Hold-Fast Adhesive Spray (Run & Gun)

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The stat block says that it has an Accuracy of -2, and the Ammo doesn't specify whether it's clip, magazine, etc. I assume it is supposed to be it's own weapon, and not an add-on to a weapon.

Also, does the stat block show the price for the Standard Hold-Fast (lasts about 2 hours), or the long-lasting Formula? Or is it supposed to be the price for both?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-25-14/1938:47> »
Good catch.  My thoughts: the stats are probably identical for both the standard and long-lasting formula, with the difference only being in the method used to remove the hold-fast gunk.  It would stand to reason though that the long-lasting formula should cost more, so perhaps that's an oversight.

As to the Accuracy, that's a big problem - capping at -2 hits would SUCK!  I would probably say that the Accuracy should be subtracted from a base gun?  But that doesn't fit the description of the weapon, so probably a typo.  Most likely it was being tossed around between being an add-on to a gun or being it's own weapon, and the stats and description got out of sync.

For the time being, I'll say that in my games the sprayer gets attached to a gun of your choice, and then the accuracy is reduced by 2.  And I'd also argue that since the spray has no means of providing oxygen to those inside the gunk, that sufficient coverage would potentially be lethal.
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