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can someone recommend 6e dark themed adventure?


Hello all,

Im looking for a 6e adventure or campaign with darker themes something like Dreamchipper or Universal Brotherhood or Renraku Arcology Shutdown.......dark with a twist.  Has anything been released for 6e like that yet.

NOTE I just finished reading Assasins Night and really liked it but im looking for something darker with a coolntwist.

thanks all

The only published adventures for 6e, aside from the German ones by Pegasus, that I can think of are Free Seattle, 30 Nights, and Assassin's Night.  30 Nights has a fair bit of dark magic in it.  I don't know the content of any of the German adventures unfortunately, but some other people on this forum do.

thanks for the recommendation.  30 nights was already on my list...ill check it out.  thanks again for the recommendation


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