(SR5) A Ton of Troll

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Did you change the build type since?

Yes, this is one instance where Karmagen was not going to be even going to be able to make a character close to what I wanted.

The 1D6 of initiative is troublesome as it means he would have difficulty performing an interrupt action like Full Defence (-10 initiative).  He only has 8 dice to dodge ranged weapons (INT + REA) which means if someone fires a 6 round burst his way he then only has 3 dice to roll against their attack pool. Reducing an opponent's hits is better than having to soak damage because it means they won't step the DV up as much.  I would give him at least 4 ranks in Combat sense. This also allows him a free perception test to detect a possible ambush as well as would add 4 dice to his defence.

He is more infiltrator, and one on one fighter, he gets 18 Dice to roll for Sneaking... so this is a type of scenario I imagine happening a lot..

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