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..and Rides (Transys Steed) into Battle!

Playing around with Obese Combat Mage Idea I've had for while, had to make him Mystic Adept or I don't think he would survive long in fight.

One question that came up while making character: Plague Cloud.  Is the DV Equal to Adepts Magic Rating?

Also, I think Power should also be renamed Flatulence Cloud, at least for this character, because it fits, and would be funny.

COST: 0.5 PP
This power surrounds the adept in a dense cloud of
fumes, insects, or other pollutants or toxins. All ranged
attacks made while the power is active (either against or
by the adept) are considered to be in at least Moderate
Fog/Smoke (see Ranged Attack Modifiers, p. 173, SR5).
If anyone makes a successful melee attack against an
adept with this power is active, the attacker must resist
the damage effects of pollution (see sidebar, p. 105).

Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

Thanks )

[spoiler]SHADOWRUN 5TH EDITION CHARACTER SHEET (MYSTIC ADEPT)                                                                                                                                                      
Name: Maximillian     Metatype: Human (Changeling)     Ethnicity: Caucasian    Nationality: Allied German States                                                                                                                                                      
Sex: ♂     Age: 28    Weight: 195 kgs     Height: 1.8 m     Eye Color: Blue     Hair Color: Blonde                                                                                                                                                      
Current Karma:_____     Spent Karma:______     Notoriety:_____     Public Awareness:_____     Street Cred (Total Karma/20):_____      

MOUNTAIN MENTOR SPIRIT                                 
 +2 Dice for Survival Tests                                 
 +2 Dice for Counterspelling                                 
 +2 Dice for Anchored Rituals                                 
Composure (3) Test to Abandon a                                 
Plan, Composure (3) Test to                                 
Precede in anything without a Plan                                 
SHAMANIC TRADITION                                 
Combat: Beasts                                 
Detection: Water                                 
Health: Earth                                 
Illusion: Air                                 
Manipulation: Man                                 
Drain: Willpower + Charisma                                 

ATTRIBUTES (520)                                 
BOD      5      WIL      7      WLK      1   
AGI      1      LOG      3      RUN      2   
REA      2(4)      INT      4      SPNT      (+.5)   
STR      3      CHA      5      COM      12   
ESS      6      EDGE      3      JUD      9   
MAG      6      LIFT      8      MEM      7   
Init: 8 + 3D6   Edge: OOO                                 
PHY      5      MEN      6      SOC      8   


POSITIVE QUALITIES                              RTG   
Tough as Nails (Stun)                              3   
Mentor Spirit (Mountain)                              -   
Steely Eyed Wheelman                              -   
Quick Healer                              -   
NEGATIVE QUALITIES                              RTG   
SINner (National, German)                              -   
Consummate Professional                                 
Creature of Comfort (Mid)                              1   
Distinctive Style                              -   
In Debt (Owes 15,000¥)                              2   
CHANGELING CLASS III SURGE (30)                                 
Ogre Stomach                                 
Low-Light Vision                                 
Metagenic Willpower Imp                                 
Dermal Alteration (Blubber)                                 
Impaired Reaction                                 
Impaired Agility                                 
ADEPT POWERS (30)                              RTG   
Mystic Armor                              6(8)   
Improved Reflexes                              2   
Flatulence (Plague) Cloud                           -   

ACTIVE SKILLS (116)                        RTG      DP   
Etiquette                        1      6   
Negotiation                        1      6   
Animal Handling                        1      6   
Automatics                        1      1   
Unarmed Combat                        1      1   
Perception                        2      6   
 (Visual +2)                              8   
Spellcasting                        6      12   
 (Combat +2)                              14   
Counterspelling                        4      12   
Ritual Spellcasting                        2      8   
 (Anchored +2)                              12   
Pilot Ground Craft                        1      4   
 (Wheeled +2)                              6   
Computer                        1      4   
Survival                        1      10   

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS (4)                        RTG      DP   
Parageology                        1      5   
Talismongering                        2      5   
Parazoology                        1      4   
Magic Theory                        2      5   
Trid Shows                        1      5   
Geography                        1      4   
Music                        1      5   
Fashion                        1      5   
 (Big and Tall +2)                              7   
LANGUAGE SKILLS                        RTG      DP   
German                        N      -   
English                        4      8   
Japanese                        1      5   
Spanish                        1      5   
French                        1      5   

FOCI (22)                              F   
o Sustaining (Manipulatn)                              2   
Onyx Ring                                 
Qi (Mystic Armor)                              4   
Shield Tattoo on Chest                                 

SPELLS (50)                  T   RNG      D   DRN   
Clout (Ind)                  P   LOS      I   F - 3   
Blast (Ind)                  P   LOSA      I   F   
Manabolt (Dir)                  P   LOS      I   F - 4   
Ltn Grenade (Ind)                  P   Tch      I   F - 1   
Detect Life                  M   Tch      S   F - 3   
Extnd D. Enemies                  M   Tch      S   F   
Imp. Invisibility                  P   LOS      S   F - 1   
Armor                  P   LOS      S   F - 2   
Levitate                  P   LOS      S   F - 2   
Heal                  M   Tch      P   F - 4   
RITUALS (10)                                 
Ward (Anchored)                                 
Watcher (Minion)                                 

ARMOR (9,010¥)                               RTG   
Mystic Armor                              8   
o Armor Jacket YNT                              12   
 Fire Resistance                              6   
 Nonconductivity                              6   
 Insulation                              6(8)   
o Armor Clothing YNT                              6   
 (Casual)                              -   
 Biofiber Pocket (x2)                              -   
 Faraday Pocket (x1)                              -   
 Concealed Pocket (x4)                              -   
BIOFIBER POCKETS                        RTG      CON   
Regeants                        ___      ___   
_________________                        ___      ___   
FARADAY POCKETS                        RTG      CON   
_________________                        ___      ___   
CONCEALED POCKETS                        RTG      CON   
Burrito                        ___      ___   
Burrito                        ___      ___   
_________________                        ___      ___   
_________________                        ___      ___   

ID (10,000¥)                  TYPE            RTG   
Maximillian                  Real SIN            -   
Maxwell                  Fake SIN            4   
LIFESTYLE (8,040¥)                                 
High Lifestyle (8,040¥ a Month)                                 
NOTES (10)                                 
Starting Nuyen: 5D6 x 500 + 1,250¥                                  
15 Karma Spent on Resources                                 

GEAR (1,070¥)                                 
o Renraku Sensei (DR 3)                                 
o Running Silent (-2 DP Matrix Actions)                                 
o Trodes                                 

DRAMS OF REAGENTS                                 
88888 88888 88888 88888 88888                                 

RANGED WEAPONS (595¥)                              CON      ACC         DAM         AP      RC      MODE               MODS                                                                     
o Steyr TMP                              (+1)      4(5)         7S         (+1)      -      oSA oBF oFA               Laser Sight, Sling                                                                     
o (Ext. Clip) Gel OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOO     o (Ext. Clip) Gel OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOO                                                                                                                                                      
CONTACTS (4)                  TYPE                     METATYPE               LOCATION                        CON      LOY      NOTES                                                            
Smiley                  Fixer                     Ork               Downtown Seattle                        5      2      CAS Accent,Infectious Tusky Smile, Former Shadowrunner                                                            
Everett                  Talismonger                     Ogre               Bellevue                        3      3      British, Dragonslayer Mentor Spirit                                                            
Mrs. Jackson                  Store Owner                     Human               Bellevue                        1      4      Large Older Woman, Always asks if Max is eating enough.                                                            
DRONE (10,400¥)                     HAND         SPEED         ACCL      BODY         ARMOR         STR      PLT      SEN         MANEUVER               CONDITION MONITOR                              MATRIX CM                     
Transys Steed                     4  2         2G         2      3(1)         3         -      2      2(6)         Autosoft-2               OOO OOO OO                              OOO OOO OOO                     
Speed Upgrade-1, Acceleration Upgrade-1, Armor Upgrade-3,  Visual Sensors Upgrade-6                                                                                                                                                      

"Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate." -Terry Pratchett


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« Reply #1 on: <07-06-16/0918:17> »
Not sure about the DV of Plague Cloud but note that you need to be a Toxic Adept to learn it (SG p.87). Consider switching it to Elemental Body (Acid probably) or make sure your GM is ok with it.

I like you concept but I am not sure it is a good idea to make him a combat mage. Mage strongest point are their utility spells anyway so why not focus him on an other magic and that way do not need Initiative so badly that you have to invest into Mystic Adept. Manipulation or Health could fit well to make him more of a support mage.

Given your BOD and WIL you should consider turning him into a soaking mage. If you have access to Run & Gun buy him a Sleeping Tiger + Longcoat and some other +armor and increase your STR a bit so he can wear them without dropping his AGI . Well you can even keep Mystic Adept for the added armor and you can invest the Improved Reflexes PP into something like Increase Attribute (BOD) for even more soak dice (pain resistance and rapid healing are also pretty good for a tank mage).

Manipulation have protective spells like Armor and Physical Barrier but also some offensive power with stuff like Fling (Pretty good for throwing Grenades or Knifes without having to pick the Throwing Skill and invest in AGI) or Magic Fingers (The fingers agility are based on the net hit so you will get much better result than shooting with your 1 AGI, even with the -2 dice to sustain). Not to mention all the Mind manipulation spells (use them at your own risk).

Health mages are always appreciated, nothing like throwing 14+ dice for a Heal spell or casting Increased Reflexe/Attributes around, they lack offense in their school but nothing stops you from dipping into others. The Bear Mentor Spirit also fit pretty well your concept and would make you even more tanky.

Consider taking the Focused Concentration quality if you go one of those since it might allow you to sustain multiple spells. Tough As Nails could be replaced by Focused Concentration 4 for example allowing you to maintain an Armor spell force 4 on yourself without having to losing dice for other stuff. Also because the max dice for Initiative are 5D6 and Street sam often have 3D6, Improved Reflexes Force 4 is enough.

For your character it seems decent as it is (except for what I said about the problem of building a low AGI/REA combat mage), of course 1 DP in unarmed combat is a bit pointless but I suppose you picked it mostly for the fluff?

You can still pick 2 spells (it is Magic x 2 max) just in case you forgot, you will need to spend some karma of course. I suggest for those two : Physical Barrier which is an incredibly versatile and useful spell (stop enemies, make bridge/ramp...), Increase Reflexes your Street Sam's best friend or Trid Phantasm the all-in-one illusion spell.

Clout vs Stunbolt is an eternal argument and they both have their pros and cons. Since you are taking the AOE version as well I think it could be worth to replace Clout with Stunbolt so you have a good spell to stun highly armored targets while Blast will take down group of less protected enemies.

An extra note : If your aim is just to play a fat Mage you can pick the ADIPOSIS negative metagenic quality without using getting a SURGE quality. This is stated p.119 of Run Faster :

While these qualities are intended to be the dark side of SURGE, they can also be taken by characters looking for a little extra flavor from their character’s background

RAW, this is only true for Negative though.
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[spoiler]An extra note : If your aim is just to play a fat Mage you can pick the ADIPOSIS negative metagenic quality without using getting a SURGE quality. This is stated p.119 of Run Faster :[/spoiler]

OHHH did not see that! THANKS!! Back to the drawing board!

Might go with Sorcerer.

Thanks for replies!
"Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate." -Terry Pratchett