[SR4] Need Help Stating a New Metahuman Race

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« on: <07-16-13/0116:19> »
I don't know if this belongs in Character Creation or GM Lounge, but if I've put it in the wrong place just move me.

So my players are a little wacky and I think I've done a decent job rolling with their various mad schemes and criminal stupidity, but I've run into a bit of a snag that I'm not sure how to handle. 

A couple runs ago my players were chasing another Runner who'd swiped their loot out from under them.  The thief disappeared into the maintenance tunnels/sewers under an apartment building so the team's demolitionist decided to hop down another manhole and try to cut him off.  Unfortunately for her, she jumped into a pile of devil rats. (Note: devil rats were going to be a minor plot point later in the session, but never happened).  Anyways, the demogirl super eco-friendly so she forgot about tailing the thief and instead tried to befriend them by feeding them from a sackful of unknown magical vegetables she still had from the heist.  After they gobbled them up and she failed some diplomacy checks the rats were still unhappy with her presence so she cut her losses, climbed out of the sewers and chucked a grenade at them for good measure.  The session went on, the party jumped the rails, and an entire slum went up in a magical inferno, so you know, typical rest of session.

Last session a bunch of people who my players've pissed off were informed of where they live and came back for revenge.  Included in this group was a gaggle of surviving devil rats who I decided gained sentience from their sudden and excessive exposure to unknown magic.  Session went off as well as could be expected but now my players want me to stat out the devil ratfolk, or Molemen as they're calling them, for use as a playable metarace in the event their shenanigans catch up to them again with more tragic consequences.

I have no experience balancing new races as playable characters so I'm turning to you guys for help.  How do I stat out a new sentient race of Molemen?  Metatype bp cost, racial attribute bonuses, racial traits, etc.


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Just use the SURGE rules in Runner's Companion.
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Broad Auditory Spectrum (???)
Vomeronasal Organ
Impaired (STR)
Stubby Arms
Vestigial Tail (hairless)
Unusual Hair (fur)