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I have long enjoyed crunchiness in my Shadowrun. That being said, I came up with rules for clothing costs (this began back when you could buy 'standard clothing' for 50¥, business clothing for something like 100¥, and high fashion for 500¥ or 1000¥) as well as a spreadsheet for easy figuring of lifestyle costs. While the 5e Lifestyle rules have some nice things (like the Discreet Cleaning Service, etc.) I feel it falls down on numerous others (why do I need to have to pay for a garage when I can simply say X amount of space in my lifestyle is given over to a vehicle?) and have, as a consequence, not yet integrated these things.

You can find the (editable!!) spreadsheet here. I do have a backup, just in case some damn fool screws it up and deletes everything. I THINK I have it properly protected, but if you can't put information in and get some reasonable result back, let me know.
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