(Drone) rigger character, please review and comment! :)

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He's not a missions character and he'll be jumping into an ongoing campaign so he was made with 15 additional karma spent (but no additional money has been spent).

Short backstory (if anyone's interested in fluff): Foma Antonovich Kiniaev was born in the concrete suburbs of Moscow, around 2050. He was never really good at sports being born with brittle bones. Always dreaming about being a fighter pilot, Foma studied some mechanics and simpler engineering before being conscripted into the Air Force. If not for his determination to be a pilot and his luck, he wouldn't have gotten through basic training. Much to his dismay, he was told he could never be a pilot with his bad physique; so he was trained to be a drone pilot and an electronic warfare technician. He spent a long year deployed in Chechnia, gaining some combat experience with drones and defusing IEDs, unexploded munitions etc. Being told he'll never fly made him bitter, combining that with the stress of combat he started drinking. Luckily, he was honourably discharged before his problems could have gotten him court-martialed. He spent some time whoring around East-Asia before moving to Seattle, where he started working in construction doing demolitions, and some odd jobs for the Vory. Slowly the shadows lured him in; thinking maybe one day he could buy a real T-Bird or just a combat helicopter, he started doing runs. He has a strong skillset and good cyberware, courtesy of the Russian Federation (the army didn't remove them because most of it was already used).

Alias: Ivan Chesnokov; Street Name: "Red"; Metatype: Human (prio: D).

Attributes (B): B 2 A 3 R 6 (9) S 2 W 4 L 5 I 5 C 2 Edge: 5 Essence: 1.875 -10 karma (body 1 -> 2)

Qualities: Alcohol Addiction (+4), National SIN (Russian) (+5), Weak Immune System (+10), Distinctive Style (+5) (aside from illegal activities, he pretty much always wears his pilot jacket with his unit patches, rank etc. Anyone reading russian instantly knows his name). Gearhead (-11). Sum: +13 karma.

Skills (C):
Pilot Aircraft 6
Pilot Ground 6
Gunnery 6
Electronic Warfare 5
Demolition 5
Engineering Group 2
Close Combat Group 1
Perception 2
Sneak 1
Survival 1
Armorer 2
Longarms 1
Automatics 1
Pistols (Semi-Autos) 2 (+2)

Russian N, English (Milspec) 4 (+2), Japanese 1, Chinese 1, Chechen 2, Arab 1, Military (Air Force) 3 (+2) [Professional], Organized Crime (Vory) 1 (+2) [Street], Seattle Gangs (Go-gangs) 1 (+2) [Street], Engineering (Russian Weapons) 1 (+2) [Academic]
Sum: -37 karma.

Contacts: Mechanic (L4 C1) Fixer (L2 C5). -6 karma. Lifestyles: High, Low (safehouse / workshop).

Gear (A):
Used Control Rig (R2)
Used Reaction Enchancers (R3)
Sleep Regulator
Cybereyes (R3, 12/12 Cap.: Smartlink, Thermal, Low-L., Flare P., Vision Magn., Vision Ench. (r2))

SIN etc:
Fake SIN R4 + R4 licenses: gun, concealed carry, explosives, rigger, drones, electronics (as in jammers). This is ofc an UCAS SIN.
+(actual Russian SIN, he practically never uses it. I think he's a de jure illegal immigrant).

Personal weapons and armor:
Ares Predator V (3 clips of APDS), QD holster
"TT 2065" (Colt America), 3 clips of Gel, Wireless Laser Sight, Hidden Arm Slide
Russian pilot synthleather jacket, Armor Vest (9, Non-Cond. 3, Fire Res. 3, Insulated 3), Helmet (Armored Russian tanker helmet).
Combat Knife.

Other non-drone or vehicle stuff: Wl. Medkit R6, Armorer Kit, Survival Kit, Survival Knife, Gas Mask, Mini Welder, Antidote Patch (R6), Trauma Patch, 2 Meta Link commlinks (since he uses the RCC as a commlink, these are throwaways), Microtransceiver, Satellite Link (on the Ares Roadmaster, connected to the RCC if need be), Silver Credstick.

Suzuki Mirage w/ rigger interface.
Ares Roadmaster w/ rigger interface, R7 Sensor Array ("Combat setup": Smartlink, V. Mag, Thermal, Ultrasound, Radio Signal Scanner, Flare Comp.)
2 Weapon Mounts w/ Ares Alphas ("AK 2074"). 250-250 APDS, 6-6 HE gren.

3 Roto-Drones. 2-2 Ares Alphas, R6 Wl. Directional Jammers (these are on a collapsible rod, approx. 1.9 metres from the body of the drone. Ie. they look like the tails of normal helicopters, they're pointing roughly where the guns are and their field of effect completely encompasses the drone itself, thus acting as ECM and ECCM both. All sensor suites are equipped they same way the Roadmaster is (other than being the default Rating 3 ofc). The Alphas are loaded with Regular and Gel ammo by pairs and HE and thermal smoke or flashbangs.

2 Flying Eyes. "Non-Combat Setup" sensors = they don't have Smartlink and Flare Compensation. R6 wl directional jammers, similar build to the Rotodrones, these are 3.6 cms from the body of the drone, since jammers are extremely small (pretty much like a 'bug' etc) they shouldn't mess with the aerodynamics.

2 Fly-Spies. Same sensors as the Eyes, no jammers. They look like dragonflies because they're prettier than flies.

4 Kanmushies, same sensors as the Eyes, no jammers.

RCC: Vulcan Liegelord running/sharing these: Virtual Machine, Encryption, Signal Scrub, Clearsight 6, [Ares Alpha] Gunnery, [Rotodrone] Manoveur 6.

I intend to run matrix defense for the team (slaving their smartlinked guns to the RCC and jamming and/or shooting enemy deckers if possible), drone reconaissance (I would give them like 3 kanmushis and recon rooms etc for them). The Flying Eyes are for jamming deckers or just smartguns, the Fly-Spies are normal recon. The Roto-drones would try to suppress enemies thus giving covering fire or a diversion. And they would get the hell out before getting shot down since they cost a lot :'D And of course the Roadmaster does the exfiltration if necessary, serves as my base of operations and fallback point for the drones.

Thank you all for any advice or critique!


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« Reply #1 on: <12-04-13/1143:35> »
Just my first thought:

If you're planning to jump into your drones why not run Virtual Machine, Clearsight, Targeting and Maneuver directly on the roto-drones.
This way you could add Biofeedback-Filter, Shell and whatever else to your RCC and use it's full noise reduction capabilities...


Jammers are nice, but if you want run matrix defense for your team you should be able to do basic matrix perception (looking for marks put on you, spotting someone attacking your gear, tracing attackers to their physical location to shoot them etc.). So at least get a few points in the Computer skill.
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« Reply #2 on: <12-04-13/1544:07> »
Thanks! I'll try to squeeze computer in somehow, in any case I can still give them a decent firewall.

It would surely be better to run all that on individual drones, but just the Clearsights would cost 30k more, I can't pay that much.

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« Reply #3 on: <12-04-13/1559:50> »
You can just copy the stuff, get a single copy and use it on all drones.
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« Reply #4 on: <12-04-13/1626:18> »
Thanks! I'll try to squeeze computer in somehow, in any case I can still give them a decent firewall.

you can pull some ranks out of the extra firearms skills you have, automatics 1/longarms 1 are neither very helpful when you only have an AGI of 3.
drop both and there you have your computer skill.
the close combat group also isnt that helpful tbh, you'd be better off taking the stealth group at R1 and swapping the point in sneak for blades if your char needs some CC ability for the fluff side of things.

always worth sticking a motion sensor in your helmet too. if you're in the van rigging alone with no-one guarding you, you'll be glad when it pings baddies at 25m away!!
other than that, if you've got a few spare karma, or skill ranks, i'd suggest maybe a rank or two of etiquette, as it is you're defaulting on social tests which is prime critical glitch territory. Your face wont always be available, so its best to have at least a basic skill covered.
I tend to run cha 2, etiquette 1 (street +2) for 5 dice on my techies, just so i don't end up pissing off a doorman too much and getting into a fight before i've even got into the meet. if you've got a skill rank, you can always spend edge to help out if you need to, currently you can't even do that.


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« Reply #5 on: <12-04-13/1708:29> »
Thanks a lot! :)

I dropped Agi back to 2 (which saves me 10 karma). Dropped: close combat G1, survival 1, longarms/automatics 1. Dropped Per from 2 to 1.

Got Etiquette 1, Blades 1, Computer 3 with Trace Icon spec and a Freefall 1 (still some fluff, but might be useful one grim day).