The big reveal

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Hey guys

At the moment I'm letting my team patch together what CFD is. They are essentially one of the teams running for butch, to put together the stolen souls upload. Up till now they got the conversation from aaron creech with celedyr (though they havent noticed pax yet....), the audio recording of astons retirement speech, the transcript of the security camera of the two janitors talking (p. 32f) and the "an army in isolation" file (p.91f).

I am thinking about starting the big reveal because after the army in isolation, they are getting really close with their theories. I would have liked to let them gather some of the other treatment methods first, but im not sure which ones.

And, any tipps how I should stage the big reveal? should I let them be present when butch "interviews" one of the pf (p.24ff "we are not the enemy")?
Or should it be the brain surgery of the 9 year old?

both have been shocking to me, when I read the book, and I want my players to have the same "drek, this shit is heavy" feeling I had.....

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The brain surgery on the 9 year old was to my mind one of the most disturbing things about that whole section of the book; that'd definitely be my choice, as long as your players aren't squeamish about that sort of thing.


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Yea, depending on your players and there characters, you have to be careful on how you do things.

I know that if my players walked into that scene described above, the Doc would catch a double tap of lead to the forehead 1 second after the samurai saw the kid's head open...
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