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Trying to put a name to a published Run

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This run starts with the PCs dumped in the woods on the Tir border having been dosed with Laes by the Tir border patrol. The PCs have almost completed their run. They have the McGuffin, but don't remember what to do with it. Their Seattle Johnson is desperate to get it and once the PCs learn where to meet their Johnson and finish their run, things get complicated...

This is NOT "The Hung Over" from "Elven Blood;" it's another run. Anyone know what it's called, or which publication it is in?

Any idea what edition of the rules it used?

Nope. Think a magical society was the johnson (black lodge maybe?).

It is Strange Attraction from Super Tuesday.

Good on you for following up with the answer 2.5 months later. I haven't read that one but now I'm curious.


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