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Programs: Pilot 4, Convert (Blackout 4 (Psychotropic 3)), Whitewash (Edit 4), Propaganda (Attack (Shredder) 4)
Availability: 24R
Price: 22150 Nuyen

An insidious piece of code linked to Alamos 20K, Purity has been spotted on several nodes belonging to similar-thinking groups around the Matrix. Purity takes the form of a white human male, dressed in plain clothes, and carrying  a can of white paint. It appears at first glance to be a simple distraction, as it begins talking to unauthorized icons in the system, informing the icon of the noble goals of the group in question. However, this speech is actually an advanced Attack program (Propaganda) designed to crash Armor and Biofeedback Filter programs. After hitting the icon with Propaganda, Purity uses Convert on the icon, a psychotropic attack designed to inflict the recipient with the Prejudiced (Outspoken against Metahumans) negative quality. After this, it uses Whitewash to 'paint' the icon, changing the icon's iconography into something befitting the human supremacist movement, and editing the icon's Reality Filter and programs to fit this theme.

This piece of Black IC has raised several alarms in the metahuman shadow community, as there have been documented cases of ork and troll hackers, having made a run on an affected node to try and stick it to the hate groups suddenly becoming outspoken racists against their own kind, sometimes leading to violence. While there have been no deaths due to this IC of yet, Mothers of Metahumans has condemned its use in the strongest terms.
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love it