SRM 03-12 Elevator Ride to Hell now available!

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New releases to put some fun in your holiday weekend!

I’ve been thankful for a lot of things this week—playtesters are currently high on my Things That Are Awesome list—but at this moment, I’m thankful for the hard work that went into getting two products out for you to enjoy over the long weekend! First up is the next—and last—of the Missions series set in Manhattan, Elevator Ride to Hell! (Battleshop, Drivethru)

The End Is Nigh

You’ve had quite a time in the Rotten Apple—you’ve seen some weird people, done some strange things, and made some narrow escapes. Hopefully you’ve made some friends, and most likely you’ve made some enemies. But a strong wind getting ready to blow through town, and it just might take you away with it. Just make sure you leave alive.

Elevator Ride to Hell concludes the Manhattan series of Missions, giving the Big Apple a dramatic sendoff. The adventure contains character stats, maps, and everything you need to plunge a group into the treacherous heart of New York. So jump on, press the “close door” button, and get ready for a ride that might hurdle clever runners to the peak of Manhattan fame—or slam them to the ground in a burning, wrecked hulk.

Additionally, continuing our trend of putting out a classic release with each new one, we have the landmark adventure Harlequin’s Back! (Battleshop, Drivethru)

Harlequin’s Back…
…and the world may never be the same!

It’s long been said that trouble follows Harlequin around like a loyal dog, but this time he’s taking the lead and dragging some shadowrunners along on his waking nightmare. It’s clear that the level of magic is rising in the Sixth World, and bigger magic makes the world a more dangerous place. But the particular danger Harlequin’s worried about isn’t supposed to be a problem for another two thousand years…

Harlequin’s Back is a big adventure for Shadowrun, Second Edition. It involves magic and mayhem on a scale beyond any published Shadowrun adventure at the time and is recommended for veteran players. (Experience with the first Harlequin adventure is helpful, but not required.)

Elevator Ride To Hell is a big send off for the players, designed to test their mettle and see how they hold up under pressure.  Big props to author SHawn Moore, AAS and Ian King on art, Adam Large on Maps, Matt Heerdt for layout, and everyone who helped with proofing and spellchecking and playtesting!