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Edge Zone / Guard ability
« Last post by Bishophawk on <01-24-23/2310:55> »
So I was reading the rule book, and had a question about the ability  gaurd, in what situation would you use it, since you can assign damage to your runners how you want to.  Sorry guess I say this post is for Edge Zone.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by Smogg on <01-24-23/1647:54> »
1) There are no rules for Convergence for AIs running on a device.
2) It is unclear what the "extra protection from damage" from running on a device is? (Is it implied that the AI gets to use the device condition monitor as an extra layer?)
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Shifters?
« Last post by Whispernaught on <01-23-23/2055:57> »
I guess we hope in vain in the meantime.
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Shifters?
« Last post by Boneguard on <01-22-23/1737:53> »
Do any books have 6E stats for Shifters?

None at the moment unfortunately.

As indicated above, the Companion has a few lines that indicate they intended to include them but that material seems to have been cut out. A bit of a disappointment I must admit.

Hopefully, they will be coming out in the form of a Shadow Stock (like the Drakes did) or maybe included in the critter supplement Wild Life planned for 2023, but that's not really a good spot for character creation though.
Errata / [SR6] Shadow Cast errata
« Last post by MercilessMing on <01-21-23/0922:09> »
pg 94, M-Toc Mastery

: In order to take this quality, you
must have the Small Unit Tactics knowledge
skill and an M-TOC (p. 86 and 89-90, Firing
Squad). Add one to the maximum number of
Edge that can be stored using your M-TOC.
If you add an M-TOC specialization to
your Small Unit Tactics knowledge skill
increase the max Edge storage by two. The
bonus increases to three if you upgrade the
specialization to an expertise.

Knowledge skills in 6th edition don't have specializations or expertise.  Please, please, authors of 6th edition rules, please learn the rules of 6th edition.
Thanks, relying on system logs is certainly a straightforward option to explain it storytelling-wise.

Yet, some clarification on the rule mechanics would be appreciated. Particularly, regarding the following aspects:

  • Do you notice hostile activity by succeeding on a Matrix Perception test (rolling electronics + intuition against the intruding hackers willpower + sleaze)?
  • What is revealed when you notice hostile activity in a PAN? The mere fact that it is present or do you spot the intruding icon?
  • Can the attempt cause edge gain? Either by AR/DR comparison or through the Data Anomaly quality (p. 80, Hack & Slash).
  • Would frequent attempts incur the -2 dice pool penalty from the "trying again" rule (p. 36, CRB)?
What bugs me is the high frequency at which the Nope!  app scrutinizes intruding hackers (every combat round). Since the probability to remain undetected decreases exponentially in the number of spotting attempts, it can cause constant edge drain on a hacker who needs to remain hidden over extended periods. Probably even higher than compared to full-fledged patrol IC, which typically scans with far lower frequency.

I take it other matrix entities have the same option as the Nope!  app to detect hostile matrix activity.
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Noticing Hostile Matrix Activity in a PAN
« Last post by Hobbes on <01-17-23/1221:52> »
Checking to see who has access to the PAN is the easy way.  Checking the Matrix equivalent to activity logs would also work. 

"Someone has requested admin access to your smartgun link?  Accept Y/N?"
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by MercilessMing on <01-17-23/1154:00> »
Possible Errata:
pg. 127, Sideload Processor codemod has a Spark Loss of 0.1 regardless of Rating.  Based on other costs, this is probably meant to be Rating x 0.1
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: On the Topic of Critters
« Last post by cuidaBeja on <01-16-23/1744:02> »
The Critters from Howling Shadows honestly convert pretty well. All you really have to do is guess at their attack rating based on their strength and their defence rating based on their armor. Most of the really fun stuff is their critter powers and those shouldn't take too much work to convert.
Errata / Re: Sixth World Companion errata
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <01-15-23/2132:42> »
p84 - Hobgoblins have the Quality "Extravagant Eyes", which does not appear anywhere in the book.

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