(SR5) Gunslinger Adept

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The Johnson in the Black Suit fled across the Roggoth’shoth Metaplane, and the Gunslinger followed.

I think it's funny that the Roggoth’shoth Metaplane even has a Dark Tower.  8)

A couple of questions that came up while making this character:

He has Gear Access modification to his Armor Clothing, I was thinking something like a Bullet Belt. (This would make reloading a Simple Action right?). There isn't much detail about the limits of this modification..

Does Custom Grip effect Accuracy when using Pistol as bludgeoning weapon?

Please check out the Character sheet Attachment. Would like some feedback on my Character sheets I've been working on.

Included spoiler because I think a lot of people won't check out character if it's just an attachment.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated.

Thanks )

[spoiler]ATTRIBUTES (575)                                 
BOD      3      WIL      5      WLK      10   
AGI      4(5)      LOG      4      RUN      20   
REA      4(6)      INT      6      SPNT      (+2)   
STR      4      CHA      4      COM      9   
ESS      6      EDGE      4      JUD      10   
MAG      6      LIFT      7      MEM      10   
Init: 12 + 3D6   Edge: OOOO                                 
PHY      6      MEN      7      SOC      7   

POSITIVE QUALITIES                              RTG   
Hawk Eye                              -   
Ambidextrous                              -   
Adrenaline Surge                              -   
Perfect Time                              -   
NEGATIVE QUALITIES                              RTG   
SINner (National, UCAS)                              -   
Consummate Proffessional                                 
Driven (Mr. Johnson in Black Suit)                                 
Gremlins                              2   
Aged                              1   

ADEPT POWERS                              RTG   
Improved Reflexes                              1(2)   
Improved Agility                              1   
Agility Boost                              3   
Astral Perception                              -   
Low-Light Vision                              -   
Flare Compensation                              -   
Commanding Voice                              2   
Nimble Fingers                              -   
Rapid Draw                              -   
AGILITY BOOST 3                                 
 + OOO Agility (Simple Action)                                 
Turns (Hits x 2) OOOOOOOOOOOO                                 

ACTIVE SKILLS (179)                        RTG      DP   
Etiquette                        2      6   
Animal Handling                        1      5   
Intimidation                        2      6   
Leadership                        4      8   
 (Command +2)                              10   
Negotiation                        2      6   
Performance                        2      6   
 (Sleight of Hand +2)                              10   
Perception                        4      10   
 (Visual +2)                              13   
Assensing                        2      8   
Clubs                        2      7   
 (Doble Baston +2)                              9   
Pistols                        6      11   
 (Revolvers +2)                              13   
Unarmed Combat                        2      7   
Sneaking                        2      7   
Palming                        2      8   
Armorer                        2      6   
SKILL GROUPS (10)                        RTG      DP   
Athletics                        1      *   
Outdoors                        1      *   
DOBLE BASTON (ARNIS DE MANO)                                 
Two Weapon Style Defense                                 
 +2 Dice for Full Def against CQ Com                                 
Two Weapon Style Attack                                 
 Treat 2 Weap as 1. (+1 Dam, +1 Acc)                                 

COMBAT NOTES                                 
Act First in New Combat Turn                                 
2 Free Actions per Action Phase                                 
Use Simple Device is Free Action                                 
Quick Draw is Free Action            

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS                        RTG      DP   
Psychology                        1      5   
Combat Tactics                        2      8   
Global Hotspots                        1      5   
Security Design                        1      5   
Security Tactics                        2      8   
Global Politics                        2      8   
UCAS Politics                        1      7   
Magical Threats                        1      5   
Astral Rifts                        3      9   
Geography                        2      6   
Parazoology                        1      5   
Literature                        1      5   
History                        1      5   
Music                        1      7   
LANGUAGE SKILLS                        RTG      DP   
English                        N      -   
Japanese                        2      8   
Spanish                        1      7   
Sperethiel                        1      7   
Or'zet                        1      7   

FOCI                              F   
Qi (Improved Reflexes)                              4   
Lightning Tattoos on Arms                                 

RANGED WEAPONS                              CON      ACC         DAM         AP      RC      MODE               MODS                                                                     
o Ruger Super Warhawk                        -2      6         10P         -2      -      SS               Custom Look, Cust. Grip, Melee Hardening (Ac: 5, 5P), Weapon Focus-1                                                                     
Cylinder (*Regular Ammo) O O O O O O          *Hand Loaded (+1 Damage)                                                                                                                                                      
o Ruger Super Warhawk                              -2      6         10P         -2      -      SS               Custom Look, Cust. Grip, Melee Hardening (Ac: 5, 5P), Weapon Focus-1                                                                     
Cylinder (*Regular Ammo) O O O O O O          *Hand Loaded (+1 Damage)                                                                                                                                                      
ARMOR                              RTG   
o Lined Coat                              9   
 Fire Resistance                              6   
 Insulation                              3   
o Armor Clothing (Casual)                              6   
 Gear Access (Ammo)                              -   
 Concealed Pocket (x2)                              -   
AMMO (GEAR ACCESS)                                 
*Reg x 888888 888888 888888 8                                 
* Hand Loaded (+1 Damage)                                 

LIFESTYLE (2,000¥)                                 
Low Lifestyle (2,000¥ a Month)      

GEAR (1,075¥)                                 
o Meta Link (DR 1)                                 
o Running Silent (-2 DP Matrix Actions)                                 
o Armorer Kit                                 
o Quick-Draw Holster (Warhawk)                                 
o Quick-Draw Holster (Warhawk)            

CONTACTS (4)                  TYPE                     METATYPE               LOCATION                        CON      LOY      NOTES                                                            
Smiley                  Fixer                     Ork               Downtown Seattle                        5      2      CAS Accent,Infectious Tusky Smile, Former Shadowrunner                                                            
Abel                  Talismonger                     Human               Downtown Seattle                        3      2                                                                  


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« Reply #1 on: <06-30-16/1819:22> »
If the weapon use a clip I might consider Gear Access Modification giving an advantage. For a revolver with cylinder though? No, unless you use a Speed Loader. See it with your GM since there is nothing RAW about that.

Personalized Grip works on melee weapon so I do not see why it would not while using the gun as an improvised Club.

For your character, I imagine that you plan to fire both gun in the same action? Do not forget that it will divide your dice pool, right now you throw 16 dice at best (if you manage to get a good agility boost) which make only 8 dice for each weapon this is a bit low as even your basic ganger will throw around 6 dice. You should consider adding a Smartgun and picking Contact (or other Vision Devices) with Smartlink to get +1 dice on each gun.  The Adept Power "Improved Ability" might be a good idea too, you can go up to +3 to your dice pool with it.

Your Sneaking dice is a bit low, you will barely throw more dice than your basic ganger have to detect you. Consider adding a Urban specialization since it is where you are most likely to have your runs. Same problem with Palming, you only throw 9 dice, consider a Specialization here too.

Pretty sure you can't specialize into a Martial Art for the Club skill, reason being you would get bonus dice with basically ALL weapons as long as they fit the style. I would recommend chosing a Baton specialization instead and pick a couple of Extendable Baton which fit well with the martial art, are cheap and are easy weapons to hide. You might also be able to pick up the amazing Stun Baton because your character lack a non-killing weapon. If you really want to stick with using your guns in melee you can probably negotiate a speciality in Improvised Club (Gun) or something like that but it will be a bit a waste of the martial art considering that they only deal (STR + 1)P damage.

Talking about Weapons the Super Warhawk is nice to put big holes in a target but the Taurus is more versatile and easier to hide, put one in a concealed (Quick-Draw) holster somewhere on you for those situations where you have to leave your big showy guns in the coatroom.

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« Reply #2 on: <07-01-16/0110:42> »
...unless you  can get your pistols pool really cranked up (20 or more) dual attacks are pretty useless. 

How my Adept KK uses her Ambidexterity is to alternate between her two Rugers ("Doc Holliday style")  each combat action she has. that way she doesn't have to reload as quickly  It also allows her to have a gun in one hand and a blade in the other so she's prepared if someone tries to rush her.   

I actually did try the dual shot with her Rugers once. The resulting pool split was 10 ea, Fortunately she rolled really good on both shots and knocked out two guards with handload Gel Rounds. If she had improved ability Pistols 2, (that will be her next initiation) I could split the pools at 11 and 11. 
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