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Actions to fire a bow with smart quiver


To continously fire a bow needs two major actions (one "ready weapon" and one "attack") per shot.

The description of the smart quiver states that selection of the arrow is now possible with a minor action.
Does that mean that with a smart quiver the bow can be fired with one major and one minor action per shot? Or does it still need the two major actions plus one minor for selection?

On that topic... which adept power from Street Wyrd would be used to reduce the number of actions for firing a bow?

* Nible fingers? Would need level 4 (4x 0,25 = 1 PP) to shorten from major action to one minor action.
* Quick draw? Needs only one level (1x 0,25 = 0,25 PP) to change "drawing a weapon" from major to minor.

Ready Weapon is typically a Major Action and it will typically let you ready one weapon. But for throwing weapons it will ready multiple weapons in the same action and for arrows it will only take a Minor Action.

SR5 p. 250 Bow
Nocking an arrow takes a Minor Action (Ready Weapon, p. 43).

Although, this is probably with the assumption that all arrows in the quiver are of the same type....

The advantage of a Smart Quiver seem to be that it let you mix different arrow types in the quiver and still pick the correct arrow type as one Minor Action.

That quote "nocking an arrow takes a Minor Action (Ready Weapon, p. 43)" is an inconsitency, because the "Ready Weapon" action on page 43 is a Major Action. In German rules that quote has been changed to "nocking an arrow takes a Major Action", so I assume the US core rule book has an error there.

Not fully convinced the intent here is that it should take two Major actions to knock and fire each arrow like it says in the German translation. Two Major actions for each arrow you wish to fire seems excessive if you ask me?

At least for me the English version make more sense here (that you just spend one Minor Action to knock a new arrow if you are already wielding the bow and then one Major action to fire it at a target).

That it only take a Major action to ready the bow if you are not actually wielding the bow yet.

But as often in this edition you seem to be encouraged to read it and rule it however you think make most sense for you and your table :-)


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