Grabbing a Courier Case

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So, my not-quite novice runners get a well-paid run; steal a courier case before it gets transferred, bring case and contents back.

The Team:  Max, an ex-football star with bioware who got bounced from the local team due to a manufactured scandal by a cyberware distributor; Kisaki, a female troll physical adept; Scarecrow, a technomancer who conceals his abilities with a fake deck; Neko, a mage; and Berbah, leopard shifter, adept, and infiltration expert.

The team locates where the courier is staying in town, and finds out he eats at a local diner across the street.  Their plan?  Stage a fight (with the help of the local university drama club), and switch cases during the confusion. 

The first part of the plan goes well, and Berbah manages the switch without being spotted by the courier.  All is well until three well dressed types walk in, head straight for the courier...and trigger the hidden RFID in the real case (which none of the runners thought to check).  Pegging on the real case, a confused fight/chase ensues, with the shifter ending up scorched in the sewer system to get away.  (The team hadn't planned for their getaway, either, but were able to sabotage the pick-up team's vehicle.)

The team made a lot of notes after  they got their pay, first of which was to always check for electronic tags...:)


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I'm currently running a PbP game on these forums where the runners are all vampire hunters, for all the good arts and baubles vampires can collect over the years.  Their first run was a hit on a den of vampires in Redmond, where an original Manet was just hung up on the wall like nothing unusual here.  The hunters grabbed it and took it to their art dealer who then informed them it had a stealth RFID chip embedded in the frame.  Nothing like taking a homing beacon right back to your pad to let a group of infected so bent on killing hunters they're willing to sacrifice some of their own to up the paranoia level.