[6e] Petrification cure

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« on: <11-28-21/1107:19> »
Greetings there,

Please tell me, what is the cure for a victim of the basilisk's petrification power.

I though that this power was sort of a maintained spell, but since the basilisk is succeptible to its own power, there is something else.

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« Reply #1 on: <11-28-21/1417:43> »
In 5th edition it was also sustained but since there was no status effects back in that edition it instead affected Reaction and Agility. But it also had this rule; After this effect ends, the targetís Reaction and Agility return at the rate of 1 point each per minute.

Perhaps the intent here is that immobilize and petrify will stay for at least one minute after the effect ended (is no longer sustained).