SR5 Host's standing offer

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Howdy, chummers!

Recently I decided to re-study Matrix rules and and bumped into this thing:

In order to Enter/Exit a Host you need to have a mark on it

In order to Place a mark on something you need to have Sleaze ot Attack attributes > 0 OR to know the Host's owner as only owners can issue a command the host to invite someone's mark

Marks Required: Owner
Test: none (Data Processing action)
If you’re the owner of a device, file, persona, host, or
IC program, you can offer other icons the opportunity
to put a mark on your device, file, etc. When you make
the offer, you choose the number of marks allowed, their
duration, and how long the offer stands. The invitee can
then mark your icon with a Free Action. You may revoke
your offer at any time before the mark is placed, but
once another icon has a mark, you need to either use
the Erase Mark action or reboot your device to remove it
before the duration you chose expires.

This mechanicals says that literraly noone except for deckers can enter a host.

In the mean time there is a line that says that hosts can invite marks oh their own

Marks only last a single Matrix session and are deleted when you reboot. This is rarely an issue for most
devices because they almost never need to reboot, and when they do the hosts and other services usually have
a standing offer, so re-marking them takes seconds.

Does that mean that any host can be accessed like this if you know that it exists (like a decker knows some metadata of this host) ? Like a host of a supersecret Ares Laboratory ?