they are expected to only be window dressing, the Mafia is oferring $4500 for the night's work.

If the runners agree, he gives them an address just inside the Redmond Barrens to meet up with the rest of the crews. At the location, there are several other well armed mafia types and 3 rigs waitng on stand by.
Talking with any of the mafia guys shows that they do this fairly often (4 times a year). They don't know what is in the trucks, but he bossess want it. Often this happens without a single shot being fired.

Most of the night is just milling about and scaring away locals. (which doesn't take much) until the 3 trucks coem into view...

2 of the trucks come to a stop, but the third truck guns the engine and begins to charge swerve and drive through a barracade!

A mafia Leutenant will order the players to follow the truck and over power it.

**This should lead to a vehicle chase with the runners chasing a fully loaded Semi trailer through the Barrens as the driver tries to find his way back tot eh freeways while trying to loose the players.

Just when the players look like the have the truck boxed it and are ready to bring it off the road, 4 bikers appear (p4)!
The Bikers are Yakuza soldiers, they know that the mafia hijack trucks, and have been looking for the trucks to hijack for themselves.

If the players don't deal with the Yakuza within 2 minutes, they will call out for help that will arrive in 10 minutes. The reenforcements will consist of 3 full cars of soidiers! (9-p2)

Once the Rig has been diabled, and the Yakuza have been dealt with, they can call the Mafia Leutenant to come collect the goods.

<If the players have a mafia contact, chance to raise loyality.>
<If the players have a Yakuza contact, chance to decrease loyality>
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been a day last few days on the personal end, so here are 2 to help make up for lost time.

Cooks in the Kitchen

The Fixer calls the Runners, he has a Johnson that needss a team that can get into a factory and out again without raisng suspicisions.
The Johnson will meet the Runners in a Tacoma restaurant to discuss the details.

The job is simple, The Johsnon wants the Runners to add an ingredient to a the vats of a cannery to make them fail their quality inspection, thus bringing the entire operation off line while the clear and clean the vats. The ingredient is non toxic, but will make the foods it is combined with inedable, and will be provided.

The target is an Aztechnology subsidrary.

Payrate: $6000

1: Isn't that the place they make soups?
2: That stuff is barely edible to begin with!
3: I hear they just got a big contract with the UCAS
4: They got a contract for providing soup to soup kitchens through a UCAS grant.
5: I heard that Ares was bidding against them
6: Not sure anyone would target them over that contract, small potatoes for a megacorp.

The "special ingredient" if they get is analized is actually a carcenogenic known to cause liver cancer and stearility
The Johnson, if the players dig deep enough actually works for the Humanis Policlub.

The Factory itself is an old building in Tacoma surrounded by a chain link fence, and several visable security cameras that look like they are out of the 2040s. (non working). SMR 2/3/4

Factory Guards:

4 in total (p3). 2 outside. 1 in a booth at the front entrance to the yard/parkade. The other patrols around the outside.
2 guards patrol inside in different areas. 1 keeps to the production floor where the players have to go, the other partols the offices and employee areas.

Finding the Vats is easy, they are giant 30000 liter vats. All the players have to do is pour powder into any one of the 6 large vats and get out again. 
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Vory Vory badly.

<Tacoma> <Auburn>
<Vory contact> <Mafia contact> <mob war>

The Group's usual Fixer calls them, he has an offer from a Vory contact for a single nights work, Dangerous, but pays well. If the Runners are interesssted, the Fixer will arrange a meet on the Tacoma Docks.

The Johnson is an obvious Vory enforcer, as his worker's clothign doesn't completely hid the Vory tattoos. The Job is a simple, easy one. Go to an address, go in, spray the place with lead, leave a package, and gets out.

The Vory will provide the package, and a vehicle for the job. The Runners will be paid $10,000 for this single night's work.

IF they agree the Johnson will give them all the details.

The target is a Laundry mat in Auburn that the Mafia uses as a front for money counting and illegal gambling for their crews in the back. The players are approach the front door and enter the code "131415" into the keypad; This is unlock the door and allow them enter. They are to make their way to the back, spray the place with lead, and leave a 10kg bag of explovies on a timer.

Laundry Mat
The Laundry Mat is open from 9am to 9pm. From 10 pm to 6 am it is used by mafia soldiers to relax with gambling and prostitution, as well has a book keeping location. There are always at least 4 mafia soldiers at the laundry mat when it is open.

When they are closed, there are 6 to 12 mafia soldier there! (p4)
Then the players arrive, it should be after they are closed. Using the code will unlock the front door as the Johnson said, but it will also trigger a simple alarm in the back that lets the others know that someone is coming in; however they will be expecting it to be a friendly.

The lights in the customer area will be off, but a half asleep soldier is sitting near the door the back. Supposedly he is keeping watch, but is more engrossed in AR then his surroundings. (per 3)

The players, if they are even remotely stealthy should get the drop on the guard, and the people in the back (they are expecting other mafia, not an attack). If the playerss go in loud with rifle sized weaponry, then a couple of soldiers will try to slip out the back door and get away.

Note that the noisse of automatic fire will trigger a police response, however the Police are 4 to 6 minutes away. If the mafia have a chance to send out an alarm (either through someone escaping out the back, or by AR), then the mafia will dispatch several crews to come to the laundry mat's aid.

The explosives given to the players are homemade, but effective. It is designed to inflict maximum property damage through fire and fragmentation as possible. If left near the center of the building, it will be enough to ensure that fire and framentation effectively destory the building. IF left near the front of the luandry mat, then the entire customer area will be destoryed, along with significate damage to anything along the street. There is a simple twist timer on the top of the explovies, the timer can be set for as little as 1 second, to as long as 5 minutes. Up to the players to determine... Effective Dam: 30p/-1m (fire)

The Vehicle given by the Vory is a Americar POS. It is barely servicable. (6/10 CON). It will get them to the laundrty mat, but may not make it back again if they come under fire. (the Vory are not expecting the car back..).

If they are slow at the laundry mat, or get spotting and an alert is put out by either the mafia of the cops, it is possible they could get into a moving gun fight as the players try to avoid the police and the Mafia as they try to make their way back to Vory control territory...

<Mafia Contact> If a player has a mafia contact, and alerts them to the raid, the Mafia will reward the player with $1500 (for their citizenship). IF the player does the job, and gets spotted AND has a mafia contact, they could lose a point of loyality..
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Construction Blues
<Evo contacts> <Mafia contacts>

The group's usual Fixer calls the Runners, he has a job for them, if they don't mind working for the mob... The Johnson will meet the runners at Angelo's in Auburn.

Angelo's is a typical italian restaurant, and The Johnson looks like, and talks like a typical Italian mobster; He explains the job, to the runners.
The Job is a simple one, Evo is building a new highrise in the downtown core, and they would like to see the project delayed for some time.
They will be paid $6000 for this act of sabotage. And the Johnson would like to "limit" the body count if possible.

The Jobsite is near the center of Downtown, which means there is always a strong police presence. On the good side for the Runner team, the enire jobsite sits behind a 12 foot plywood fence to  keep people safe from consstruction activities. There is however, 4 guards that monitor and walk there side of the jobsite. (p3)

There are multiple ways to achieve this objective. Sabotage of heavy equipment (boom trucks, lifts, haulers, are all on site), sabotage of building supplies (note that concrete is not kept on site, that is mixed up and trucked in. There is sturctural steel, electrical equipment and supplies, drywall, and smalls on site). They could even sabotage the hand tools on site.

Getting into the yard could pose a problem, as there only one entrance. Hoping the fence could be done, but could draw attention. (downtown remember?). AAA+ neighbourhood.

<If players have an Evo contact, there is a chance to lose loyalty if word that they did the job spreads>
<If a player has a mafia contact, there is a chance to increase loyalty by completing this job>
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Hunting in the Burbs.
<Redmond> <Redmond Berrens> <Lead in to others>

The fixer calls the Runners up, he's got Johnson looking for some runners that don't mind making things dead... If the runners are interested, they can meet the Johnsson at a diner on the edge of the redmond barrens, (tourist trap area).

The Johnson looks like an average guy, a little down on his luck maybe, and not a typical Johnson. He explains that he's the "mayor" of a small community in the Redmond Barrens, and right now they are having a ghoul problem, they have snooping closer and closer to the walls of the community and they would like them gone...

They are willing to pay $150 per kill, or 1kg of fresh veggies.

If the Runners agree, he gives them the location of the community. Its deep in the Barrens, and is only about 4 city blocks in size. Many of the streets and allys leading into the community has been walled off, leaving only 2 ways in; both gated and guarded (6 "guards" p1).
The guards don't stop or hassle the runners.. ( they are there because of the ghouls, gangers, and other crazies of the barrens. They are not there to stop traders or even peopel that seem to be not interested in causing damage to the community.)

The Community itself consists of about 100 SINless that have banded together to eak out whatever life they can in the abandoned city. They have tapped into the water lines, so they have some water. They have set up solar panels on the roofs and battery system to provide lighting and to power some general tools. Other then that, they have an extensive garden system set up and a small farm lifestock of chickens, pigeons, dogs and rabbits.

The poeple live in several buildings that they have turned into appartments and barracks style sleeping.. They even have a couple of poeple that act as shopkeepers! (Supplies wouldn't interest a Runner, it is mosstly things like socks, underwear, used work gloves, and other suppliess that the homeless use and trade about. Cash or trade only. No credstics!)

They are calling their community Hope. (obvivous to the fact there is a town named hope 500km away)
100 People: of which maybe 30 are (P1).

The community has noted they have spotted the ghouls in several spots, as close as a block away. (North, East, and North west of the community).

if the Runners explore to the North, about 3 blocks up they will find a nest of feral ghouls in the basement of an old book store... the trail of gore from the street should be easy to easy, even if its not fresh (Per 2)

6 Ghouls (p2)

No other ghouls this way for 6 blocks, after which the local "wildlife" sstarts coming back (ganger, sinless, devilrats, etc)

If the Runner explore East and its close to night, then they barely get half a blcok before they are beset on by a pack that was laying in ambush (Per3)

12 ghoul (p1).

Idealy, the ghouls will launch their surprise assualt by swarming out of the buildings on both sides of the street after the runners have past, meaning they will have to push through the ghouls to get back to the community.  If they get into a running gun fight that moves them continuously East for 3 blocks, then the noise attracts a SECOND host of Ghouls this time cutting off retreat further to the east!

6 ghouls (p1)

If they dispatch the first group, without trigger the other group, then the runners may surprise the ghols as they are busy feeding on a the kill of what looks like a hobo in the lobby of an old department store.


If the Runners explore to the northwest, after 3 blocks they will be attracted to the general sounds of life and housework coming from an abandoned restaurant.
In the restaurant is an entire Sinless ghoul family! Mon, Pop and 2 ghoul kiddies.... They are NOT feral.

Male ghoul (p4)
female ghoul (p3)
kiddy ghouls (p1)

If the runners approach the ghouls, what happens next depends on the Runners....

If only one of them approach, and the other remain hidden: The male ghoul will take a defensive position and branish his light pistol if he has time to draw it... This defensive stance will last until he can "suss" out the Runner intention, and if he is really alone.

If he thinks the Runner is really alone, then both the male and female ghoul will attack the runner when they have the advantage (surprise!).

If the runners approach in force, then the family take a cowering approach, with the male acting defensively.

They are what they appear, a family of turned ghouls. They think the father got infected first and spread it to the resst of them. They are trying their best to survive as best they can. So far they have managed to scavenge their food requirements from SINless hobos that pass on. They are aware of the community, but haven't gone clsoe to it becase they think they won't be accepted.

Up to the players what they do here. Hope will pay out for the kills, but these are sapient ghouls..
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<tied to 'Seek and Fetch'> <Everett> <Tacoma>

The Fixer calls the Runners up, he has a single night's job from a Smuggler that needs some muscle tonight, If interested he can get them in direct contact with the Smuggler. 

The Smuggler will lay it out straight, he has 6 packages in locked miomed coolers that he is has been hired to deliver on a timed contract, and the time is running out. On top of that, the Smuggler has been attacked 4 times so far and is worried about other attacks. If the Runners agreee to provide muscle the Smuggler will meet them on the outskirts of Everett.
The Smuggler is willing to pay $6000

(From there, the Runners can Convoy with the Smuggler, or ride along with them in the transport. The transport used by the smuggler should be a large ATV style vehicle suitable for both city and moutnain use - this Smuggler hass been hauling ass from Denver taking every back road possible to get this shipment here in the alotted time.)

(PER 6: there is both a drone and a spirit following the transport. High altitude for the Drone, and medium altitude for the Spirit.)

From Everett, The Smuggler will lead them through a series of highways, roads, allys and service roads - all designed to lose a tail and to avoid the more serious checkpoints. The final destination is an abandoned truck sstop in Tacoma.

At 3 different times, the transport should be attacked.

1: On a free way, a squad of bikers (6) tries to board and take control of the transport, abandoning their bikes (and creating havoc for other dirvers!) in the attempt. (p5)

2: During a trip down an allyway between 2 rows of buildings, a squad of black clad attackers open fire on the transport from the rooftops, they use dumpsters at the front and end of the ally to box them in. (the transport has more then enough power to push the dunpsters out of the way!) (6 on the rooftops, 3 a side, 1 troll at each end of the allies pushing the dumpsters into place before joining the attack.) (p4)

3: As they approach Tacoma, 2 Ford Americars, obviously modified, attempt to drive the transport off the road while its passengers try to disable the Smuggler/Runners/Transport in that order. (2 Riggers, 2 passengers a car) (p5)

Once they Get to the Truck sstop in Tacoma, they are greeted by the Johnson "Red Tie" (from Seek and Fetch), a Fire Spirit hanging well back, and 2 large Orks also hanging back by a black SUV. (Orks P6) Red Tie (C+4)

If the Runners have done <Seek and Fetch>, and Red Lived AND was happy, then he is surprised to see the Runners, but keeps things professional. He will wait until  the Smuggler unloads the Biomed Coolers, then opens and inpects each one before handing the Smuggler a Credstic.

They contain organs. Heart, liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, lungs. Yes, they are fresh.

IF questioned, Red Tie just says that he too is "under contract" and just doing a job he's been paid for.
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Why Us?!?

The Fixer calls the Runners up and asks for a meeting, face to face to discuss a job if they are interested, he picks his favorite spot for the meet.

When the Runners arrive they notice the fixer looks a little run down and annoyed. but he gets right to the meat of the matter:
" I have a pair of Johnsons that have been requesting teams on a regular basis, they are an odd pair and the jobs are, well very much milk runs, its just all the hassle in between.... anyways, the usual crew that has dealt with these Johnsons have had enough and are walking on the job, and I'm offering it to you. Look, all I can really tell you is, expect a shitload of up front hassle from both sides, but for the actual job or jobs, you can expect to practically sleep through. From what I understand, most of the jobs have invloved going from one office in one part of the downtown core, to an other office in another part of the core with a package and back again. It's one day's work, and they are forking out $15,000 for your time. Interested?"

The Johnsons turn out to be a Brother and Sister in their 80s who are fighting over the company fortune worth billions. They are John and Sarah Milton. And the company is I9-12413A012-12BT0-1265A... An unnamed private company that know one seems to know anything about.

Leg Work
1: John and Sarah Miltion?? Like as in Miltion Brothers??
2: Aren't they the reclusive billionares that live in the downtown core? No they are not related to Milton Brothers in anyway. <F.O. TF>
3: I hear that the Corps pay THEM money! Wonder what for?
4: They are completely nuts from what I understand....
5: They hate each other, and think the other is trying to kill them, their paranoa is so extreme that many staff have quit over their unsual security measures.
6: They own a "Patent house". In their case, they seem to own patents to many favorite anime characters used by many media companies to sell crap to kiddies... I wonder how they got them all?

The Job is exactly what it sounds like, it is a simple courier job between the two siblings and their lawyers. Due to both parties extreme paranoia, they are insisting to some... unsual forms of communication. In this case, written messages passed back and forth by a courier hired by outside forces, agreed to by both parties... (the fixer)

They are expected to hand pick up the message and hand deliver it to the other person. The message will be in an agreed case, with a biomentric lock. (R8). And in there lies the problem for the runners. Because both siblings believe that the other one is trying to kill them, to the point of extreme paranoia, the steps taken to actually reach the Sibling is beyond silly.

Choose any/randomly 4 each time they have to meet the other sibling, each way!

1: blood and essence scanning performed by a R8 facilty*
2: full cavity search (they get very eager "Probing"!!)
3: total surface UV exposure (Mild Sunburn)
4: full body strip search
5: total Bio scan looking for pathogens
6: forced mind probe by a (C+2) Mage.
7: rating 8 lie detector with repeated questing on if/how/why/when they will kill the Sibling
8: Focred immunization cocktail for all cummunicable diseases known... (9Ds/extreme nueasea - however does provide immunity to all treatable diseases for 3 months)


While each Sbling has their own tastes and decor, they share some similiarities:

They are housed on a complete floor of different branded Corps, And are protected by that Corps Extraterrtorality. <Pick 2 random Corps>

Their Floor can only be access by Either emergency fire excapes inside the building, or by Private elevator from the lobby.

BY STAIRS: Each floor is seperated by a security door locked by a R6 maglock and alarmed. in the Stair well of landing is a bubble turret armed with a assault rifle with SS ammo. The walls/floors of their floor have specailly re-enforced and warded.

BY ELEVATOR: The elevator will open up into a plane hallway lobby. At the far end is a door on the left side, a window with a woman sitting on the other side, Smiling at them.

The Woman will greet the Runners through a Speaker. "Welcome to <Sibling's Name>, How can i help you?" If they identify that they have a package for the Sibling, she will indicate the door.. This leads to a hallway that in turn leads to another door. Opening the Door will show what looks like a large waiting room with a single door on the other end of the door. Once the Runners enter the room and the door closes, they will hear a loud "CLICK"!

A Voice will come over the speakers; "Please remove all clothing before proceeding" in a soothing tone. All protests will be met wth the same soothing voice repeating the same insrtuctions. They are locked in what is esssentally a warded, armored bunker. (4m x 6m  36s 60a: If they try being stupid)
Once the Runners have removed their clothing and armor, the Soothing voice says "thank you for your cooperation" and the far door opens...

Several large trolls in very clean and shiny security armor enter into the room present bath robes to the Runners.... they are not allowed to pack any weapons, equipment, armor or clothing other then the messager case with them. There is one troll per Runner... (P6)

They are lead into the next room, which turns out to be a fully equiped and staffed medical ward! (Ratings 8/8/8/4)
This is where the medical 4 of the aboved indignaties will be inflicted on the Runnners before they get to meet the siblings....
The more Security orientated indignaties will be handled by the floors Security Ward (Ratings 8/8/8/2)

Once all the testing has been done, the very firm but polite trolls lead the runners deeper into the floor, and to the Sibling...
<Downtown Seattle>
The Siblings are exactly what they sound like, very old (but not that old.. thanks to money), very crazy and very paranoid.
However they have their own quirks about them.

The Sister, Sarah Milton has passion for bright pink colors, cats, and rainbows... And sadly her choice of color schemes and displayed art reflects this.. she hates cybernetics, ands has a fascination for magic even though she herself is mundane. All of her personal attendants are adepts or mages!

Sarah is bound to a wheel chair due a spial injury she blames on her brother. She is constantly attended by a host of 6 female orks that serve as nurses, assistants, docs, servants and security (p6).

Every possible slight and woe in the world is her Brother's fault, and she makes sure that the runners know it while her lawyer reads over the pages with in the package.

The Brother, John Miltion Loves the Industrail feel of the late 2030s and keeps the decor of his personal floor in that style. Sadly he only has two passions in his life... hardcore rubber and iron SM bondage, which many a person has wondered if the artwork he displays are reflections on this paassion. The other passion John has embraced is Body modifications which has wholely embraced!

All of John's attendents share his dual passions, sporting the wear suitable for their roles at the BETA level, but also the attire (again at the beta level). He is constantly attended by at least 6 humans AND elves (both male and female). They act like his nurses, assistants, docs, servants, security, and sadly, entertainment. (p5) 
John's cbyernetic body may be ready and willing whenever his demented urges demand, but his mind is slipping.... and the cyberpychosis doesn't help. While his lawyers read through the papers, John is more then happy to regail the Runners of the advantages of electro-autoasyphixation over the use of a drone asisted autosyphixation.. or the best rubbers for full body coverage on a hot Seattle afternoon, or any one of a million other topics that only a true lover of hardcore rubber and iron SM bondage could be interested in....

Neither the brother or the Sister will attempt to bribe the Runners, or even suggest that they would hurt the other... But they still believe that the other wants them dead..

The Runners should be forced to deal with both sides at least once before the "Ambush"....

The Ambush consists of what starts out as a snatch and run, turned into a gun fight. As the Runners are leaving one of the offices for at least the secodn time, A fast moving elf will dart out of the crowd, grab the case and try to beat feet down the street!
If the elf makes it to the end of the street, he hops into a Ford Americar and speed away.
If the Runners chase the elf, or shoot at him, Then 3 buddies join in! The 3 buddies all try to engage in hand to hand combat and are dressed to blend into the crowd. (business suits and the like.)
The "buddies" only engage until the elf gets away, and the police arrive. Once the police arrive, they will tell the officers all they saw was the "big nasty Runners shooting at a poor small elf girl and just had to act!"
This is going to take some explaining if the Police arrive. Thankfully their is lots of security footage in the area to "help" the runners... If their SINs can stand up..
<ambush team: 1 elf, 3 human "buddies", 1 dwarf rigger. P3>

If the Runners manage to handle the ambush team, and get one of them to the floor of one of the siblings.. Well the Sibling's Secuirty team is more then happy to "hold and question" Them. <Learning time for the Runners for what happens when a Corp gets their hands on a Runner?>

Turns outs, they where hired to steal the case, as their employer thought their could be money or other valuables in the case...

If the Runners ask what is actually in the case.. And succeed in a Social test, then the Sibling will tell them.

"When Father passed away 50 years ago, he left Lord Sniffles to me and my brother/sister. But THEY have been keeping him longer then they are allowed. So I started legal action to force them to turn over Lord Sniffles on time."

Lord Sniffles is their late Father's stuffed Pug.
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Is this last one missing some intro/starting/hiring material?
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Is this last one missing some intro/starting/hiring material?

Yes, it is... Missed it when I copied it over from the document I typed it out on..

Fixed it.

PS: Thank you for catching that!
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Thanks, for a starting GM these ideas are great. And your tips are much appriciated !!

Thank you very much !!
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<Downtown> <Tacoma>
<Horizon Contact> <JRT's contact> <Rigger/Hacker needed?>

Fixer calls up the runner, he's got a desprate Johnson that needs a snatch job done in the next 6 hours and is will to pay for it. If interested, they should get out to the Tacoma Airport to meet the Johnson. He wil be in the parking lot. (gives GPS data)

The John is in a white sedan, and gets out as teh Runners approach. The johnson is in a slick tres chic suit with a million neuyen smile and out stretched hand. He will introduce himself has "Jim Johnson of Horizion Contracting", and make a point of the usual pleasentries of getting their names, and asking if they are well before getting down to business.

"There is a man arriving on a plane in the next 4 hours. He is in possesssion of some very important internal Horizion documents that he paid a large ssum of money to get in London. I am willing to pay the same amount to get those documents back, and the Man in question. Natuarally I will need the man alive, any data or optical devices he has, and any luggage. I am assuming this is something you can do?"

The Johnson is willing to pay $20,000 for everything. (the man, devices, luggage)

The target is a French national by the name of Fabien Leblanc*. At least that is the name on the ticket he purshased - which must match his ID, at least while in airport... Fabien is also a Troll. 


1: He's troll...
2: He's a private operator in intelligence.
3: He's known to be augmented.
4: He's not known for violence
5: Fabien Leblanc is a known alias for a Fixer out of London.
6: The Fixer is never known for travelling alone nor unprepared.

SEA-Tac is an international airport. AAA+ security!

Naturally, getting weapons into SSEA-tac is not going to be easy, nor is grabbing Leblanc here. IF the runners are stupid enough to try anything in the airport, HTR is only 1 minute out as they are on constant stand by in an international airport! There is also over 400 secuirty guards of various levels all throughout the airport on a constant watch for anything.

However, simply walking into the airport and into the arrivals area - unarmed- will not draw too much attention. (thousands of people come and go every hour. Walking into "arrivals" only happens 50 times a second :D )


This job is hard for the runners, as they have no idea what Leblanc's plans are, where he is going. All they know is what he looks like.
There options here are going to be reactionary. <Watch out for JAK> <Player Decision Surprise Time>

Best case will be to place a mole in the arrivals lobby to keep an eye out for Leblanc and then to tail him.

LeBlanc is not a threat physically, even if he is a troll... The threat will be his guards... AND his method of transport.

Remind them that the gargage is part of the Airport, just less monitored..


(The flight can be delayed by a couple of hours if the players need more time to get a coupleof items.. maybe a vehicle?!? but not too long.. maybe an extra 3 hours at most)

Leblanc will be easy to spot. He's a 10 foot troll in a tres chic suit and obvious cosmetic modifications like Silver horn caps, dermal deposit removal and Pharmone enchancement. He also has 2 very attractive elves attached to each hip...they are both attractively dressed, barely appropreately for international travel.

3: The elf on the left has had beta grade surgery.
4: The elf on the left is on constant watch, while playing the bimbo
5: The Elf on the left seems to be playing the bimbo as well, but seems off
6: The Elf on the left is displaying classic signs of a magic using Astral Perception while interacting with the world..

Leblanc and hiss guards will goto to baggage and collect several bags. IF a Runner is close enough/has the tech/magic? To hear Leblanc, once he ges to baggage he will make a call.

He talks to the AR of his commlink, setting up a pickup for himself and 2 guards with a Cab comapny called. <Saftey Taxi>
They will be there to get him in 20 minutes.

<Any local, underworld, Runner, ganger, etc skill>
3+ Safety Taxi is a small operation of Riggers that use armored up and souped up taxis to transport high paying customers to anywhere in the city they want, no questions asked. They also offer a full refund if you don't arrive at your desination. However, they will not do "hot" pick ups.. meaning if you are in combat, they are not comming. Mostly used by those that are paranoid, have something to protect, or are affraid of being attacked. They are a "public" shadow business.

Once they have their luggage, they will wait near the enterance for Safety Cab to arrive. Up to the Players what they do.... They don't know what <Safety Cab> looks like.... and they don't know what the guards are capable of..


What appears to be a Knight Errant partol car pulls up to the curb, and uses his lights to secure parking. A Human male gets out and looks around. Spots Leblanc and approaches:

"Mr. Leblanc? I am Officer Driver, I have been dispatched for your Saftey. Would you and your companions come with me please? I will take to where you need to be."

Even Leblanc seems surprised that this Cop is talking to him and blinks a couple of times before nodding.
<Social event by PC?!>

3: while that is the right make for a KE car, and the paint is right, the engine and profile height is off.
4: Officer Driver doesn't have a side arm, or cuffs, or radio.
5: That car has some hidden ports along the front, back and passenger side.

The Officer wil help Leblanc load his luggage, and then seat Leblanc in the front passenger seat and the 2 girls the back. A Runner MAY be able to over heard Leblanc say he needs to get downtown....

From here, the Rigger will drive Leblanc by the most direct route to his desination, which is the Aztech Pyramid.

The Runners, has a small problem in the fact that the Rigger is spoofing his car directly to the KE network, so that to KE, it appears to be one of their cars! This allows the Rigger to notify and request assistance of KE as an officer in Distress which will get a fast response time! <Hacker time!?>

The Car itself is fully armored up, and mounts several defensive tricks to disable attackers. <P5>

The first Elf guard is a Street Sammy that specializes in unarmed and armed combat(monowhip) and has been augmented for speed, agility, and comes with a fully loaded cyberarm with a monowhip in a finger compartment that she ssmuggled accross on the flight. (C+1)

The second Elf is a mage, intitated with masking metamagic. and has a power focus earring (lvl 3). likes to get innovative in combat with things like ice sheet, and other cold attacks.

Leblanc is an absolute wuss under pressure and physical stress. Once combat breaks out, he will cower like a beaten puppy, going to fair as to soil himself if even threatened with assault! (p0)


The Rigger will try to use speed and call for help if he comes under threat. All he caress about is getting Leblanc to the Pyramid, and nothing else. This is about professionalism and efficieny, not body counts to the Rigger.

The Mage will do what ever she can to slow down Runners, and is not above targeting innocents to cause an accident!
THe Sammy will keep her head down for the most part, since she doessn't have a viable long range attack coming off the plane. However, she will happily swing her monowhip at any runner, or runner vehicle that comes within 3 meters of her side of the car...

<Vehicle damage? matirx attack? piloting fail?>
Once the Rigger's car is disabled, he is done as far as he is concerned. He will attempt to surrender, but will defend himself if attacked. But he won't fight to protect Leblanc or the 2 elves... They have cost him more in repairs then the job was worth!

The 2 guards will fight on, and attempt to tie up the runners so Leblanc can beat feet and get away. This is a holding action, as they know they can't really win... (?)

Leblanc will be so paniced that hyperventalation will have him gasping for air a mere 2 blocks from where the car was disbled.

***Remember KE!!***
IF the Rigger got a call out to KE through their network, then 2 units are on the way and will be there in 30 seconds. Another 2 units will continue to arrive at the disabled car every 2 minutes after that unless a KE officer calls in... HRT will be dispatched if no contact is made with a KE unit in the area after 5 minutes. (10 miuntes out)

Once the Players have Leblanc and the luggage (the elves are technically not needed) AND are not being chased by the KE, They can contact the Johnson,  who will direct them to come to the Horizion office in the downtown... 

The exchange will be easy shift and professional. Jim will hand over the payment with a smile and have Horizon Security take Leblanc upstairs along with his luggage and devices (a commlink).

Jim can be taken as a contact. 1/1
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Because a few of you asked for the final "Red Tie" adventure plot, I am posting how this wrapped up for the last group that went through it (As i have changed it several times for each different group i used it with. At least the notes are mostly 4e for this one :D
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Red Tie, Black
<closing of Red Tie adventures> <Multi-day> <Robin Hood>

Fixer Contacts the players/Face. He's got a "crazy street preacher" looking to hire some talent to help out the "Lost Souls of the Barrens".
Willing to pay $5,000 for what should be a night's work. If the players are interested, they can meet up with the Preacher at his church, a few blocks north west of Tourist Town (Redmond Barrens).

Preacher Name: Father Desmond.

Legwork on Father Desmond

1: Crazy dwarf preacher
2: Always preaching about saving "your mortal soul"
3: He's covered in Celtic knot tattoos with a blue Mohawk, almost as tall as he is!
4: He's a physical Adept
5: He used to be a runner, until he found religion
6: he's a "Mystic Shaman"; he can't cast spells, but he can summon spirits

The Church is easy to find, it's the only clean, well maintained building on the block. Depending on the time the players arrive, the doors to the church could be wide open, and a booming voice thundering "the praises and righteousness of the Lord" can be heard even from the sidewalk. (Doors open at 6am to 11pm. Services -Desmond screaming at people - happen every hour for 20 minutes at a time....So they will be forced to wait and listen)

Father Desmond
  Dwarf, initiated physical Adept (Berzerker) (c+6), is a retired runner in his early 60s. He freely admits that he was "one of the first bearded babies born!". Physically Desmond is powerfully built for his age, and he is covered head to toe in Celtic knot tattoos. His total height almost reaches 6 feet tall, when one considers the Woad blue Mohawk.

Once Desmond has finished his screaming at his parish of mostly sleeping homeless, he will invite the runners into his study to discuss the job.

It tuns out Desmond is acting as fixer for a Free Spirit! The Spirit in question (Daisy, F3 SoM) has become concerned because many of her friends have died in recent weeks. Their bodies are often found hacked apart with parts missing or unaccounted for.

Daisy Legwork

1: she's a free spirit that hangs around with "the ladies of the night" of the Tourist area.
2: She's pretty harmless, and known in the area for giving illusion flowers to people - to make them smile
3: She used to be an Ally Spirit 
4: Her old "master" died
5: She was the ally Spirit of a mage friend of Desmond, he set her free before he died.

Meeting Daisy

Daisy only comes out at night, when the other "ladies of the night" are out and about. She is instantly recognizable, as she looks more like a 19th century librarian then a street worker. She wanders up and down the street chatting with the people she comes across, handing them illusion daisies and chats about nothing important. (the flowers fade away a few seconds after the conversation)

Approaching Daisy is easy, and she may surprise the Runners, as she knows exactly why they are there:

  over the last 12 weeks, 16 girls have disappeared from the "meat strip" (The area of Tourist Town where the escorts are know to hang out), of those, 10 have been found, neatly cut apart. In all 10 cases, parts of the bodies were never completely found.
The police will not deal with the issue as none of the woman had SINs, so Daisy has decided to "do something" about it.

She has reached out the other spirits in the area; and using them, have been able to track down the last place the women were "seen' alive. However, the building is warded and she can't enter it. She wants the players to go in and "Deal with whatever is killing her friends".

If asked why Desmond Doesn't deal with it himself/help
Desmond is under a Gesa to "Do no harm, unless directly threatened". Nor can he directly place himself into situations that may provoke or lead to violence. (Damn those Initiation rituals!)
The Building is located deeper in the Barrens. But it at least appears occupied and stable. The building looks like it was once a large Brown Stone Condo, however the windows are bared over, the front door is heavily re-enforced. The fire escape around the side has long been removed, and the doors and windows bared over. There is no back door (Bricked over!).

Approaching the front door triggers a Fire Spirit.

The Fire Spirit will materialize, and tell the players that this building is owned and occupied. Its owner doesn't want visitors, and they should leave, or they will be removed.

A perception/assensing test on the spirit will show black boils on its surface/aura. (This Spirit is becoming corrupted)

Trying to enter the building will cause the Spirit to attack. However, that is the only thing. They can mill about all they want, they just can't enter the building.

Talking to the spirit will reveal that it is surprisingly helpful! It apparently doesn't care for the mage that has bound it.
The Spirit will happily tell them that the Summoner is inside, along with "7 eaters of life" - if asked what he means, he will look at them, and state again "those that come to eat the life of the world..." -Spirits see things different then meta-humans... or maybe the corruption?

The spirit also would like the player mage to banish it! (if a mage is there) - as such it won't resist the attempt.

SPIRIT OF FIRE (Corrupting)

The inside of the brown stone seems pretty normal on the first floor. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all clean and in order. Someone is definitely living here and has been for some time.

The upstairs are the bedrooms. Again, the rooms show signs of life and being lived it. The only odd thing is, you get the feeling that the master bedroom is more of a show room, and the Spare bedroom is one mostly used. There is a child's room as well, which seems to be in use if not currently occupied.

The basement,

At first glance, everything seems normal. This small basement is neat and tidy as seems to be a combination weight room, and kids play room.

A Perception 6 test/Astral Perception will reveal that there is actually a doorway hidden by both weight bench and a physical illusion spell.

Opening the door shows a room of horrors!

This room is surgical white in color. Cold steel cabinets and refrigeration units line a wall, 2 tables are in the center of the room and on the are two stitched together nude bodies of 2 of the women missing from the "Meat Strip". On a tray next to them is the surgical needles and thread used to pull them together.

On the opposite wall there is door roughly placed into the wall - this is obviously an new addition

As soon as the first person enters the room:

The heads of the two bodies turn to look at them with lifeless eyes, get up and attack!
2 F4 Shedim (SG155)

Opening the other door reveals a set of home made steps leading down a handmade tunnel into an other, much much older structure!

It would appear that somehow, an old basement and tunnel system of old 19th century Seattle and the old coal cart systems was forgotten and abandoned, only to be found again! There is no lighting here, as this probably predate electricity! An electric lamp can be found on the floor.   

A Perception 3 test, will reveal the sound of chanting coming from deeper in the complex.

There really is only one way forward, however the problem is that it's not a direct path, with many twists and turns around piles of debris and caved in materiel almost to the ceiling in places. Hidden along the way, are 2 more Shedim occupied escorts, again sewn together from cut up bodies.

2 F4 Shedim (SG155)

Eventually they get to another door, which leads to a large room, lit by candles and electric lamps. the back wall contains many dressers and cabinets. A bed and small kitchen/workspace line the walls. There is a table with a very old body (uncut) in the middle of the room. Around the body there are 4 figures.

With his back to the players, is a tall man.
To the left and right of the body are 2 other pieced together escorts.
At the feet of the body is an ethereal woman leading the chant... She spots the players as soon as the door opens, snarls... and vanishes!

The man turns, revealing a face and famous Red Tie that players have seen before, but this time, he looks pissed!
 Red Tie
Initiated mage.. (C+1)
2 F4 shedim (SG155)

This room is Red Tie's Magical Lodge! (rating 4) As such, remember the modifiers here for spellcraft.
Once Red Tie is defeated, there is a collection of magical goods and reagents, research materials and notes to be had.

If the players are interested and do some digging:

Red Tie kept a very detailed journal for a Shaman... For most of his life, he was a Voodoo shaman, who did the bidding of loa and worked as a Talislegger.

However, things seem to have taken a dark turn in recent years. His journal outlines the loss of his child to an act of random street violence that seems to have damaged his psyche.  His journal is filled with mad ramblings about who the loa will use the dead, but not return the dead.

According to his journal, about 2 years ago hsi wife committed suicide.... and he went about turning her body into a vessal - in the hopes that with a prepared vessal his loa would return his wife to him...

From what you can make out from his more recent ramblings, it would appear that about 18 months ago, his Loa abandoned him. And he was lost until a female Spirit reached out to him, and promised him that he could use his vessal to return his wife to him if he helped her, return her family first.

From there, begins the systematic tracking, abduction, and murder of several women across the city. Next it details how he had to out source the collection of what he calls "valuable vessal crafting materials" from the Denver area. And then the eventual capture and murder of the escorts for particular body parts. By this time in the journal writings, its hard to tell what is fact and what is fantasy in this twisted mind of a now corrupted shaman. But it would appear everything was done at the instance of the spirit you saw fleeing the room...

There just may be a Master Shedim on the loose in Seattle....
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A Job from Horizon

For the gamemaster
A Horizon Job.
A new movie is coming out, with some very steamy scenes.
To promote the picture, they want to produce a minor "scandal".  However they cannot just release the material.... it has to be authentic.  The male and female lead have agreed  " to get caught doing it". This will then be leacked to the media. The Tabloid reporter is actually a Horizon Johnson.

For the players

A slimy tabloid reporter will meet the characters in a  cheap fast food dump ( a McHughs or Stuffer shack). While they sip the worst soycaf ever, he will explain the job to them. If the characters ask why he does not do it himself, he will laugh and say that he and his reporters are to well known and are noticed a mile away. So he needs unknown faces to get close.

The characters receive the information which licence the nightsky has and where the nightsky with the stars will be driving along. The stars spend a few hours driving through town " to get away from it all and relax".He wants the stars caught in the act. He metions the cybereyes and ears of  both the stars...and that this is his preferred method, because of  POV. It means a nice bonus if they accomplish that. However should this prove to difficult, we would take regular spyvideos as well.

They have three options ( though the player will probably come up with more )
they can also use a combination of all of them.

Option A.

They need to organise a vehicle or  a drone to follow the nightsky.

They are to hack the cybereyes and -ears of the male and/or female actor and record the feed.

The actual "scandal scene "will take about an hour.

The actors have betawear cyber with Firewall 4, with attriutes that makes 7 dice, that are slaved to their Fairlight caliban comlinks with firewall 7, making for a defence of 10 dice. Each actor has to be hacked seperatly. They use the Horizon global grid.

(use the 7 dice or 10 dice defence, depending on how strong the characters are in the matrix).

Option B

The players plant cameras inside the parked nightsky, which they later have to retrieve.

The nightsky is parked on a corporate parking lot. ( the game master should use corp security matching with the skills of his players )

Option C
They can also contact and bribe the driver to place the cameras for them ( the driver knows the buisness and will play along convincingly...and he does not object to making a few extra bucks from "idiotic runners " )

Use a standard henchmen template for the driver ( all attributes are 3's and his skills are all 4 ).

When this is done they need to contact the Johnson and had over the datachip. The  Johnson will not screw them over.

If they hacked one or both of  the actors , the Johnson will pay a bonus (  how much more is gamemasters discretion) as previously agreed.