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Rating 2 is not what I would call a solid fake ID.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
It's also an incompletely-described PACK - add in '8000 / 4 Karma'.

And Fox, for a PACK you pretty much should actually define the gear - or at least give several options.  What armor costs 1900?

However, I agree with Rift - a Rating 2 Fake SIN might get you onto the bus downtown, and let you buy drinks and the like, but it is in no way 'solid'.  Rating 2 is shaky; rating 3 is acceptable.  Rating 4 starts to get into 'dependable' territory, with 'solid' being reserved for 5 and 6.

Moonshine Fox:
Hmmm, valid points. I was thinking about keeping costs low and didn't think about trying to infiltrate higher level areas. Will have to re-work this when I get a few free minutes. I left the 'Armor and clothing' area open as there are so many different combinations of armor and clothing styles that it would be hard to pin them down while leaving the identity open (ganger would have different cloths and armor then a low end rent-a-cop and such), but I'll look into if I can do something about that.

Armored jacket or armored clothing both can be stylicly moded to fit whatever theme is needed. Hell, in the Sioux Nation leather armored jacket is what you wear to a fancy dinner/meeting along with your combat knife and heavy pistol (no burst fire or full auto though). But anyways, if you are wanting a get out of dodge kit, then rate 2 SIN will work. If this is a whole new you, you want 4 or above.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
If you're wanting to cross a border - and from Seattle, you'd need to - then a R2 SIN won't work, tripping alarms there.  You want at least a L4 (as I put in mine) in your bugout bag.


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