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The Hive (Worm 3)
Loaded Programs: Browse, Edit, Exploit, Stealth, Personafix (Addictive 2), Tacnet 2
Autosofts: Replicate

The Hive is a sophisticated piece of programming created by an unknown party. Analysis suggests that it is a 'weaponized' version of the otherwise harmless Ringworm class of malware. When the Hive worm enters a commlink node, it begins editing the user's persona icon and the operating system of the commlink itself. The persona changes simply give the icon insectoid features, making the icon appear to be wasp-like in nature. Like the original Ringworm class of Worm that it was based on, this function is merely annoying.

More dangerous, however, is the edits the Hive makes to the operating system of the commlink itself. After uploading the Personafix and Tacnet software onto the commlink and setting them running, the Hive enters a line in the operating system's boot sequence, so that any time the commlink is turned on, the Personafix and Tacnet software are automatically run.

The Personafix program in question appears to instill a hive mind state in its victims, working along with the Tacnet software to coordinate their actions. Members of the hive mind are instructed to get simrigs, to better utilize the tacnet software, and those with skillwires may have skillsofts downloaded to them as directed by the Hive. If the Hive has a singular 'queen' or is simply a gestalt consciousness is uncertain at this point. Members of the Hive appear to have access to their individual skills, memories and personalities, allowing them to try and con people into believing they are the same as before.

After completing its initial task, The Hive worm remains on the commlink, acting as a form of the popular Pocket Hacker agent, and indeed functions like the agent, with the exception that it also uses its Replicate autosoft to seed itself on nodes where it has been sent, so that it can proceed to infect other users of those nodes.
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