Ideas for my run.

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I have ideas for runs for my friends.

I play 2nd edition. Just what I know best, and am most comfortable with.

Two friends, will be playing with four characters each.

First mission: They will be hired by a workers union, a local gang, and the Yakuza to take out a new, up and coming gang that's known as the King's Men.
They're Medieval themed, but slightly modernized. Some grunts are just standard all 3 stat-ers, with good swordsmanship, or archery, others are physads. No chrome among them.
So they'll have to take out the 3rd, and 2nd in command before storming the main base. I'll use local cops, or SWAT, Lonestar, or whatever, as a deterant for going guns blazing. The King's Men's code will be known to encourage melee combat. Or at least I hope they use silenced weapons.

That happens.
Net mission. Yakuza hires them to take out the gang and workers union who also hired them (Not too hard, but morally wrong) for a good sum. But the gang and the union hire them to take out the local Yaks, for less money, and could make a long term enemy, but the "right" thing to do.

After that, they have a bit of a name. Maybe some in between easy missions.

Then, they are hired to infiltrate a facility that is more or less creating zombies. Loa zombies(in Awakenings), corpse cadavers, and maybe some cyber zombies. Get the notes, and kill the scientists and mages there. Zombies get free, and the gang only has what they came there with. I think I'll limit the staff to having only light pistols, with maybe a few shotguns. Supposed to be an easy job, but it goes wrong.

And... those are my ideas. Do you have anything to help me, either advice, or ideas? 
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« Reply #1 on: <12-31-12/0941:05> »
Perhaps some of the zombies were corporate VIPS? Maybe an exec's family and he'll pay to get them back, even in zombie mode, but not as a full corpse. Might be an interesting complication if they want to take some of the zombies captive for bonus pay for this exec. Their Johnson or some other interested party could simply send them a text message with the offer after everything has already gone to hell.