SRM 04-00 Back In Business now available!

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It’s a new year, and it’s time to to kick off a new season of Missions! Mission 04-00, Back in Business, is now on sale at the Battleshop and Drivethrurpg. What’s it about? Well, let’s ask the back cover:

SRM 04-00: Back in Business

Welcome Home

It’s a simple job: find a missing girl. Of course, nothing is ever simple in the shadows, and a whole lot of people seem to be interested in this job for one reason or another.

Welcome to Season Four of the Missions Campaign, which returns home to the Emerald Sprawl, Seattle. Biz is good as a political fight is brewing to determine the fate of the vast Ork Underground, and everyone seems to be fighting over the mysterious artifacts flowing into the city. If you’re going to get through this, remember the basics: Shoot straight, watch your back, and never, ever deal with a dragon. Oh, and collect a hefty payday along the way!

Shadowrun Missions is an living campaign, giving players the opportunity to have adventures that share the same setting and have fun while doing it. Missions are played at local game stores, conventions, game days, and as home games. Players who participate in these scenarios will have a real opportunity to influence the Shadowrun game world and play their characters in events worldwide.

Note: Due to production costs, SRM 04-00 is not free, as was originally announced in the FAQ, but costs $3.95, the normal price for a Shadowrun adventure.  Our apologies for the confusion.


As we like to do when something new comes out, we’ve released a classic sourcebook, too–this time, we reached deep into the vaults to pull out Mercurial, an adventure with some direct ties to the new Mission (Battleshop, Drivethru).

A blast of light punches my eyes as I walk down the ramp from street level. The dance floor is an amorphous beast, writhing with a thousand limbs, and the beat of the music red-lines my pulse into overdrive. On the stage, a nova is dancing.

Searing beams of the spotlights catch the mirror-bright metal arms, legs, and face, reflecting them back in a dazzling cascade of color and light. The next thing you see is the hair flaring golden in the glare, surrounding her face like a solar corona around a silver moon. While Maria Mercurial dances, nothing else matters.

Of course, something else does matter – biz. That’s why you’re here, chummier, to protect the silver lady with no past. The money’s good, the job’s easy; what could go wrong? Except maybe the lady’s past is catching up with her.

Mercurial is a Shadowrun adventure, designed for gamesters who must already have a copy of Shadowrun. Mercurial includes all the information needed to introduce a party of shadowrunners to the “glamorous” world of megahit rock stars, dreamchip addiction, sleazy talent agents, corp hitmen, toxic waste, and Yakuza sorceresses. A world where double-dealing is an art form and nothing is quite what it seems.
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