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Sterling Fox

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« on: <09-29-10/0429:08> »
Name: Major Mjolnir
Race: Dwarf, Male    (25 BP)

Attributes:             (230 BP)
Body:         5     Charisma:   3
Agility:       2      Intuition:   4
Reaction:   3      Logic:        4
Strength:   3     Willpower:  6
Edge:        2     Magic:        5
Initiative, Physical:  7
Initiative, Astral:     8
Damage Boxes:     11 in Both

Active Skills:          (116 BP)          Knowledge Skills (Free 24 pts)
Astral Combat       3                     Corporate Security Tactics        6
Clubs (Batons)      2 (+2)              Magic Theory                         4
CONJURING GRP   2                      Magical Threats                     4
Counterspell         5                     Security Companies                4
Etiquette             2                     Mythological Heroes               3
Leadership           3 *+2*             Latin                                    3
Perception           2
Pistol (SemiAuto)  1 (+2)
Spellcast              5 *+2*

Qualities:             (+15 BP)
Magician                        15 BP
Mentor Spirit                   5 BP
    Dragon-slayer *+2 to one social skill (leadership) and +2 to combat spells, -1 die if breaks word
Addiction, Mild (Alcohol)  +5 BP
Allergy, Mild (Seawater)  +10 BP
Sensitive System            +15 BP
Thrill Seeker                  +5 BP

Contacts              (8 BP)
Rats (Talismonger C2 L2) and Buster Bizz (Fixer C2 L2)

Spells                      (24 BP)
Armor, Clout, Increase Reflexes, Levitate, Lightning Bolt, Manaball, Manabolt, Physical Barrier

Gear                      (9 BP) 45,000 Total
Mace Head Cane [Mace] with personalized grip              220
Colt 2066 Pistol w/ laser sight                                     600
10 clips of regular ammo and concealable holster           405
Armor Jacket                                                           900
with Fire Resist, Insulation, Noncon @ Rating 4 each     1800                         
Helmet                                                                   100
Form-Fitting Body Armor (half suit)                             900
(2) certified credsticks)                                              50
Contact Lenses (Rating 3)                                        150
   w/ Flare Comp, Image Link, Optical Magnification      175
(4) Rating 3 Stimulant Patches                                 300
Renraku Sensei w/ Renraku ichi OS                          1600
Basic Software (Analyze,Browse,Edit @ 2, Cmd 1)      300
Magic Lodge Material (Rating 5)                               2500
Health Sustaining Focus                                         30000
Fake SIN (Blake Eriksen)                                          3000
Low Lifestyle, one month                                       2000

Focus Binding       (3 BP)

Physical Description/First Impression: A tall (for a dwarf) and incredibly fit looking male of his species, with a bright yellow beard and mustache and matching shoulder length hair. He has wide shoulders and stands at 1.3 meters tall. His big bones and thick limbs top out at 59 kg and he looks as tough as nails. His ever-present armored jacket is worn but looks well cared for and his overall dress is in deep blues like his eyes and shades of gray. He does have an affectation of wearing his winged helmet when he is out carousing especially. An intense look can be seen in his deep blue eyes when he implores upon someone with passion but can also have a twinkle upon a jovial laugh at a funny joke. He does not have a natural charisma but there is something mysteriously powerful about him - whether from his magic power or the gift of his mentor spirit. He does have a limp from a short right leg and uses a large knobbed cane to support himself in most situations.

Mjolnir has always been a fit and strong willed individual but not very athletic. He has a good mind but the world opened up when his ability to use magic manifested while he was being pummeled by the local bullies. He lashed out with an invisible force that hit the punks like sledge hammers, sending the ruffians flying. Afterward, he had a dream-visit by his mentor spirit, who manifested to him as his boyhood hero; Thor from the comics. He set forth on his lifes’ calling; protecting others and stopping the evil “dragons” of the world – and became a security mage.
His mental and physical toughness, along with his tactical acumen, had endeared him to the soldiers under his command . Mjolnir knows the basics of using clubs and pistols but is truly an expert in combat sorcery. He can take foes out and shield his allies from harm with equal skill. As a student of Dragon-slayer, Mjolnir fights hard but also plays hard and loves to party. This has lead to his addiction to liquor but his strong will and dwarven constitution keep it in check most of the time. As an ally, you can have no truer friend in your corner but he is a deadly enemy.

Typical Tactics:    Uses sustaining focus to maintain a Force 3 Increase Reflexes spell before a confrontation if possible; hopefully with the maximum 3 successes so his Reaction becomes 5, Initiative 9 with 3 passes. If additional protection is needed, he uses his armor spell on himself or the "target" if it is not needed by a teammate. Otherwise, combat spells as required by the situation. He was a major for (undetermined) security companies paramilitary security force and has elite knowledge of security tactics and very good ability in tactical field command. Mjolnir is arguably tougher in astral space with his astral combat skill, good mental attributes (especially Body), and spell ability in both offense and defense

Max Anderson

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« Reply #1 on: <09-29-10/1010:57> »
Seems pretty well-rounded to me... Could maybe use a little Dodge or Athletics, if he's used to combat situations.

Oh and, as a GM, I would frown upon an Awakened character without any cyber taking "sensitive system" as a Flaw. That's a pretty cheap way to acquire 15 BP, as a GM I would be tempted to cut a limb or two to that character later  ;D


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« Reply #2 on: <09-29-10/1320:04> »
Very nice character. One question though, are you using a house rule to go over the 200 you can usually spend on attributes or are you counting the dwarven racial bonuses in on the total? Ok it was a two parter sue me :P

Welcome to the forums btw.
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« Reply #3 on: <09-29-10/1712:05> »
It has the points spent on magic and edge in the total which isn't included in the 200 BP cap for a beginning character
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« Reply #4 on: <09-29-10/1728:17> »
p.82 SR4A
"Players may not spend more than half their total BP on Physical and Mental attributes."

Edge and Magic/Resonance are counted separately.

Edit:  there are several examples in the Sample Characters section that show more than 200 BPs.
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« Reply #5 on: <10-01-10/1243:04> »
Oh I just skip over those anyway  :-\
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« Reply #6 on: <10-03-10/1034:37> »
Do you really need the whole conjuring group ? for banishment your spells will be enough, and it would save some points.
You could turn it into summoning 2 / binding 2 + one spec on each
Me am french, me am not speaking good english, but me am trying to correct this.