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What I figured a bolt hole is is something like the save zones in Watch dogs a shipping container to go to lay low a safehouse is like a coffin motel or what Walt went to near the end of breaking bad

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Thank you for contributing.

This is awesome. Totally stealing it. My old group had a term for acquisitions like this: "Veteran 'Runner Basic." It was one of those things that new players never seemed to buy, but everyone who had ever survived more than three sessions of a campaign bought every time, without question, before they did ANYTHING else with their kits.

I am wondering if, for both flavour and concealability, you could buy added storage space on the bike and store all of your bugout bag inside it. None of it is high mass, and then if you parked it in a U-Store-It anywhere other than redmond even if someone found the bike it would just look like some rich corp brat's toy, since all the really good stuff is inside.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
I tend to build bikes with SR3's vehicle creation rules, so all my bikes come with a bit extra storage space - whether that's hard-case panniers or whatever.  So yeah, totally.

Moonshine Fox:
Here's a PACK I made for the face in our group, the IDent PACK!

Sometimes, you just need to be someone else. Whether it's because the heat is on any you need to lay low, or you need to get access to someone you wouldn't normally be welcome, the IDent PACK has you covered! Including a solid (and solidly affordable) fake SIN with a pair of licenses to it to cover anything you need, a Commlink to hold your ID and personal history, and a budget for any style of cloths or armor you need to be the new you! Giving you flexibility for affordable pricing.

Fake SIN   2║5000     Fake licenses x2   2║400Commlink   2║700Armor/Clothing budget ║1900


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