Begining Troll Bodyguard

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« on: <09-30-10/1319:04> »
Though I have made few NPC's i am going to start gaming in a group up here in Seattle I wanted to make a PC that would be easy for me to start RPGing again after a long break. The group does not care what type of PC I play or even what build style I use, so I have this troll at 400 BP and another at 500BP with more rounded Attributes and more social/tech skills. Also the 500BP has a fixer contact.

I will work on background over the next couple days, but wanted to get the stats up if anyone has any commits.

Edit: Quick note on the Born Rich quality, I like that they add that maybe they made a sound investment as well as you come from money concept. I feel like I can realistically explain why this Big troll was able to get his hand on 300,000$

Name: Curtis
Street handle: Cliff
BP 400
Total Karma: 0
Current Karma: 0
Street Credit:
Notoriety: 0
Sex: Male
Height: 2.52 meters (8’27”)
Kilo: 312 (687.84 pounds)
Meta type: Troll (-40BP)
Ethnicity: Caucasian   

Body: 9 (10) [40BP]
Agility: 2 (7) [10BP]
Reaction: 2 (9) [10BP]
Strength:  8 (11) [30BP]
Charisma: 2 [10BP]
Intuition: 4 [30BP]
Logic: 2 [10BP]
Willpower: 3 [20BP]
Essence:      .115
Edge: 2 [10BP]

 Character game information:
Total initiative: 7 (13)
Initiative-pass: 1 (3)
Physical attack rating: 13
Stun attack rating: 10
Armor rating: 16/11 or when on runs 20/17
Close combat attack: 8DV -1P Physical: long knife or 9DV -1P Sword
Composure: 5
Judge Intent: 6
Lift/Carry:    21
Memory: 5
Perception: 6
•   Vision: 9
•   Hearing:   9 (11 for finding source of noise)
Movement: 15/35

Positive Qualities:   
•   Born rich    (-10BP)
•   Restricted gear: Supra-thyroid Gland(-5BP)
•   Restricted gear: muscle toner   (-5BP)
•   Restricted gear: Move by wire level 2(-5BP)
•   Class 2 surge   (-10BP)
o   Meta genetic positive:
   Bio compatibility (cyber)  (-10BP)
   Dermal deposits   (-10BP)
Negative Qualities
Mild addiction (G3) (+5BP)
Nano intolerance   (+5BP)
Prejudiced (Bias/ Wageslaves) (+5BP)
Incompetent (Shadowing) (+5BP)
Incompetent (Palming) (+5BP)
Data shadow level 1 (+5BP)
Mild addiction (Betel) (+5BP)
o   Meta genetic Negative:
   Allergy Soy mild (-2 die pool) (+10BP)
Notes: Thermographic Vision, +1 Reach, +2 Natural armor (cumulative with worn armor)
Active Skills:
Pistols [Semi Automatics]; (agility) Rank: 6 (25BP)
Automatics [SMG]; (agility) Rank: 4 (18BP)
Blades [Sword]; (agility) Rank: 2 (10BP)
Unarmed combat; (agility) Rank: 4 (16BP)
Long-arms; (agility) Rank: 2 (8BP)
Influence group; (charisma) Rank: 1 (10BP)
Perception; (intuition) Rank: 2 (8BP)
Dodge (ranged); (reaction) Rank: 4 (18BP)

Knowledge Skills:
Security procedures; (logic) Rank: 3
Security design; (logic) Rank: 3
Safe houses; (logic) Rank: 3
Military; (logic) Rank: 3
Body guarding; (logic) Rank: 5
Gardening (logic) Rank: 1

Language Skills:
English (N)

Augmentations: Cyber: (4.86)      Bio: (2.05) (-1.025)               BP:60
•   Muscle Toner (Bio ware) level 4 (ESS .8; cost: 32,000$ +4 to agility)
•   Muscle Augmentation (Bio ware) level 2 (ESS .4; cost: 14,000$ +2 to strength)
•   Supra-thyroid Gland (Bio Ware) (ESS .7; cost: 45,000$) (+1 to Body, Strength, reaction, Agility, +10% to lifestyle)
•   Sleep regulator (Bio ware) (ESS .15; cost: 10,000$ Needs 3 hours sleep a day )
•   Dermal sheath (Cyber-ware) level 2 [ESS: .9 Cost: 20,000$, +2 ballistic/+3 dermal rating]
•   Move-by-wire system (cyber ware) Level 2 [ESS: 2.7; cost: 85,000; +4 to reaction, +2 to dodge, +2 to initiative pass, Acts as skill-wire level 4]
o   Skill-soft:
•   Reaction enhancers ([cyber ware) level 2 (ESS: .54; Cost: 20,000$; +2 to reaction)
•   Cyber-eye (ware) level 3 (11/12) with Thermo-graphic Vision, smart-link, flash compensation, image link, eye recording unit, vision enhancement level 3, vision magnification (ESS: .36; Cost: 9,250$)
•   Cyber-ear (ware) level 3 with Audio enhancement level 3, balance augmenter, damper, ear recording unit, sound link, increased sensitivity, spatial recognizer, select sound editor level 1 (ESS: .36; Cost: 13,000$)

Weapons / Weapon Accesories / Ammunition:
Monofilament sword [+1 reach 9DV -1 AP cost: 750]
Cougar long knife [+0 reach 8DV -1 AP cost: 900]

Armor / Clothing:    
Armor vest (6/4) and FFBA full suit (6/2)  under normal cloths (16/11)
Armor Jacket (8/6) PPP system upgrades:  forearm guards: (0/1), leg and arm castings (1/1), shin guard (0/1), vital protector (1/1) and FFBA full suit (6/2) used on runs (20/17)

Thundercloud Contrail (racing bike) {Handling: +1,ACL: 20/40,  speed: 180, pilot:1, body:6, armor:4, sensor 1, (5,000$)}

Additional Equipment:
FFBA Full suit (1,600$)
Armor vest (6/4) (600$)
Armor Jacket (8/6) (900$)
Mortimer of London Greatcoat line (6/5) (3,000$)
PPP system upgrades:  forearm guards: (200$), leg and arm castings (350$), shin guard (150$), vital protector (200$)  
Monofilament sword [+1 reach 9DV -1 AP cost: 750]
o   Upgrades: personalized grip (+1 combat dice pool) (100$)
cougar long knife [+0 reach 8DV -1 AP cost: 900]
o   Upgrades: personalized grip (+1 combat dice pool) (100$)
Ares Predator 4 (350$) [5P -1 penetration SA 15(c)]
o   Stock: Smart-gun
o   Upgrade: Personalized grip (100$); +1 recoil comp.
o   [2] Silencer (200$ each)
o   150 rounds of regular ammo (20$ per 10 shots=300$)
o   50 Rounds of EX explosive ammo (100$ per 10 shots=500$)
o   Cancelable holster (75$)
o   [7] spare clips (5$)
H&K 227-X (800$[5P -0 penetration SA/BF/FA 38(c)]
o   Stock: Smart-gun
o   Stock: Retractable stock (1recoil comp.)
o   Stock: Sound suppressor
o   Upgrade: Gas-vent 3 system (400$) +3 recoil comp.
o   Upgrade: Personalized grip (100$); +1 recoil comp.
o   210 rounds of regular ammo (20$ per 10 shots=380$)
o   100 Rounds of EX explosive ammo (100$ per 10 shots=500$)
o    [7] spare clips (5$)
Franchi SPAS-22: (1,250$[7 -1 penetration SA/BF 10(m)]
o   Stock: Smart-gun
o   Stock: Folding stock (1recoil comp.)
o   Upgrade: Personalized grip (100$); +1 recoil comp.
o   Upgrade: Auto adjusting under barrel weight (150$); +1 recoil comp first shot, +2 on second shot
o   100 rounds of regular ammo (20$ per 10 shots=200$)
Bio-monitor wristband (300$)
2 shorts (30$ each)
3 t-shirts (15$ each)
2 pants (45$ each)
2 pair running shoes (25$ each)
1 pair combat boots (100$)
Light jacket [wind breaker] (55$)
Survival pack (100$)
Heavy jacket [cold] (120$)
Rain coat (120$)
8 pair socks (3$ pair)
Fake license rank 4:  Monofilament sword, cougar long knife, Pistol, cyber-ware, SMG, Bio ware (400$ each total 2,400$)
Fake Sin level 4 (4,000$)
Map-soft (25$ each) [Seattle metropolis]
Tag eraser (150$)
Disposable comm. Link (300$)
Maglock passkey level 3 (6,000$)
Medkit level 6 (600$)
o   Medkit supplies: 1 (50$)
 [1]Stimulant patch level 6 (150$ each)
Respirator level 6 (150$)
[16] G3 (5$ each)
[20] Betel (1$ each)
Certified credstick (25$)
AR rings (acts as gloves) (250$)
Comm-link (Sony emperor) (700$) with a OS Renraku ichi (600$) sim mod (100$), trodes (50$)
o   Response: 2signal: 3 firewall: 2 system: 2
o   Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 2, Edit 2, purge 1(450$)

Lifestyle:  LP: 15= middle (5,000$)
 Comforts: 3               , Device   
o   Drone       Size    Accel    Speed    Rating    Pilot    Body   Arm    Sens    Avail Cost
o   BusyBuddy    Small    5/15    15    2    1    2    0    2    2     2,000¥
o   Horizon LeafMan    Medium    3/10    10    3    3    2    1    3   2     4,000¥
o   Aztech. SafeNSound   Small    5/20    40    3    2    2    1    3    2     3,500¥
Example: You have a full bedroom set, a matching living room set, and a full subscription to a virtual wall space program with virtual weather and virtual windows. You have three or four useful drones, such as the BusyBuddy, including drone or virtual pets.
Entertainment: 2
Example: You have a subscription to a few trid shows, music, or casual AR gaming sites with a vanilla avatar. Date night consists of a show at the local simsense theatre and dinner at the soy-noodle stand. You hang out at the local hole-in-the-wall club & bar with synthahol and recorded music. You make a monthly visit to the barbershop or low-end salon.
Necessities: 4 (300 square meter condo) 5 = food
Evo Life-Management Series (High) Response 4, Signal 3, System 4, Firewall 5
HMSS: Rating 4, IC rating 3 standard
Neighborhood: 3 (13564 37th Ave S #37, Tukwila, WA)
 Security: 3
Device Rating: 3
Professional Rating: 3
Examples: Biometric maglock with anti-tamper technology on all the doors; embedded wireless alarm, smoke, and fire detection system on all windows and doors; trained security guards patrol the building 24/7; main building doors have functional maglocks; security drones or even a big, hairy dog.
Perks: Home grown gardening +1
Drawbacks: Worse neighbors -1
Notes of lifestyle:  3 months paid

Bartender: Devin (2 connection/2 loyalty)
Armor: Spike (1 connection/1 loyalty)

Drug Information:
G3 (Gerilixir, Vitalité) (5$ each dose)
-----Duration: (15 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Eff ect: +1 Body when resisting Fatigue damage, Longevity (see below)
A “gerispice” pharmaceutical believed by many to help prevent aging, G3 takes its name from the main ingredients: ginseng, guarana, and ginkgo biloba. G3 contains vitamin additives and antioxidants that help combat fatigue, making it a popular supplement for athletes, professional mercenaries, and other individuals who face regular strenuous activity. At the gamemaster’s discretion, characters who regularly take G3 on a daily basis may suffer the effects of old age somewhat less than others.
Betel (CorpCandy, Jaw) (1$ each dose)
----Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Perception
An ancient and widespread Asian practice of chewing the nuts and leaves of the betel tree with lime has led to the synthesis of Wuxing’s highly addictive and legal betel chewing gum. Betel is a mild stimulant with cavity-fighting properties; users commonly feel awake and alert while using it.
Rather than making an Addiction Test, characters who use betel, even once, gain a Mild addiction to it. A character may never have worse than a Mild addiction to betel. Characters who add dice to Toxin Resistance Tests (through adept abilities, implants, metatype, magic, etc.) are immune to this eff ect if they succeed at the Toxin Resistance Test. Because it is instantly addictive, betel oft en serves as a gateway drug to more powerful stimulants.

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« Reply #1 on: <09-30-10/1459:29> »
What does a cancelable holster do?  J/K

First off, how you list your attributes and skills is very clumsy.  Best to just list the attributes as:  unaugmented(augmented, followed by the BP cost if you wish.

One thing of note:  Gardening as an Interest Knowledge skill would mean you know a lot about the theory of gardening, but not actually how to do it.  It would probably be a Professional knowledge skill (as in being a gardener) for you to actually be able to grow something.   Which I'm assuming is your intention combined with your lifestyle and allergy.  Really just a minor nit-pic since I doubt the GM is ever going actually force you to make any tests based on it.

A little munchkiny to drop them, but you seem like you're wasting points on Pilot Ground Craft and the Athletics skill group.  You'll be able to default pilot, swimming, climbing, and running off your attributes just fine.  Save the points for Dodge or put them all into Gymnastics for the gymnastics dodge.

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« Reply #2 on: <09-30-10/1547:08> »
Yeah i agree, i have been debating the athletics skill group for a quick min. I am thinking of taking social skill group, and dodge instead of Pilot.

Thanks for the commit about gardening, i was not sure how to apply that as a knowledge skill.

I thought i may be making it to confusing of a read. I will take some time to reformat it.

Thanks for looking it over


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« Reply #3 on: <09-30-10/1624:48> »
only two things I'd suggest, and they can be handled during game-play instead of beforehand.

first, I'd suggest one or two fly-spies for the sake of area awareness.

second, and this is just my two cents (ignore at will), when playing as a bodyguard please try to keep in mind the while your charge's life is important so is yours. If the bullets start flying, your first (and last) priority should be getting both your charge and yourself out of the fight. A dead bodyguard leaves behind a defenseless victim.


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« Reply #4 on: <10-02-10/2027:02> »
Looking at your stats:
Body: 9 (10) [40BP] +1 for suprathyroid gland, good
Agility: 3 (7) [20BP] +1 for suprathyroid gland, +4 for muscle toner - should be 2 (7)
Reaction: 3 (9) [20BP] +1 for suprathyroid gland, +4 for MBW-2, +2 for reaction enhancers-2 - should be 2 (9)
Strength:  9 (11) [40BP] +1 for suprathyroid gland, +2 for muscle augmentation - should be 8 (11)

I would use the 30 points you have saved to get pistols to 6 and unarmed to 4.  Any combat-oriented character should have high primary skills.  And that still leaves 14 points to raise dodge: 1 to dodge/ranged: 4 (6)/+2.  I mean, dodge less than 4 is basically throwing away the +2 bonus that the MBW-2 gives you.

Frankie the Fomori

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« Reply #5 on: <10-02-10/2352:53> »
You sir are a saint lol, not sure what I was thinking. I will make changes exactly as you suggest. Again thank you.
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