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This is my grimoire of wild spirits (and one Free Spirit) from my games. I was tired of the lack of variation between different types of spirits and wanted to add some flavor. 

As always please give me whatever feedback you can. Sorry it is so long a post.

Gremlin (Wild Spirit of Man)


"Stop shooting cars!"


"Someone get that thing off the Vindicator!"


"Great there's a Lone Star cruiser after us now..."

"Ohhhhh loud and flashy...."


"And it explodes too!!!"

Gremlins are spirits of man that love loud noises, bright lights and lots and lots of machinery. They are not as fond of electronics or computers, but anything that has complex moving parts or are able to make loud noises are favorites. They are extremely gifted when it comes to building traps and their overly complicated Rube Goldberg are both humorous and dangerous. Noteworthy is the fact that Gremlins tend to be very social with each other and tend to be found in groups. This leads to one upmanship as one try's to out show the other with their hijinks. They have been known to become "Fans" of runners that tend to have lots of loud firefights, explosions and car chases.

Body: F-1
Agility: F
Reaction: F+2
Strength: F-2
Charisma: F-2
Intuition: F
Logic: F+2
Willpower: F
Edge: F/2
Physical Init:(Fx2)+2D6
Astral INIT: (F*2) + 2D6

Movement: 10/25
Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat, Mechanic Group, Gunnery

Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Enhanced Senses (Low-Light, Thermographic Vision), Materialization, Sapience, Search, Banishing Resistance
Optional Powers: Fear, Confusion, Psychokinesis

Qualities: Juryrigger
Summoning Notes
:  Despite being a wild spirit Gremlins are actually able to be summoned and/or binded.  To do summon a Gremlin you must be able to summon Spirits of Man. For purposes of summoning/binding treat a Gremlin as being two Force higher (treat a Force 4 Gremlin as a Force 6).

Gaian Fury (Wild Plant Spirits)
“Pam was scared but determined as she entered the lodge of her friend (and the groups Shaman) Talks-to-Trees. Her little group of eco-terrorists were losing the battle against the loggers. The new set of combat drones loggers just had just bought killed 3 members of her group and injured Talks pretty badly. Talks said he found a spirit that could help, but it would take some sacrifice. Pam knew she faced death every time she went up against the loggers, but at least this way she knew that if she died the group would have hope. They could stop the destruction.
The lodge looked different than before, leafier. There was a large pod, like a pea pod, in the center of the lodge. With a nod from Talks she entered the pod and as it sealed she knew no more.
…. Many hours later the green skinned thing that was Pam exited the pod. She had sprouted vegetation in her hair and tendrils of plant life spiraled down her limbs and back. With a smile she looked at her shocked shaman and in a soft voice cooed “Let’s go teach those men it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.”

Gaian Furies are an unusual variety of plant spirits in that they lack the usual calm and patient demeanor that is so common in their brethren and are instead seething cauldrons of ecological vengeance. However they are unable to vent this rage on those they deem “Enemies of Nature” because they need a living host to inhabit (like an insect spirit). Without it they are limited to astral attacks only. However there is no shortage of dedicated Planet Savers that are willing to lay down their lives to give their groups a real chance at stopping corporate exploitation of Mother Earth. And some groups are even more willing to sacrifice their enemies, in the hopes that what they used to know can be used to the spirits advantage.

Gaian Fury
Body: F+3
Agility: F
Reaction: F+2
Strength: F+4
Charisma: F-1
Intuition: F
Logic: F-2
Willpower: F
Edge: F/2
Magic: F
Physical Init:(Fx2)+2D6
Astral INIT: (F*2)+ 3D6

Movement: 5/15
Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Counterspelling, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat

Powers: Astral Form, Binding, Concealment, Engulf, Fear, Guard, Inhabitation, Sapience, Engulf, Magic Guard

Optional Powers: Accident, Confusion, Movement, Noxious Breath, Search Storm

Astral Hunters (Wild Guardian Spirits)

Reggie was out looking for a quick bite to eat when he came across the spirit. It was only in the astral at looked like all the old 2D vids of vampire hunters, right down to the old brown trenchcoat and crossbow. “Who else you going to send to kill a Vampire I guess?” was the last though that crossed his mind before he crumpled into a heap from an astral stake to the heart.

Astral Hunters are Guardian spirits that very actively hunt dual natured people and animals from the astral. Many will take a form for their preferred prey; be it hellhounds, ghouls, vampires, mages or even other spirits. While many would consider the inability to Materialize or Possess something to be a liability, Astral Hunters use it to their advantage. It shields them from attack and it allows them greater access to their prey.

Astral Hunters
Charisma: F+2
Intuition: F+2
Logic: F+3
Willpower: F+4
Edge: F/2
Magic: F
Astral INIT (F x 2)+4D6

Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Counterspelling, Dodge, Perception

Powers: Astral Form, Banishing Resistance, Fear, Guard, Magical Guard, Movement, Sapience, Search
Optional Powers: Animal Control, Concealment, Elemental Attack, Psychokinesis

Handmaidens of Shiva (Wild Spirit of Fire)

Chaitali awoke on the ground in the smoke filled warehouse with a coughing fit that made her eyes water. She cast around looking for a door to exit the burning building when she saw the signs of a great battle. There were scorch marks all around her and the remains of surgical tables and the ruined bodies of men in surgical scrubs. As she got up she noticed that her skin had suddenly become dark red and she acquired a new set of arms. Terror gripped her as she raced from the grizzly scene into the street.

Handmaidens of Shiva are possession spirits that appear when there is great desecration of the land or its people. They take the form of Shivia (also known as Kali) the Hindu goddess of destruction and creation. Handmaidens of Shiva only possess female sapients and the possession forever marks them as having housed the spirit. Upon possession the vessel grows an additional set of arms as a third eye opens upon their brow and the skin turns a deep rusty red. After the experience these features remain (as well as some neurological damage from housing a spirit of such power) and are seen in India as great religious figures that have been personally blessed by Shiva.

When they appear it is only to cleanse the land of those who are creating such evil that they are despoiling astral space. They will root out and destroy the cause of the taint with great speed and ferocity without regard for their (or their vessel’s) safety. After the despoilers have been dealt with they will then proceed to cleanse the land and its energies before finally leaving to return from whence they came.

Handmaidens of Shiva
Charisma: F
Intuition: F+1
Logic: F
Willpower: F+3
Edge: F/2
Astral INIT: (F x 2)+3D 3

Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Blades, Counterspelling, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat

Powers: Astral Form, Accident, Cleansing*, Elemental Attack, Energy Aura, Possession (Female Sapient only), Regeneration, Sapience

Optional Powers: Control Focus, Fear, Guard, Search

Weaknesses: Allergy (Water, Severe)

Note: Those who are possessed by a Handmaidens of Shiva instantaneously gain the following attributes permanently: Shiva Arms, Striking Skin Pigmentation(Deep Red), Third Eye and Scorched.

*As Metamagic on pg154 of SG. Initiate Grade equals Force.

Tutor Spirit (Wild Guidance Spirit)

Corporal Hicks looked over the battle manual he got in basic for the hundredth time that night trying to figure out what to do that wouldn’t get him or what was left of his platoon killed. A sniper had gotten the Lt. 3 days into the action and the sarge bought it yesterday when he stepped on a landmine. And that left him in charge of the 15 men still alive in command. “Drek! I don’t know what to do and I sure as hell don’t know how to lead. Basic was nothing like this. Snipers, drones, landmines, booby traps and who knows what else is out there.”
“What’s a matter boy! Thinking of going crying home to your Momma?” A sharp voice rang out in the night.
Reaching for his assault rifle Hicks looked up and there in front of him was a ghostly image of a last century drill instructor, down to the funny hat they used to wear.
“I said what is your major malfunction Corporal!”
Hicks stammered “Were outnumbered and surrounded and I have no idea what to do to…”
“Son you are eight the hell up! But you listen to me and I might be able to teach you to grow a pair and then I can teach you how to do unto those poor bastards before they do unto you.”

Tutor Spirits take many shapes and forms, but when they do appear it is to pass on some vital knowledge to someone in dire need of it and no one to teach them. This can be a kid in his garage trying to figure out how to fix his first car, a Barren’s kid trying to learn how to read or even hiker lost in the wilderness. They are excellent teachers and some build relationships that can last for years. They stay as long as they are needed and then depart. The only thing that seems to be common is the person has to have a burning desire to learn and no way to do it. Tutor Spirits can materialize, but rarely do. They prefer to manifest and instruct their charges how to do things with their own two hands.

Tutor Spirit (Wild Guidance Spirit)

Charisma: F+3
Intuition: F
Logic: F+1
Willpower: F
Edge: F/2
Magic: F
Astral INIT( F x 2) + 3D6

Skills: Assensing, Counterspelling, Dodge, Instruction, Perception, Skill Group (any),

Powers: Astral Form, Divining, Guard, Materialization, Sapience, Search, Skill (any)

Optional Powers: Engulf, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, or Smell)

Drudge (Menial Task Spirit)

Mitchell stumbled back into his humble apartment after an exhausting month on the run from the Mob. Months old food left on counters moldered into unrecognizable shapes and the entire place looked like it had been wrecked by professionals. “I guess when we ran they figured we must have left some clue behind… They really did a job on my doss.” With a snap of his fingers four small figures appeared in front of him like a line of small soldiers. “Clean this place up while I get some rest.” The small figures started their work as Mitchell wandered off to bed. “What’s the point of being a mage if you have to do all the menial work yourself?” he smiled to himself as he nodded off to the sounds of his apartment being put back together.

Drudge’s are small spirits that are mindless doers of manual tasks. They are summoned and bound in groups for larger tasks as there appears that no Drudge is more powerful than any other Drudge. They completely lack free will and will follow the summoner’s orders to the letter, without complaint or hesitation. That means they will not stop performing any given task until the task is completed, the summoning duration ends or the summoner sends them away even if it is impossible. They do not have an astral form, they immodestly materialize on the material plane when needed or else reside wherever it is they come from on their own metaplane. While they are good at performing menial tasks, they lack the capacity of creative thought required for many more complex skills. They are however good at making things and are able to innately repair broken objects. This has led some to believe they are some sort of drone slave race or servitor race created by some unknown being.


Body: 2
Agility: 2
Reaction: 1
Strength: 3
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 2
Logic: 1
Willpower: 1
Edge: 1
Physical Init:F+1D6

Movement: 5/15
Skills: Artesian, Perception,
Powers: Innate Spell(Fix*), Materialization, Search*,

Note: Drudges are summoned and ordered as a group. Each Force of summoning/binding will summon/bind 1 Drudge (Ex. Summoning a Force 5 Drudge will summon 5 Drudges). A group of Drudges count as a single spirit for total spirit cap. They can work together on a task or each can be given a different task. However as they finish of their work they will join those who are still working until all services for the group have been completed. A single Drudge is always considered to be Force 1.

*The force for the Fix spell and Search power is equal to the number currently trying to fix the object.

Devil of the Crossroads (Free Spirit)

Going by many names the Free Spirit known as the “Devil of the Crossroads” (also known as “The Muse”, “The Spirit of Music” and “The Conductor” ) is one of the first Spirits of record to appear during the Sixth World. The first recorded appearances were during the early 19th century in the New Orleans area of what is now the CAS, appearing only at midnight at certain deserted crossroads to early Blues musicians. Tales of “selling their souls” to the Devil started to spread in the Blues community and several prominent musicians of the time had claimed to have interacted with him. Others claimed that they had been challenged to a music duel against him with the winner getting instruments made of gold, silver and other precious metals. After the Awakening some of the mystique of the Spirit has worn off (No longer considered to be THE Devil), but many desperate performers still seek him out in the hopes that he can teach them how to play.

Force: 13

Body: 10
Agility: 4
Reaction: 5
Strength: 6
Char: 13 [The Spirit is considered to be a Char based tradition]
Intuition: 9
Logic: 9
Will: 11
Magic: 13
Astral Init: (Fx2) +3D6

Spirit Pact: "Selling your soul": In this pact the performer gets +3 Dice to all Performance rolls and the equivalent of the Adept power Voice Control(Note this is not a power and does not give the person a Magic Stat or count against their Power Points if already an Adapt) The PC trades 25 Karma in this Pact.

Tune: The Spirit can spend one complex action to tune a musical instrument. They must be touching the instrument to do this. Once tuned the instrument gives +1 to all tests made with it and never needs to be retuned. This effect is permanent and marks the instrument as magical.

Aura Masking
Banishing Resistance
Realistic Form
Magical Guard
Wealth: This always takes the form of an musical instrument made of precious metals or materials. It is always considered to be Tuned per the power above. The spirit can produce one instrument a week worth up to 50,000 for the materials alone.

Global Fame

Etiquette:6, Instruction: 10,Language (all):5,Academic Knowledge(all):4, Artisan:(Violin, Guitar):13, Assensing:8, Arcana:10, Astral Combat:8, Enchanting: 6, Spellcasting:8, Ritual Spellcasting: 6, Counterspelling:4.

All Illusion spells and Manipulation Spells. Flamethrower,Fireball and Mindlink.
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You might rename the Gremlin, since those are now detailed from Aetherology.  Otherwise, these sound fun.  :)
Feel free to keep any karma you earned illicitly, it's on us.

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You might rename the Gremlin, since those are now detailed from Aetherology.  Otherwise, these sound fun.  :)

I really dislike their take on gremlins in 5E. To much BWAHHAAA evil and not enough alien and different. Oh look another evil spirit out to steal your soul. *yawn*

Now that team of runners that are a little to noisy and violent on their runs? They pick up a few of my gremlins who go an make them really loud. I had a rigger cry when he saw that they had "improved" his ride in the night. Turned it into a Pimped Ride 3 with an air horn and pneumatic lifts and had strapped every gun in the team's armory to the damn thing.