[SR5] Campaign starting with Season 2, general request for feedback

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« on: <05-21-14/1824:55> »
My local gaming circle is taking a summer break and I'm thinking of starting a campaign with a pair of players. I have little GMing experience in any system. I'm also only really well grounded in SR5, not having played in previous editions.

So I'm thinking of trying to run just a pair of players through the Season 2 missions. In part because I'd like to play in Denver [I'm familiar with it IRL], and in part because those missions are free :)

Other than the need to convert statistics from SR4 to SR5 [or learning SR4], are there any other considerations I should keep in mind? Would it be a good plan to have a GM's PC tag along with the pair of new PCs or leave them to their own devices?

When does Season 2 take place within the in-universe timeline?