Game update.

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« on: <09-19-12/2203:34> »
Sooo....10 people came to the game.  ???  Had to split the group into two games now. Interesting. Came up with some names for the runs. Let's get to it: Indoctrination is one hell of a drug, Disco Kenferno, Rainbow Bash, Cherry Chainsaw, and Who's line is this anyway? Can't wait to bring these games to you gamers to read and give your opinions on. This is going to be so much guddamn fun.


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sounds like my group except! There is 20+ possible members and heaven forbid they all show up for one game!!!!!
Having access to Ares Technology isn't so bad, being in a room that's connected to the 'trix with holographic display throughout the whole room isn't bad either. Food, drinks whenever you want it. Over all not bad, but being unable to leave and with a Female Dragon? No Thanks! ~The Captive Man