[SR4A] - Dependents instead of a fixer

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Hello everybody!

I am soon to be running a high-powered-campaign (1000 Karma Build) and one of the Players was once a successfull shadowrunner (Magician, Black Magic, leaning towards quite evil acts) but gave up the occupation after a more powerful mage managed to beat her. She turned away from shadowrunning and also from the arts of Magic, sold most of her gear and adopted even a Little Girl because she thought she might feel better if she had someone to really care about.

So since the character isn't running anymore she reasoned that she doesn't have any contacts and instead suggests that her daughter who is a Dependent worth 10 BP/20 Karma has the ability to get into Trouble and that at the beginning of the campaign she has a run in with the smuggling-ring the runners are investigating and that she'll get back into Business that way. She's fine that she'll have some hefty limitations for not taking any contacts but my question is, would you allow someone to do this, having no contacts and have a dependent be the plot hook that gets her started into the campaign and if you would allow it, any suggestions on how to handle it well?

TennyJaden =).


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To be honest, whilst it makes for a decent story it also reeks of how can i spend point on things i want instead of properly fleshing out my char. Instead i would have them take the "hung out to dry" neg qual from RC 105. This way they will have some contacts (whom possibly heard about the black magic thing) and promptly stopped answering calls. Runner leaves the secene and tries to turn over a new leaf, comes back years later and some of the old gaurd are still around. They would still know the runner but would need to be convinced that things had changed before being comfortable with havin her back on their list.
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