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Thank you for your continued work and support on this!

Version 2.3.0

Brings a new one-page PDF sheet for beginners, which follows the design of the Beginner's Box and aims to be less intimidating to players new to roleplaying.

SR6-838 Correct handling of machine mind and FR control rig
SR6-829 Removing accessories doesn't refresh accessory screen
SR6-828 Allow more accessories into helmets
New Feature
SR6-836 Added german adventure collection: "Albträume"
SR6-834 Allow selecting a primary weapon (ranged and close combat)
SR6-799 New print plugin: Quickstart sheet
SR6-839 Add "Complex Forms" specialization to Electronics (SRM)
SR6-837 JSON: Mark primary close and ranged combat weapons
SR6-835 PDF: Sort weapons so that primary weapons are listed first
SR6-833 Add content from Datapuls SOTA 2082
SR6-832 Add content from Datapuls Alpen
SR6-831 Add content from SRM Guide 1.6
SR6-830 Add content from Datapuls DeMeKo

Thank you sir!


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