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i am in the process of building a run for a new group so i am working on a lot of role playing before the actual main run

thoughs are to have them all comming off of a bad luck streak , ya know burned fixers, pi**ed off jonston  money being owed , rent due yea know some desperation to take any job no matter haw crappy it could be

i am thinking to start out having them run out to a old junk yard in the Barrons to collect some past due rent  lots of role play lot of possabilities to get them hurt "GM evil GRIN insert here"

Can i put a file elemental in a cash box? and could it get really mad and escape in the car them in the car i know its only 2d6 damage LOL but it enough it get them singed and make them start to think twice 

still working on a all the details i was think of them steping over the still smoking body parts of the last person who was sent out to collect the rent :))

if you have any more ideas or thoughs let me know i am open to anything right now


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I wouldn't plan too much.  The number one rule (I believe) with DMs and GMs is that no matter how much you plan the story it will never turn out that way once the players touch it.  Players are wrenchs in plans and will always be unless you're a magical GM.  But instead of fighting them tooth and nail you should promote them to do what they want or not do what they want.  Make your adventure ambiguous enough for them to play in it the way they want and foster the plot hooks they take and maybe throw the other plot hooks they didn't take at them later on in future games sessions.

As to the file elemental I would say let it pop out if the players decide to open the box to "take a cut" or check the amount.  Don't just limit it to popping out of the car though, as fun as that already sounds.  I mean think of it this way: They're sneaking in undetected and get into the office, find the box, go to check the contents, and BAM all hell breaks loose because the file elemental is attacking them.
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