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Sixth world also adds the option to use Str for your Close Combat skill.  If your table is using that rule this build would want to really shuffle things around and probably be a weapon user as well. 

Getting a high AR/DR for edge generation is still doable though, and this character pretty rapidly improves in a few runs with a couple more Martial Arts and Qi Foci.

In Sixth World Companion Cyclopean Eye loses "gain an Edge on all actions within Close range." It is just a negative quality now. :(
Edge Zone / Re: Guard ability
« Last post by Bull on <02-02-23/2219:46> »
So I was reading the rule book, and had a question about the ability  gaurd, in what situation would you use it, since you can assign damage to your runners how you want to.  Sorry guess I say this post is for Edge Zone.

There are some challenges that allow the owner to apply damage as he wants, and in Runner vs Runner PvP combat runners are paired up, so the damage gets applied straight accross.  So if you ahd a Bodyguard with guard and a Mage, fighting two Street Sams, you would have a Street Sam vs the Mage, and the damage can normally only go to the Mage.  But since the Bodyguard was involved in teh PvP, he could soak the damage to save the mage.

There are also some Specials that will do direct damage to specific runners.

It's situational, but can be useful.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by Banshee on <01-31-23/0835:39> »
Convergence is the same for AIs as for any other natrix entity,  no special rules required.

Bonus to DR is the "extra protection"
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by Smogg on <01-31-23/0703:00> »
1) I have no reason to think one way or the other since there no rules for it. To be clear: Rule is missing.

2) To be clear. When I read the text I get the impression they forgot to put full rules for how the AI is better protected. Maybe they did not forget anything and then all is well.
Rules and such / Re: [Hack & Slash] Hitchhiker
« Last post by Lewis Greywolf on <01-31-23/0630:11> »
It was originally introduced in Third Parallel and just reprinted in H&S. It has the same cost and availability as any other standard hacking program listed in the CRB.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by MercilessMing on <01-30-23/0912:19> »
1) There are no rules for Convergence for AIs running on a device.
2) It is unclear what the "extra protection from damage" from running on a device is? (Is it implied that the AI gets to use the device condition monitor as an extra layer?)

1) Is there a reason you think convergence on an ai inhabiting a device would be different from the other ai convergence rules?

2) I think that "extra protection from damage" is referencing the +DR bonus.
Rules and such / Re: [Hack & Slash] Hitchhiker
« Last post by Dreamwalker on <01-30-23/0729:10> »
Its referred to as a hacking program, so the cyberprogram, hacking entry of the software table on page 272 in the CRBs gear chapter (City Edition Seattle) should apply.
Rules and such / [Hack & Slash] Hitchhiker
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <01-30-23/0040:17> »
Aside from being in a completely different chapter than the other Hacking Programs, does Hitchhiker (p139) have a cost or availability?
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