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Ronin (Takeshi Takara)

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Doc Chaos:
You got the order wrong. You have to buy Magic first, and then reduce it from Essence loss, so to get Magic 4 with 2 points of Essence lost you'd have to buy Magic 6.

Actually, it's easier to buy the Magic before the Essence. The maximum of the Magic attribute is equal to his Essence. If you bought four points of Magic, then got the Bioware, it would reduce your Essence to four and reduce your Magic to two. To get a Magic 4 with the Bioware, you'd have to max out your Magic at 6 first, then reduce it by the Essence cost.

Edit: Ninja'd as I was uploading Doc's Kitteh image. ;)

Thanks guys. I'll have to sac some skills, but I should be able to fix this.

Doc Chaos:

--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Edit: Ninja'd as I was uploading Doc's Kitteh image. ;)

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Well, it's fitting that we are in a Ninja's thread ;D

There. Fixed. Anything else?


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