[6E] Ghuizhen Tech from Kechibi Code

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« on: <01-08-22/0959:30> »
When I use one of these devices do I make an Agi+Firearms roll resisted by Reaction+Intuition. Count up net successes and add to the damage.. Which is then resisted by a body+Willpower soak?

Or do I just aim take 5 or 10 dice and roll against Body + Willpower and inflict any hits greater than as damage??



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« Reply #1 on: <01-18-22/1333:58> »
In my 100% totally personal opinion the Ghuizhen tech from Kechibi Code is broken drek and should be ignored.  YMMV.

But RAW, there is no "to hit" roll.  Target(s) roll Body plus Will to resist the effect.  The effect is determined by the weapon used, and the setting or how many charges are spent.  The sidebars on p. 86 and 87 spell it out.

So a Flash Scope will do 10s to a Target, the Target rolls Body plus Will to reduce, and Blinded and Dazed statuses are applied depending on the details.