SRM 05-03 "Gone Long Gone" question

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« on: <01-15-14/1632:30> »
My players are about 95% done with this mission, with one significant task left due to our venue closing early because of a minor blizzard. Question follows:
[spoiler]What's left is the battle against the Founder. He's up against eight PCs (open group at a store and I try not to turn folks away if I can), a few of which are pretty well-built combat monsters. The team's decker, a drone rigger, and their primary wheelman/smuggler are outside the building; the rest are bunched up at the bottom of the stairs, against the barrier. This group consists of a troll physical adept, a msytic adept, a shaman with decent meatspace combat skills, a street sam, and hermetic magician. The magicians and mystic adepts all have spirits, one each of air, fire and man.

We were able to complete a single initiative before halting. The team's troll physical adept has punched a serious hole in the barrier, though he'll have to work to enlarge it. The Founder responded with a Manaball that was heavily counterspelled.

Since we were forced to stop early, I'm looking for suggestions to make this a challenging fight against a party with such a heavy magical capability. Slam them with a Toxic Wave early? Throw another toxic spirit besides the given chemical spirit in? I'd like them to know that this was truly a tough fight and that they've earned their keep. [/spoiler]
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« Reply #1 on: <01-15-14/1710:38> »
[spoiler]Don't Physical Barriers break the second their structure hits 0?

I hit my group with a normal Toxic Wave the second the barrier broke, since they're all hunched up it will hit them all.[/spoiler]
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« Reply #2 on: <11-16-14/0336:57> »
Is the end bad guy supposed to have edge of 12?

Tony Gambino

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« Reply #3 on: <11-19-14/1055:58> »
I gave him unlimited edge against my players.  ;D I used his pool of 12, but did not track his uses. I also hand waived a 3rd toxic spirit handling his drain, so he took none.