Drop in Missions for GMs to use.

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Is this last one missing some intro/starting/hiring material?
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Is this last one missing some intro/starting/hiring material?

Yes, it is... Missed it when I copied it over from the document I typed it out on..

Fixed it.

PS: Thank you for catching that!
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Thanks, for a starting GM these ideas are great. And your tips are much appriciated !!

Thank you very much !!
I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(


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<Downtown> <Tacoma>
<Horizon Contact> <JRT's contact> <Rigger/Hacker needed?>

Fixer calls up the runner, he's got a desprate Johnson that needs a snatch job done in the next 6 hours and is will to pay for it. If interested, they should get out to the Tacoma Airport to meet the Johnson. He wil be in the parking lot. (gives GPS data)

The John is in a white sedan, and gets out as teh Runners approach. The johnson is in a slick tres chic suit with a million neuyen smile and out stretched hand. He will introduce himself has "Jim Johnson of Horizion Contracting", and make a point of the usual pleasentries of getting their names, and asking if they are well before getting down to business.

"There is a man arriving on a plane in the next 4 hours. He is in possesssion of some very important internal Horizion documents that he paid a large ssum of money to get in London. I am willing to pay the same amount to get those documents back, and the Man in question. Natuarally I will need the man alive, any data or optical devices he has, and any luggage. I am assuming this is something you can do?"

The Johnson is willing to pay $20,000 for everything. (the man, devices, luggage)

The target is a French national by the name of Fabien Leblanc*. At least that is the name on the ticket he purshased - which must match his ID, at least while in airport... Fabien is also a Troll. 


1: He's troll...
2: He's a private operator in intelligence.
3: He's known to be augmented.
4: He's not known for violence
5: Fabien Leblanc is a known alias for a Fixer out of London.
6: The Fixer is never known for travelling alone nor unprepared.

SEA-Tac is an international airport. AAA+ security!

Naturally, getting weapons into SSEA-tac is not going to be easy, nor is grabbing Leblanc here. IF the runners are stupid enough to try anything in the airport, HTR is only 1 minute out as they are on constant stand by in an international airport! There is also over 400 secuirty guards of various levels all throughout the airport on a constant watch for anything.

However, simply walking into the airport and into the arrivals area - unarmed- will not draw too much attention. (thousands of people come and go every hour. Walking into "arrivals" only happens 50 times a second :D )


This job is hard for the runners, as they have no idea what Leblanc's plans are, where he is going. All they know is what he looks like.
There options here are going to be reactionary. <Watch out for JAK> <Player Decision Surprise Time>

Best case will be to place a mole in the arrivals lobby to keep an eye out for Leblanc and then to tail him.

LeBlanc is not a threat physically, even if he is a troll... The threat will be his guards... AND his method of transport.

Remind them that the gargage is part of the Airport, just less monitored..


(The flight can be delayed by a couple of hours if the players need more time to get a coupleof items.. maybe a vehicle?!? but not too long.. maybe an extra 3 hours at most)

Leblanc will be easy to spot. He's a 10 foot troll in a tres chic suit and obvious cosmetic modifications like Silver horn caps, dermal deposit removal and Pharmone enchancement. He also has 2 very attractive elves attached to each hip...they are both attractively dressed, barely appropreately for international travel.

3: The elf on the left has had beta grade surgery.
4: The elf on the left is on constant watch, while playing the bimbo
5: The Elf on the left seems to be playing the bimbo as well, but seems off
6: The Elf on the left is displaying classic signs of a magic using Astral Perception while interacting with the world..

Leblanc and hiss guards will goto to baggage and collect several bags. IF a Runner is close enough/has the tech/magic? To hear Leblanc, once he ges to baggage he will make a call.

He talks to the AR of his commlink, setting up a pickup for himself and 2 guards with a Cab comapny called. <Saftey Taxi>
They will be there to get him in 20 minutes.

<Any local, underworld, Runner, ganger, etc skill>
3+ Safety Taxi is a small operation of Riggers that use armored up and souped up taxis to transport high paying customers to anywhere in the city they want, no questions asked. They also offer a full refund if you don't arrive at your desination. However, they will not do "hot" pick ups.. meaning if you are in combat, they are not comming. Mostly used by those that are paranoid, have something to protect, or are affraid of being attacked. They are a "public" shadow business.

Once they have their luggage, they will wait near the enterance for Safety Cab to arrive. Up to the Players what they do.... They don't know what <Safety Cab> looks like.... and they don't know what the guards are capable of..


What appears to be a Knight Errant partol car pulls up to the curb, and uses his lights to secure parking. A Human male gets out and looks around. Spots Leblanc and approaches:

"Mr. Leblanc? I am Officer Driver, I have been dispatched for your Saftey. Would you and your companions come with me please? I will take to where you need to be."

Even Leblanc seems surprised that this Cop is talking to him and blinks a couple of times before nodding.
<Social event by PC?!>

3: while that is the right make for a KE car, and the paint is right, the engine and profile height is off.
4: Officer Driver doesn't have a side arm, or cuffs, or radio.
5: That car has some hidden ports along the front, back and passenger side.

The Officer wil help Leblanc load his luggage, and then seat Leblanc in the front passenger seat and the 2 girls the back. A Runner MAY be able to over heard Leblanc say he needs to get downtown....

From here, the Rigger will drive Leblanc by the most direct route to his desination, which is the Aztech Pyramid.

The Runners, has a small problem in the fact that the Rigger is spoofing his car directly to the KE network, so that to KE, it appears to be one of their cars! This allows the Rigger to notify and request assistance of KE as an officer in Distress which will get a fast response time! <Hacker time!?>

The Car itself is fully armored up, and mounts several defensive tricks to disable attackers. <P5>

The first Elf guard is a Street Sammy that specializes in unarmed and armed combat(monowhip) and has been augmented for speed, agility, and comes with a fully loaded cyberarm with a monowhip in a finger compartment that she ssmuggled accross on the flight. (C+1)

The second Elf is a mage, intitated with masking metamagic. and has a power focus earring (lvl 3). likes to get innovative in combat with things like ice sheet, and other cold attacks.

Leblanc is an absolute wuss under pressure and physical stress. Once combat breaks out, he will cower like a beaten puppy, going to fair as to soil himself if even threatened with assault! (p0)


The Rigger will try to use speed and call for help if he comes under threat. All he caress about is getting Leblanc to the Pyramid, and nothing else. This is about professionalism and efficieny, not body counts to the Rigger.

The Mage will do what ever she can to slow down Runners, and is not above targeting innocents to cause an accident!
THe Sammy will keep her head down for the most part, since she doessn't have a viable long range attack coming off the plane. However, she will happily swing her monowhip at any runner, or runner vehicle that comes within 3 meters of her side of the car...

<Vehicle damage? matirx attack? piloting fail?>
Once the Rigger's car is disabled, he is done as far as he is concerned. He will attempt to surrender, but will defend himself if attacked. But he won't fight to protect Leblanc or the 2 elves... They have cost him more in repairs then the job was worth!

The 2 guards will fight on, and attempt to tie up the runners so Leblanc can beat feet and get away. This is a holding action, as they know they can't really win... (?)

Leblanc will be so paniced that hyperventalation will have him gasping for air a mere 2 blocks from where the car was disbled.

***Remember KE!!***
IF the Rigger got a call out to KE through their network, then 2 units are on the way and will be there in 30 seconds. Another 2 units will continue to arrive at the disabled car every 2 minutes after that unless a KE officer calls in... HRT will be dispatched if no contact is made with a KE unit in the area after 5 minutes. (10 miuntes out)

Once the Players have Leblanc and the luggage (the elves are technically not needed) AND are not being chased by the KE, They can contact the Johnson,  who will direct them to come to the Horizion office in the downtown... 

The exchange will be easy shift and professional. Jim will hand over the payment with a smile and have Horizon Security take Leblanc upstairs along with his luggage and devices (a commlink).

Jim can be taken as a contact. 1/1
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Because a few of you asked for the final "Red Tie" adventure plot, I am posting how this wrapped up for the last group that went through it (As i have changed it several times for each different group i used it with. At least the notes are mostly 4e for this one :D
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Red Tie, Black
<closing of Red Tie adventures> <Multi-day> <Robin Hood>

Fixer Contacts the players/Face. He's got a "crazy street preacher" looking to hire some talent to help out the "Lost Souls of the Barrens".
Willing to pay $5,000 for what should be a night's work. If the players are interested, they can meet up with the Preacher at his church, a few blocks north west of Tourist Town (Redmond Barrens).

Preacher Name: Father Desmond.

Legwork on Father Desmond

1: Crazy dwarf preacher
2: Always preaching about saving "your mortal soul"
3: He's covered in Celtic knot tattoos with a blue Mohawk, almost as tall as he is!
4: He's a physical Adept
5: He used to be a runner, until he found religion
6: he's a "Mystic Shaman"; he can't cast spells, but he can summon spirits

The Church is easy to find, it's the only clean, well maintained building on the block. Depending on the time the players arrive, the doors to the church could be wide open, and a booming voice thundering "the praises and righteousness of the Lord" can be heard even from the sidewalk. (Doors open at 6am to 11pm. Services -Desmond screaming at people - happen every hour for 20 minutes at a time....So they will be forced to wait and listen)

Father Desmond
  Dwarf, initiated physical Adept (Berzerker) (c+6), is a retired runner in his early 60s. He freely admits that he was "one of the first bearded babies born!". Physically Desmond is powerfully built for his age, and he is covered head to toe in Celtic knot tattoos. His total height almost reaches 6 feet tall, when one considers the Woad blue Mohawk.

Once Desmond has finished his screaming at his parish of mostly sleeping homeless, he will invite the runners into his study to discuss the job.

It tuns out Desmond is acting as fixer for a Free Spirit! The Spirit in question (Daisy, F3 SoM) has become concerned because many of her friends have died in recent weeks. Their bodies are often found hacked apart with parts missing or unaccounted for.

Daisy Legwork

1: she's a free spirit that hangs around with "the ladies of the night" of the Tourist area.
2: She's pretty harmless, and known in the area for giving illusion flowers to people - to make them smile
3: She used to be an Ally Spirit 
4: Her old "master" died
5: She was the ally Spirit of a mage friend of Desmond, he set her free before he died.

Meeting Daisy

Daisy only comes out at night, when the other "ladies of the night" are out and about. She is instantly recognizable, as she looks more like a 19th century librarian then a street worker. She wanders up and down the street chatting with the people she comes across, handing them illusion daisies and chats about nothing important. (the flowers fade away a few seconds after the conversation)

Approaching Daisy is easy, and she may surprise the Runners, as she knows exactly why they are there:

  over the last 12 weeks, 16 girls have disappeared from the "meat strip" (The area of Tourist Town where the escorts are know to hang out), of those, 10 have been found, neatly cut apart. In all 10 cases, parts of the bodies were never completely found.
The police will not deal with the issue as none of the woman had SINs, so Daisy has decided to "do something" about it.

She has reached out the other spirits in the area; and using them, have been able to track down the last place the women were "seen' alive. However, the building is warded and she can't enter it. She wants the players to go in and "Deal with whatever is killing her friends".

If asked why Desmond Doesn't deal with it himself/help
Desmond is under a Gesa to "Do no harm, unless directly threatened". Nor can he directly place himself into situations that may provoke or lead to violence. (Damn those Initiation rituals!)
The Building is located deeper in the Barrens. But it at least appears occupied and stable. The building looks like it was once a large Brown Stone Condo, however the windows are bared over, the front door is heavily re-enforced. The fire escape around the side has long been removed, and the doors and windows bared over. There is no back door (Bricked over!).

Approaching the front door triggers a Fire Spirit.

The Fire Spirit will materialize, and tell the players that this building is owned and occupied. Its owner doesn't want visitors, and they should leave, or they will be removed.

A perception/assensing test on the spirit will show black boils on its surface/aura. (This Spirit is becoming corrupted)

Trying to enter the building will cause the Spirit to attack. However, that is the only thing. They can mill about all they want, they just can't enter the building.

Talking to the spirit will reveal that it is surprisingly helpful! It apparently doesn't care for the mage that has bound it.
The Spirit will happily tell them that the Summoner is inside, along with "7 eaters of life" - if asked what he means, he will look at them, and state again "those that come to eat the life of the world..." -Spirits see things different then meta-humans... or maybe the corruption?

The spirit also would like the player mage to banish it! (if a mage is there) - as such it won't resist the attempt.

SPIRIT OF FIRE (Corrupting)

The inside of the brown stone seems pretty normal on the first floor. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all clean and in order. Someone is definitely living here and has been for some time.

The upstairs are the bedrooms. Again, the rooms show signs of life and being lived it. The only odd thing is, you get the feeling that the master bedroom is more of a show room, and the Spare bedroom is one mostly used. There is a child's room as well, which seems to be in use if not currently occupied.

The basement,

At first glance, everything seems normal. This small basement is neat and tidy as seems to be a combination weight room, and kids play room.

A Perception 6 test/Astral Perception will reveal that there is actually a doorway hidden by both weight bench and a physical illusion spell.

Opening the door shows a room of horrors!

This room is surgical white in color. Cold steel cabinets and refrigeration units line a wall, 2 tables are in the center of the room and on the are two stitched together nude bodies of 2 of the women missing from the "Meat Strip". On a tray next to them is the surgical needles and thread used to pull them together.

On the opposite wall there is door roughly placed into the wall - this is obviously an new addition

As soon as the first person enters the room:

The heads of the two bodies turn to look at them with lifeless eyes, get up and attack!
2 F4 Shedim (SG155)

Opening the other door reveals a set of home made steps leading down a handmade tunnel into an other, much much older structure!

It would appear that somehow, an old basement and tunnel system of old 19th century Seattle and the old coal cart systems was forgotten and abandoned, only to be found again! There is no lighting here, as this probably predate electricity! An electric lamp can be found on the floor.   

A Perception 3 test, will reveal the sound of chanting coming from deeper in the complex.

There really is only one way forward, however the problem is that it's not a direct path, with many twists and turns around piles of debris and caved in materiel almost to the ceiling in places. Hidden along the way, are 2 more Shedim occupied escorts, again sewn together from cut up bodies.

2 F4 Shedim (SG155)

Eventually they get to another door, which leads to a large room, lit by candles and electric lamps. the back wall contains many dressers and cabinets. A bed and small kitchen/workspace line the walls. There is a table with a very old body (uncut) in the middle of the room. Around the body there are 4 figures.

With his back to the players, is a tall man.
To the left and right of the body are 2 other pieced together escorts.
At the feet of the body is an ethereal woman leading the chant... She spots the players as soon as the door opens, snarls... and vanishes!

The man turns, revealing a face and famous Red Tie that players have seen before, but this time, he looks pissed!
 Red Tie
Initiated mage.. (C+1)
2 F4 shedim (SG155)

This room is Red Tie's Magical Lodge! (rating 4) As such, remember the modifiers here for spellcraft.
Once Red Tie is defeated, there is a collection of magical goods and reagents, research materials and notes to be had.

If the players are interested and do some digging:

Red Tie kept a very detailed journal for a Shaman... For most of his life, he was a Voodoo shaman, who did the bidding of loa and worked as a Talislegger.

However, things seem to have taken a dark turn in recent years. His journal outlines the loss of his child to an act of random street violence that seems to have damaged his psyche.  His journal is filled with mad ramblings about who the loa will use the dead, but not return the dead.

According to his journal, about 2 years ago hsi wife committed suicide.... and he went about turning her body into a vessal - in the hopes that with a prepared vessal his loa would return his wife to him...

From what you can make out from his more recent ramblings, it would appear that about 18 months ago, his Loa abandoned him. And he was lost until a female Spirit reached out to him, and promised him that he could use his vessal to return his wife to him if he helped her, return her family first.

From there, begins the systematic tracking, abduction, and murder of several women across the city. Next it details how he had to out source the collection of what he calls "valuable vessal crafting materials" from the Denver area. And then the eventual capture and murder of the escorts for particular body parts. By this time in the journal writings, its hard to tell what is fact and what is fantasy in this twisted mind of a now corrupted shaman. But it would appear everything was done at the instance of the spirit you saw fleeing the room...

There just may be a Master Shedim on the loose in Seattle....
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A Job from Horizon

For the gamemaster
A Horizon Job.
A new movie is coming out, with some very steamy scenes.
To promote the picture, they want to produce a minor "scandal".  However they cannot just release the material.... it has to be authentic.  The male and female lead have agreed  " to get caught doing it". This will then be leacked to the media. The Tabloid reporter is actually a Horizon Johnson.

For the players

A slimy tabloid reporter will meet the characters in a  cheap fast food dump ( a McHughs or Stuffer shack). While they sip the worst soycaf ever, he will explain the job to them. If the characters ask why he does not do it himself, he will laugh and say that he and his reporters are to well known and are noticed a mile away. So he needs unknown faces to get close.

The characters receive the information which licence the nightsky has and where the nightsky with the stars will be driving along. The stars spend a few hours driving through town " to get away from it all and relax".He wants the stars caught in the act. He metions the cybereyes and ears of  both the stars...and that this is his preferred method, because of  POV. It means a nice bonus if they accomplish that. However should this prove to difficult, we would take regular spyvideos as well.

They have three options ( though the player will probably come up with more )
they can also use a combination of all of them.

Option A.

They need to organise a vehicle or  a drone to follow the nightsky.

They are to hack the cybereyes and -ears of the male and/or female actor and record the feed.

The actual "scandal scene "will take about an hour.

The actors have betawear cyber with Firewall 4, with attriutes that makes 7 dice, that are slaved to their Fairlight caliban comlinks with firewall 7, making for a defence of 10 dice. Each actor has to be hacked seperatly. They use the Horizon global grid.

(use the 7 dice or 10 dice defence, depending on how strong the characters are in the matrix).

Option B

The players plant cameras inside the parked nightsky, which they later have to retrieve.

The nightsky is parked on a corporate parking lot. ( the game master should use corp security matching with the skills of his players )

Option C
They can also contact and bribe the driver to place the cameras for them ( the driver knows the buisness and will play along convincingly...and he does not object to making a few extra bucks from "idiotic runners " )

Use a standard henchmen template for the driver ( all attributes are 3's and his skills are all 4 ).

When this is done they need to contact the Johnson and had over the datachip. The  Johnson will not screw them over.

If they hacked one or both of  the actors , the Johnson will pay a bonus (  how much more is gamemasters discretion) as previously agreed.

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