NV and Monads

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I am new to the Shadowrun world can anyone tell where Monads are explained and what NV (a stat I see associated with them) is... And what books the rules for it are in...



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Monads are/were a 5e plot line (not sure if its over or not...) as such, most of the info on them is found in 2 books.

Storm Front for the beginning of the "headcase crisis" and Stolen Souls for most for the technical info and for info on exactly what is going on. From there, the info for Monads gets more spread out and thin with mentions in both the Rigger and Matrix books.

as for NV, that means "No Value". Monads are nanoscopic in size and don't have really have physical values to stats. **Thanks to Spinx for catching my error**
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A "monad" is a metahuman whose mind and personality have been overwritten by an artificial intelligence via a nanite infection. The term "cognitive fragmentation disorder" (CFD) was coined before anyone really knew what was happening, but that's the result.

"NV" is a special attribute called nanite volume, a measure of the monad's strength.

SR5 Stolen Souls ("The CFD Virus," p.192-195)
SR5 Lockdown ("Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder Virus," p.198-203)
SR5 Dark Terrors ("Monads and CFD," p.70-87)
SR6 Collapsing Now ("The Monads," p.64-78)