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Spell Amps
That should have been in Street Wyrd

Subtle Casting    +1DV 
+1 Threshold to tests to notice casting.
Combine this with a reduced normal threshold to notice casting, because the CRB rule is crazy high

Reckless Casting   +1DV
+1 Wild Die to spellcasting tests.  Spells cast recklessly are always obvious.
Another note about Speed Interval penalties:  Double Clutch notably IGNORES them in their chase combat mechanics - I think this is very telling. 
Driving mechanics in the CRB are too detailed, too fiddly. 
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Riding though downtown during peak hours
« Last post by Xenon on <11-29-21/1544:02> »
You probably average about 80km/h by just letting grid guide.... guide your vehicle through the city on auto pilot. Without taking any tests at all.

Reserve tests for when you do some crazy stuff. Like stunts.
The point is that considered that downtown was speed limited, with a mandatory use of autopilot on vehicles. So the runner had to force a manual override to be able to go over the speed limit ^^,  and then slalom her wayt through the slow downtown
SR5 p. 200 Vehicle Speeds
Up until the invention of GridGuide, travel in a ground craft could be a crapshoot. Accidents, construction, variable speed limits, and traffic congestion all made getting from one spot to another take a lot longer than one would expect. With GridGuide, which is in place in most major cities and on most major highways, travel averages 80 kilometers per hour in urban environments and 120 kilometers per hour in rural or cross-country routes.
Thanks for the input,

this aligns with my own interpretation. Although I wouldn't distinguish between a technomancer with a living network and anyone else in terms of PAN compatibility.
The thing is: They don't NEED to handle stressful situations. GridGuide can handle that. Also, 'a stressful situation' can just be a reduced threshold. And nothing is stopping you from getting a better car. You want Handling 1? Invest in it.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Riding though downtown during peak hours
« Last post by Beta on <11-29-21/1124:55> »
I have a two part answer:

1) the CRB doesn't cover all uses of a skill. For a more strategic usage like seen here I don't think the agility+pilot vs threshold with speed intervals is the right approach -- the CRB rule is for more tactical usage of pilot.  Depending on the players description of what they were going to do I probably would have done either an intuition+pilot if they are using their biking experience to slip through alleys, know where they can get around traffic easily, etc, or agility+pilot if it was more just taking the shortest route and ride between cars, weave onto sidewalks, etc.  I'd give it a threshold, failing to meet that means they save no time (they hit enough hassles to counter the savings), with each net hit shortening the time.

2) Vehicles in 2080 are unsafe at any speed.  Seriously, do the math on a Ford Americar, and the average driver or autopilot would crash almost every time that a stressful situation came up.  It really feels like someone didn't do the math on success odds.  Which doesn't have an easy fix, but the thresholds need to be lowered (you could lower the base, the speed interval values, or some combination)
Speed Interval penalties are outrageously punishing.  My advice is to ignore them.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Riding though downtown during peak hours
« Last post by Smogg on <11-29-21/0459:55> »
A player character has to take her bike to go to the other side of downtown (5km) in the fastest/shortest possible way"
To me this is a clear Outdoors(Navigation) test. Number of hits would determine how fast/short she could do it.

With regards to when to apply driving tests:
Quote from: CRB P. 200
Normal vehicle operation does not require a test. Tests only come up when a driver/rigger wants to do something tricky with the car—follow another car without being spotted, make a hairpin turn at high speeds, jump over the still-under-construction bridge, that sort of thing.

So let's say she does her Outdoors(Navigation) test and gets 1 hit and a glitch. Maybe she takes a well known route, but midway there is road construction going on, so she will need to double back, wait as the traffic files through the one available lane, or she could take it through the construction area, but that might require a Pilot (2-3) test.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Riding though downtown during peak hours
« Last post by Banshee on <11-28-21/2004:24> »
Well there are two possibilities...
1. Player just wants to get across town as fast as they can. No roll required but time it takes should be based on traffic conditions.
2. Player want to zip across town breaking traffic laws and making precarious choices by zip zagging around cars and through alleys etc at highest possible speed. Lots of opportunities to crash so use the rules as written.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Project Imago
« Last post by mcv on <11-28-21/1726:39> »
Unwired is the book that you want. Page 170 specifically.
Is Unwired better than Data Trails? I notice Data Trails has a chapter devoted to AIs and e-ghosts, that I'd previously always ignored. (I don't use much out of Data Trails.)

I'm running the game using 5e, although we're in the 4e timeline, which sometimes leads to confusion.
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