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Rules and such / Re: [6E] Shifters?
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <11-30-22/1348:05> »
They are mentioned a couple of times in Sixth World Companion, written in such a way that it sounds like they were intended to be in the book, but there's no actual entry for Shifters. Wondering if they were left out or cut out.
Rules and such / Re: Do Nagas have arms?
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <11-30-22/1339:19> »
Note that the troll version of the jetpack from Double Clutch can theoretically fit upwards of 6 articulated arms. :)
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Smogg on <11-30-22/0737:02> »
False Face, Cyberhair, Breasts (Stuff that lets you impose as someone else)

Antennas for noise reduction

Rules for programming triggers in some way. Like: If by physical monitor reach 1, inject X autmaticalle. If biomonitor reach 0 stun, turn on Jammer and apply drug Y. If cybereyes gain blinded condition III or IV do this. If I fall asleep without turning off this program, inject long haul.
- The system should prolly be limited to a very simple logic template with only one testing parameter and one resulting action. Maybe with some rules for how many of these you can set up based on your data processing, and an example of Edit File being able to alter the tigger.
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Raizer13 on <11-29-22/2345:38> »
I would definitely like to see Nanotech return in force and have some good alternative options over cyber/bio.
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Smogg on <11-29-22/1259:05> »
I agree Jack Jokey can make many rolls very easy.

Too me though, Jack Jokey is just a bit of 5th edtion direct connection comming back. In my games if the hacker is within a few meters of whatever he is hacking, the focus shift to the dangers at the location. Guards, Spirits, A spider who will engage in cybercombat... things like that.

Without Jack Jockey, hacking something next to you is not much easier than going through the host. Sure it might be behind another (usually easier host), but still. If you are up against a rating 7 host, then without jack jockey, its going to be hard either way, so the hacker will usually remaing off site.

I guess every table and style differs though. Thats just my 5 cents. I really think the quality is a welcome one in 6e.
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Hobbes on <11-29-22/1156:50> »
Resonance Wires and the other Direct Access options I like.  They plug some annoying holes for Matrix characters.  Jack Jockey removes almost all chance of failure for hacking though.  Hosts, Spiders, IC, PANs, none of it matter to Jack Jockey.  That leads to a pretty goofy place if a player really pushes it.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by Smogg on <11-29-22/0951:48> »
Based on the official CGL answer here:

P. 183 Reconfigure Matrix Attribute
Swap the base ratings of two non-zero attributes of your Matrix Persona, even if the numbers are rooted in different devices.

Should likely include something like :"Cannot swap base ratings for living persona" or "For living persona this action moves bonus points instead of swapping base ratings" or "This only works for Personas that are rooted in devices"

P. 189 The Living Persona
Bonus points can be moved between two attributes with a Reconfigure Matrix Attribute action.

Should likely clarify "Reconfigure Matrix Attribute action cannot swap base ratings of the Living person"

At least the restriction on how a Living Persona cannot swap base attributes should be added into one of the above location or a FAQ.
Maybe the matrix action should also be considered in relation to other entities that have personas not rooted in physical devices but able to use Matrix Actions.
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Smogg on <11-29-22/0356:18> »
Jack Jockey and Aura Link or Resonance wires is amazing for the table because it straight up encourage the TM to run with the group (and in danger) instead of sitting back in the van. Thats not broken. That is pretty awesome.

But hey, if you dont like it, then ban it.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by Xenon on <11-28-22/1230:55> »
SR6 p. 107 Combat Turn
Characters may never start a player turn with more than 5 Minor Actions.

The intent here was probably to write "6 Minor Actions" as 5D6 is the maximum total number of Initiative Dice you may have and you get 1 + number of Initiative Dice Minor Actions.

Unlike the English  City Edition Seattle this was changed to "6 Minor Actions" in the French (and also the German?) translation.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by Xenon on <11-28-22/1225:09> »
SR6 p. 195 Overclocked
You get an additional Minor Action and +1D6 Initiative Dice

The intent here was probably to write "+1D6 Initiative Dice (with accompanying Minor Action)"
Same as Wired Reflexes (SR6 p. 287) and Synaptic boosters (SR6 p. 293).

As written this Echo seem to provide +1D6 Initiative Dice (with accompanying Minor Action) plus an Extra Minor Action on top of that (for a total of 2 Minor Actions).
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