[Resource][Gear]Zurich Orbital Nuyen Server

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Bringing back the nostalgic feelings of smug Richness

Currency in the sixth world is digital if you aren't a wageslave getting scrip. However, with datastores being hacked for Nuyen and certified credsticks being easy to nab. Zurich Orbital has created a top of the line vault that like money bags in real life, heavy and comes with a wad of bills when you want to slap SINless hookers like a classy pimp. The ZO Nuyen Server has an interface that can convert the contained Nuyen in the Server into either Nuyen Bills or Corpscrip through a nano printer and certified Credsticks or ZO Banks can scan the Nuyen Bills to deposit. Only certified ZO staff can replenish a Nuyen Server and they are accompanied with heavily armed staff when cash deposits are required. In the event of a hacking the Decker has a single chance to access the system and jacking out immediately alerts the nearest HTR to the location

Cost: 50,000 per Server, holds up to 5,000,000 Nuyen per server
Availability: 30F
Size: Large Device Rating: 1
Handling-0    Accel-0     Spd-0     Pilot-1     Body-10     Armor-10     Sensor-10
Programs: Black IC Rating 7 (If used to hack into the mainframe)

I thought of this as a way to add Bank Robbery to the list of things Shadowrunners are paid to do since after all Nuyen is king.