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Astral ways- Tandorans (spoilers)

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I um.... I dont want to spoil anything (I also can't seem to figure out the format for spoilers on here ).....

but I think they just put the T'skrang (a main playable race from Earthdawn) back into the Shadowrun universe.

I know the connection isn't considered official anymore and I haven't played Earthdawn. But the descriptions match to well and the history makes sense. Kinda.

Basically says a great dragon took their eggs into a metaplane and raised them there. They have a whole society there and talk about the "Great Return" to Earth.

It's also a Dinosaur metaplane so there is another interpretation. But they are river faring and artistic lizard people.

The T'skrang have been in the Shadowrun world for a long time.  There have been references in Shadowrun to all the Earthdawn races since, well, whenever Earthdawn came out. 

For what it's worth, Simon Andrews is a Fixer in Missions and is clearly a T'skrang.  He's been around since 4rth edition.

*shrug*  Not sure what the actual details on the IP split will let CGL state explicitly or just hint around at.

Yes, they're meant to be a way for Cliff to bring in T'skrang without bringing in T'skrang, which are a FASA property.

Ah full on writer confirmation. Very nice. Thank you Omae.

I only got into Shadowrun lore a few years ago and am not overly familiar with all the older stuff. I know less about Earthdawn but loves the connection between the two.. I knew enough that Simon Andrews kinda tilted my head but he was also stated to be a changeling. Which at the time seemed kind to be more random traits. I figured he was just an homage and not an actual member.

Still I very much enjoy them being here as I like to consider most Earthdawn stuff real in my headcanon.

I've always presumed Simon Andrews is called a changeling because they can't use the word T'skrang.


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