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« Reply #30 on: <11-19-21/1456:44> »
However, since there are also "Wound modifiers" for devices now, the damage dealt before the device goes offline is not in vain.
For devices where wound modifiers matter, sure - many are binary.
Also, Matrix Attributes for non-specialists are pretty low now, and Matrix Damage is only resisted by the Firewall Attribute, so oneshotting weakly protected devices isn´t too hard.
Eh, most devices involve a test when using them, no? Throw a grenade, it fizzles and sparks and throws off your aim.
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« Reply #31 on: <11-19-21/2202:45> »

Ok, you´re right, it is too hard right now. Somehow forgot that the Damage Code is only Attack/2  in 6th  ::)

I want to highlight that I`d still love to see stuff like conditional damage bonuses and link-logging against devices, but a CM reduction of 1-3 points for certain types of personal gear seems like a good idea as well. Could also work in conjunction if balanced properly.   

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"Firing Line adds a ton of Perks that modify Attack and Defense ratings"

"Cool, does this mean that the whole AR/DR comparison has a bigger impact now?"

"Haha No :D"


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« Reply #32 on: <11-20-21/0323:32> »
What I meant to say was that;

Rule-wise (RAW) it can for sure be read as if you can only brick personas / devices connected to personas (commlinks, cyberdecks, RCCs, ...)

But that I guess the intent (RAI) is that you can [still] brick any device. And what is new for this edition is that just causing matrix damage to any device (for example firearms etc, not just commlinks etc) will also give the user a negative dice pool modifier for tests involving said device.

Thanks. Good. So I will ask my players if they want to go RAW or RAI. If they want a more simple game, with some limitations or if they want a hacker who can break weapons, disrupt devices and so on, but a more complex and dangerous play.


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« Reply #33 on: <11-20-21/1848:11> »
Ahh wish list.

First in general. Please keep standard equipment like comlinks price range from providing stronger matrix defense. This is the decker/technomancer's realm, the place where they are supposed to shine. Outside of hosts, the solid defense against hacking should be a hacker defending your PAN, just like you need a mage to get magic protection.

I would like to see lockdown clarified to clearly prevent any affected devices within an affected PAN from being turned wirless off, or turned off. Alternatively if that was not the intention with the rules, I think there should be a program that does this. Hacking does not feel as dangerous when you can just turn off your devices when under attack as opposed to magic or a streetsam in your face, where you dont have that option.

Would be cool to see the new matrix book cover AI player characters. I think AIs in 5th were super fun to play, but I hope in 6th they can avoid downsides that makes them extreemly risky to play. I don't think that is nessesary at all.

I loved the Cyberadept option from 5th. It would be great to see some of the technomancer options appear in 6th as well.

Oh yes, and i would really like to see some Shadowrunner matrix setup examples that makes it really clear how a team with a decker and/or rigger can set up. I imagine the team have a shared PAN where the best D/F are used for matrix defence by the Decker monitoring the PAN, but it's not really clear anywhere yet. This is really important to understand for both GM and players. Also if its possible to join a PAN, how many can join? Does a guest count as a slave since the team might might be split up / working remotely? all good things to get sorted with some examples i think.
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« Reply #34 on: <11-25-21/1017:18> »
OMG, finally a matrix book! Great news

As I'm currently deep into the matrix as I'm adapting an old scenario from SR1 (Mercurial) and that my player is a Technomancian, we have been already confronted to  some moments where we lacked some rules or required some clarifications.

Moreover, during the time I studied the rules, I really felt some  need for more details about multiple topics. So here is a list of what I really would like to read in a new book:

- A clear explanation of how all the matrix gears interact between themselves (what is a DNI, which equipment has DNI, when to use a commlink or a cyberjack, where do I put my RCC in this link, what about the technomancer contact link or RCC echo ....) and what is necessary to access different representation of the matrix  (matrix through a screen, in AR or in VR: when to use VR gloves, DNI, trodes, simsense gear, etc...)
- What happens when you sitch from AR to VR during a run in a building you are infiltrating. Some deep examples of infiltrations
- Details on how infiltration in onion servers is operated.
- Technomancer and rigging. I was disappointed that there was no mention of anything in Double Clutch
- A better explanation of Sprites. We are quite at loss sometimes on how to use them, for instance as a help on matrix search, or a help when forcing an access, or opening a backdoor
- A.I : as a menace, as an ally.
- Subdivisions of grids, GOD and demi-GODS, long distance hacking
- Gear: Commlinks, programs, decks ^^
- and a lot of useful examples