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Title: [Errata] SR5: Howling Shadows
Post by: Patrick Goodman on <08-03-16/2201:03>
This thread will be used to provide official errata items for SR5: Howling Shadows. This opening message will contain an updated link to the existing official errata sheet, and the date at which that errata sheet is considered current.

PLEASE DO NOT POST ERRATA QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD. If an errata item is unclear or there is some question over a particular ruling, please open a separate thread and copy the disputed item over so we can discuss it.

Official Errata Sheet
Current: Unavailable
Title: Re: [Errata] SR5: Howling Shadows
Post by: Patrick Goodman on <10-14-16/1047:35>
Status: Provisional

Critter Power Clarification (P. 188, Adaptive Coloration power)
Change Action to Simple. Change Duration to Sustained. Change the third paragraph to read as follows.

"This power works against normal, low-light, and thermographic vision, but not any non-visual senses, including sonar, radar, or astral perception."