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PSA - I suck at formatting, so here goes. Also, please critique balance, as this is the reason for this post. Want to make sure it's not over or underpowered.

  Harkening back to the days of the wild west and the quickdraw, this revolver-focused style emphasizes lightning-fast shooting and pinpoint accuracy. While previously seen as a novelty or hobby in the latter part of the 20th century, the awakening and advent of technology such as wired reflexes have brought a bit of a resurgeonce back to this style, albeit mostly in CAS. By fanning the hammer on a revolver and practicing shooting from the hip, a practitioner can fire with blinding speed and surprising accuracy. For a master Gunslinger, fights really are decided by who can draw the fastest and hit the target first, as their opponents seldom get the chance to shoot back.
  Advantages: Subject can fire additional shot with the revolver, at a -1 dice pool modifier(can be taken up to 3 times, for a cumulative benefit); penalty for changing targets with additional shots is reduced from -2 to -1, provided the new target is no more than 2m distance from the previous target.

So basically, at full 20 BP level, the gunslinger could target 4 people total(provided they're within 2 meters of the previous dude respectively), at a dice pool or 0, -2, -4, -6, or hit the same guy 4 times at 0, -1, -2, -3. Each shot is still subject to the target's separate Reaction and Armour+Body damage resistance tests, as normal.

And just to support the theory of this, I'll link the video of it in action. Granted in the video he hits 5 targets in under 1 second, but for rules balancing sake I just made it in a single turn/pass.

Thoughts, opinion, and critique is welcome and requested.

EDIT: So after some good points were raised on the Reddit Shadowrun thread, , I think the updated version will end up being limited to 3 max targets, and not usable with the warhawk or any high-calimods. Secondarily, the hammer-fanning multi shot bit will only be usable in the first round or combat. Because when bullets are flying back and forth, you don't really want to be standing up and making a target of yourself. The reason I still want to make this possible instead of just saying "No, use the rules as-is" flat out is that this actually exists in the real world. I want it to be somewhat balanced, but still a very nice, albeit situationally useful skill. Thoughts?
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