DMing my first PBP game, need help

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« on: <02-26-15/2346:25> »
Hello to all, so i was about to start another shadowrun campaign when one of the player suggested PBP. This new batch of player i meet them in a WoD PBP game and they really dig the style and it also mean i can dedicate more time to slice of life RP and they get more time to develop their PCs.

After much discussion they decided they wanted to do BP system but they want to start from the botton and slowly work their way up. So my question is how much Karma should i gave them on BP for street level?

Thank you all  :)


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« Reply #1 on: <02-27-15/0400:05> »
Instead of giving them less karma (and having weak/bare-bones characters), I would give them the same amount of Karma, and either 1) have some additional restrictions such as lower Availability or maximum Magic of 4, or 2) since they are all on the same page, just let them have free reign, since they want to make low-powered characters anyways.

Look at some of the SR5 archetypes such as the bounty hunter, face, or sprawl ganger - you don't need less points to have a street-level game, just less of a focus on optimization.