SO I was looking at my sons War Machine Slurpy Cup

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« on: <10-06-10/1030:24> »
And I wanted to make an Iron Man character.

So far I have him in Med Mil Spec armor (Darn encumberace)

Str aug 6
Agi Aug 5 (mobility aug?)
Machine Pistol and a Shoulder mount Sub MG (really wanted some lasers though)
Plus R4 seals, bells & whistles.

Can all that fit in 15 slots or am I a bit over the top?

Oh I am settling on the name Andy Barron. ;D CEO of Barron Arms!
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« Reply #1 on: <10-06-10/1852:55> »
Whiplash is better.

Mmmm Russian accent. *COUGH*

I mean, whips. I have a mad love affair with whip-based weapons.
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