Ben Barrett-Nesbit(sp?)

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Does anyone know Ben?
Between 1998-2002 I was a student at MTSU in Murfresboro TN.
During that time I was in a Shadowrun campaign GMd by Ben Barrett-Nesbit(sp?).

Best tabletop game of any system and genre I've ever been in.
I lost touch with him shortly after leaving college but have thought a lot about that game.
I've been scouring the net for years trying to find Ben and have recently decided to run my own SR campaign so I thought I'd join the official forums and see if he's around here.
I know it's a longshot but he was a superb GM and I was hoping that either he or someone who has played with him might be on the boards and may help me find him.  I wanted to get some pointers from the best GM ever on how to abuse a group of runners hoping for an easy job, lol.

I will be cross posting this message to a couple of different pages in hopes of striking pay dirt, but I promise I won't be spamming it everywhere, just a couple relevant boards.

Thank you for your time.

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