SR5 social adept feedback and suggestions (missions season 8)

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st. Nougat

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« on: <11-21-21/1303:58> »
I am making a character for a shadowrun missions season 8 game that I signed up for.  The concept is a social adept, basically a street mage: slight of hand, 3 card monte, grifter sort of character.  They dont really realize they are awakened, they just see themselves as charismatic and able to talk their way into and out of trouble.

Thank you to anyone who takes a look at this and critiques it.


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« Reply #1 on: <02-02-22/1618:34> »
Guessing this is way too late but anyway. Probably better to go Adept D, Meta C and Skillls B. One less Magic, but a lot more skills.
Let's you get 5 grop points into Influence or Stealth. And lots more skill points to distribute. Easily worth the point of Magic.


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« Reply #2 on: <02-09-22/1635:45> »
As noted above, probably too late, but it would really help to know how you built the character (priorities/karma).  I'm assuming from the fact that you list adept as a quality that it was done with karma.  Anyways, looks like a fun character.  I like the 1 Str, Nerve Strike combo.