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Asking for pointers for my scenario


Hey everyone!

I'm currenlty running a 3 player campaign and I had this scenario idea but it needs some refining and I don't think I can do it alone:

Corpo wants to retrieve a package stolen by a gang.
They don't want to start trouble and instruct the runner to use the provided tranquilizer ammo.

The ammo is not tranquilizer but a substance the corp wants to experiment on a big scale.
And I'm here, the big question I'm asking myself is what's the substance? Could be some sort of biological weapon, or nanites but I'm really not sure.
What's is transmission method? Explosive zits, coughs...

I'm also wondering how big I want the outbreak to be? Maybe the size of a district in order to start a big arc (or not if they discover it)
Which corpo did it? Thinking about EVO or a branch
Why do it? What do the corpo directly gain from it?

Here are my questions, have any idea? Any things I did not think of?

To give a bit more context, we are playing in Seattle and the group is not very experimented in Shadowrun

Thank you in advance! :D

Michael Chandra:
There used to be special toxin-capsules which would dissolve later on. With that in mind, I myself would go with a combination of tranquilizer and activates-after-a-day K-10-like substance. Then, pay off another gang to pick a fight about when the K-10 goes off, and see how the combat monsters do in the fight while doped up to the max.

Alternatively, toxin-capsules that are partially sweated out and end up infecting others, to see how well it'd spread. Make it simple Gamma-Scopolamine on breakout. Or nanites that are carrying a toxin and will release it at a programmed time. If you add some form of dmso-production, then again it could just be sweaty people and transfer on touch of skin.

I like the idea of combat drugs, it's a little less grand that what I envisioned but it make a lot more sense.
Testing the propagation of a toxin is also interesting, I think I'll go with that and keep the other one for another time (I want them to see the results)

Thank you for your answers :)

Few ideas:

You could have a new vaccine in the capsules. Maybe later that can be tested, or maybe the package they need to retrive has already contaminated the place with relevant disease. If so, maybe the gang stole the package, and now the corp want to make the most out of the contaminated gangers. Maybe there is a director who can't run his experiement (with the package released), but makes the gangers his plan B is saving his project.

Another idea: Maybe the purpose is to test something even more contriversial. Maybe subjects injected with the subtance can rise from the dead and fight like zombies for X amount of time. Likely the capsules would contain some kind of chip to send data back to "Project Z".

You could also have a highly unstable product in the capsules for a bit more of a crazy run, you could have a table with effects and roll what happens each time.

Either way, it's a good thing to consider what happened at the corp project for them to resort to this. It makes a good story if it happens on the back of something gone wrong, and some manager or director goes for something risky and desperate to save his ass.


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