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Rules and such / [6E] Stock vehicle mods cost slots?
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <12-19-21/0320:18> »
Do modifications which come stock on particular models of vehicles occupy that vehicle's mod slots?
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Anarchy 2050's book ETA?
« Last post by Tecumseh on <12-18-21/1819:57> »
Woah, I hadn't heard that this dropped. This is exciting!

If anyone goes through it, please update us with your impressions.
Rules and such / Re: Matrix wish list
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <12-18-21/1729:45> »
Would love to see some of the 4E Echoes and Advanced Echoes make a re-appearance. Biowire, Acceleration, Mesh Reality, etc.
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Anarchy 2050's book ETA?
« Last post by Erik G on <12-18-21/0811:17> »
It is out on PDF - looks pretty solid at first, very quick, flip through.  Might be time to dust off the old adventures!
Anarchy 2050 is very good, I'd recommend getting it as a reference for the era even if you don't play Anarchy. Skip the contract runs, to be honest there's a lot of details in the original runs that I like having. You hit the high notes but miss a lot of the meat. I kinda wish they would've made new stuff, even if it was more "monster-of-the-week" fluffy stuff w/o strong effects on the metaplot like in the original Anarchy book. Harlequin's the only mission that was pretty fleshed out (and split into 8 parts! Yeesh!) which is hilarious if you despise him

Hope it goes to POD
Rules and such / Re: Matrix wish list
« Last post by Finstersang on <12-16-21/1739:24> »
AM and its new derivatives are surely not costed right, and Iīd argue no cost for these will ever be right simply because of their terrible interactions with other mechanics (the godforsaken Edge Limits, Attack and Defense Values...). They are simply "meaning sinks", and the deepest in SR6 so far. The fact that they are also obviously better than other, more flavorfull Qualities is almost irrelevant compared to this problem. If thereīs any lesson to be learnt here, then itīs this: Make sure that new options donīt completely invalidate core mechanics. If someone would actually take these horrible AM-style qualities as a blueprint for a new must-have hacking perk, it would translate to something like "+1 Edge on every hacking test unless you already earned Edge from another source". And anyone who canīt see why thereīs a problem with that sentence - regardless of any Karma cost! - should stick to writing fluff text. Seriously. 

That being said: Yes, IMO the other, more situational Edge generators are also too expensive. 12 Karma for a situational generator of (exclusive!) Edge is not a good benchmark. And especially not for potential new Matrix-related Qualities, because these would already be situational ("when you are using the Matrix...")  and then add another restriction on top ("... and attack another Icon", "... and try to defuse a Data bomb", "... and get spotted by IC" etc.).
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As noted on, Drivethrurpg now has Mission 09-02 (Finder's Keepers, says it works with 5e and 6e), Kechibi Code (apparently another Plot book?  Geeze, I'm only just starting on Assassin's Night!), and Anarchy 2050.

Haven't downloaded anything yet, just passing along the news.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Asking for pointers for my scenario
« Last post by Smogg on <12-15-21/1013:12> »
Few ideas:

You could have a new vaccine in the capsules. Maybe later that can be tested, or maybe the package they need to retrive has already contaminated the place with relevant disease. If so, maybe the gang stole the package, and now the corp want to make the most out of the contaminated gangers. Maybe there is a director who can't run his experiement (with the package released), but makes the gangers his plan B is saving his project.

Another idea: Maybe the purpose is to test something even more contriversial. Maybe subjects injected with the subtance can rise from the dead and fight like zombies for X amount of time. Likely the capsules would contain some kind of chip to send data back to "Project Z".

You could also have a highly unstable product in the capsules for a bit more of a crazy run, you could have a table with effects and roll what happens each time.

Either way, it's a good thing to consider what happened at the corp project for them to resort to this. It makes a good story if it happens on the back of something gone wrong, and some manager or director goes for something risky and desperate to save his ass.
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